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Saturday, 31 October 2020

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By Elijah Petersen
Teachers will try almost anything for their students, including, it turns out, teaching remotely with no internet. When Algeria’s Baccalaureate exams prompted an internet blackout during the week of September 13, staff at American International School of Algiers got creative. ..more
By Shwetangna Chakrabarty, TIE blogger
In the era of Covid-19, IB students at Utahloy International School Guangzhou have found a way to pursue service-learning opportunities remotely. Yes, we must practice social distancing, they understand; but this is no time to distance ourselves from social causes. ..more
By Diana Shanaa
Cairo American College Senior Abdullah Shamsi was chosen by the United Nations Department of Global Communications to be one of eight youth speakers at the UN International Day of Peace, held virtually on 17 September. ..more
By Xianxuan Xu
Recently there has been a call for teachers to teach disciplinary literacy—literacy skills specialized to individual subject matter, especially in middle and high schools, since experts from different disciplines approach their respective texts quite differently. ..more
By Eric Semler
What can you learn about leadership and leading during a crisis from the mud and mayhem of a reality show featuring incredibly dangerous roads? A lot, it turns out, if you've ever felt that leading a school can be a treacherous endeavor. ..more
By Diana Shanaa
Cairo American College has weathered a couple of storms since the start of 2020. From covid-related challenges to actual weather events, facing these difficulties together has reinforced the community's sense that it is able to rise to any challenge. ..more
By the Office of Overseas Schools
Congratulations to Melissa M Schaub, elementary principal of the American International School of Lagos in Lagos, Nigeria, and to Daniel R. Todd, elementary principal of International School of Uganda, who were selected for the 2020 National Distinguished Principals Award. ..more
By Lisa Martin
Disrupted Model United Nations seasons, cancelled conferences, and tens of thousands of disappointed delegates around the world have been grappling with the impact of the pandemic... and innovating like crazy, leading to program growth and increased engagement. ..more
By Adam Bradford
Students struggle to work independently on developing lab ideas and carrying them out. @Home Experiments are designed to complement the IB biology curriculum by giving them memorable, safe, practical experiments to try at home. ..more
By Anne Keeling, ISC Research
A new report published by ISC Research and Next Frontier Inclusion describes inclusion practices and trends within the world’s international schools market. A total of 207 international schools from 69 countries were surveyed; students with learning needs are present in most. ..more
By Robbie Jefferiss
Here in Singapore, we do an exercise with our Grade 11 students, asking them to visualize their future lives at age 30. COVID-19 rendered the exercise more fraught than usual. Flexibility of thinking may be one of the greatest strengths we can impart to our students at this time. ..more
By George Pickford
The successful project for student-athletes at International Baccalaureate (IB) World Schools, supporting their dual career aspirations, has been approved to now applies to both IB Diploma Programme (DP) and IB Career-related Programme (CP) students. ..more
By Richard Bampfylde
The explosion in early August that rocked the Lebanese capital Beirut left over 200 residents dead, 6,000 injured, and 350,000 homeless. This tragedy compounded existing social, political, economic, and health crises. Brummana High School Students stepped up. ..more
By Lauren Mehrbach, Chris Beingessner and Chris Raymaakers
Reimagining school during the pandemic is a global re-creation. Students disembarked the buses at Singapore American School, excited for their first full day of in-person school since March. In many ways it resembled the start of the 2019-20 school year. But it wasn't. ..more
By Anne Keeling, ISC Research
Technology played a vital role in supporting the continuation of student learning in schools during covid-19, according to a new report by ISC Research, focused on understanding the use of technology during campus closures and its impact on international schools. ..more
+ 2020
By Heidi Dyck Hilty
Racism in international schools sounds like a misquote. There can’t be racism in international schools; it goes against everything we’re supposed to believe in, against everything we say we promote. And yet... ..more
By Michelle Collin
"You will forever be remarkable people," stated Mr. Smith, Head of Shekou International School. "Partly because you graduated in a remarkable year, but mainly because you are who you are well before the pandemic hit us." ..more
By Nafisa Mustafa, Age 10
"Throughout this learning experience, I have missed many things, but the biggest one is socializing. Being there in the physical classroom with the teacher was better and easier, for some inexplicable reason." ..more
By Jazz Victoria Griffiths, Grade 8
Without a doubt, this remote learning experience has brought both positives and negatives. At times I’ve been tearing out my hair, whereas at other moments I’m basking in a state of Zen that I’d never possessed while engaged in standard schooling. ..more
By Jinho Yoon, Grade 11
On the morning of 17 March, four Korean students and I entered the desolate Jolly Grant Airport in Dehradun, India welcomed by the few that worked there with glances of suspicion and disgust. Leaving meant we would not be able to return to school, no matter how things evolved. ..more
By Azzah Abrar Dar, Age 10
This time pause has the power to teach me new things every day, Utilize every moment positively, keeping your gadgets at bay. Watching a movie together and these endless family chats, have the power to mellow down, even the nasty spoiled brats. ..more
By Rahaf Ala’aldin Yousef Mishael, Grade 8
We needed to grow smarter and more productive and thus created a new routine for our days, to keep us busy, healthy, and happy. We have uncovered new hobbies and tried to find ways to calm ourselves down during breakdowns and stressful moments. ..more
By Proserpina Dhlamini-Fisher
Racism is still alive in international education. Schools rationalize the terrible practice of excluding teachers and leaders of color by citing parent expectations, visa laws, and a dozen other weak excuses. Are there enough people of color or teachers representing diverse cultures serving as role models and mentors to our students? ..more
By Betsy Grabb Suits
Six weeks ago, I caught one of the last flights out of Laos where all schools closed due to the Coronavirus 19. My mom had been in the hospital during this pandemic and was home under Hospice Care. I didn’t think I would make it back in time to see her again. ..more
By Juliette Harik
The American School of Doha, in collaboration with the ASD National Honor Society (NHS), has pledged to make education available to children in the Machakos county of Kenya. ASD officially announces the Alfardan Group as the Sponsor Premier of the Machakos Education Center. ..more
By Denise Wee
Bloomberg reports Hong Kong’s international schools are bracing for an exodus of families from the city, with some warning they may have to shut for good after the government suspended classes to prevent the spread of coronavirus. ..more
+ 2019
By Elisa Rainford
ACS Doha, one of Qatar’s leading international schools, has announced a partnership with Al Jaber Group to build a brand new, state-of-the-art student campus in Doha. The new school will have a capacity of 2,470 students and will open in August 2020. ..more
+ 2018
By Dale Plotzki
A new Google Innovator project called ‘#EdPins’ is gearing up for back-to-school season. Created by Canadian international educator Dale Plotzki, #EdPins is a new way for schools and teachers to connect online by repurposing Google Maps entries of schools. ..more
+ 2017
By Janelle Eastridge, Lauren Sandoval, & Janine Stegall
“Should I use a factual or a conceptual question?” When a seventh-grade student asked this question in her English class, we knew that she was starting to think about ways to approach a problem using a common language. This example illustrates a shift in learning taking place at the International Community School of Abidjan (ICSA) in Côte d’Ivoire. ..more
By Chloe McMath
This week more than 66,000 International Baccalaureate (IB) Middle Years Programme (MYP) students from around the world have received their results from the May 2017 examination session. ..more
By Elena Van Lare
As part of International School Yangon's strategic goal to develop and implement plans to ensure quality, purpose-built facilities that support the curriculum, co-curriculum, security, safety, and health needs of ISY students, the school has recently undergone a campus expansion and facilities renovation. ..more
By Kaitlyn Chantry, The Conversation
On Feb. 22, President Donald Trump’s administration revoked protections allowing transgender students to use the bathrooms of their chosen gender identity. This reversal further divides those who contend that these decisions should remain in the hands of individual states and those who believe gender identity should be federally protected as a civil right. ..more
+ 2016
By Gwen R. Cario
Lily Frautschi, a member of The Awty International School’s choir Awty Singers, was chosen to perform with the Texas All-State Choir in San Antonio through a competitive process held across the state at District, Region, and Area levels. ..more
By Teresa Cantú
Necessary Arts is a nonprofit whose goal is to develop global citizenship through the arts. Teresa Cantú shares her experience volunteering with the organization along with her thoughts on outreach, learning, and leadership. ..more
+ 2015
By Amy Atkinson
The Mekong River International Schools Association is a group of eight schools devoted to creating collaborative learning activities for their students in sports, leadership, and the arts. This year's Arts Exchange was held at Saigon South International School. ..more
By Linda Duevel
One of the outcomes announced at this year’s AAIE conference was the name of our new Executive Director, Yolanda Murphy Barrena. She was chosen following a search that attracted sixty-two candidates from throughout the international education constellation. ..more
By Francey Hakes, Bruce Mills, and Patricia Handly
A fundamental responsibility of all schools is to safeguard students. Doing this successfully requires a firm commitment from school leaders and all other school stakeholders. One threat that all schools face, regardless of location or size, is that of the sexual predator. ..more
By Christiana Perakis and Steve Medeiros
The Institute for Innovation and Creativity at the American Community Schools of Athens has just hosted the 10th Annual Conference on Learning Differences and Innovation Summit, under the theme “What if? Teaching and Learning at the Edge of Possibility.” ..more
By Waheed Sarfraz Malik
With private education a growing business in the Middle East, investors and developers are designing and building bigger and better school buildings. While many innovative school designs have emerged over the past decade, some basic guidelines are helpful. ..more
By Steve Charbonneau
Why should school boards adopt a process to have their own effectiveness appraised? The board is meant to evaluate the school head’s effectiveness, for as CEO of the school the head must be held accountable for his or her leadership in that most critical position. ..more
By Jared Kuruzovich
In late January and early February 2015, NIST International School was visited by three noted academics as part of the fifth ASEAN event series Bridges - Dialogues Towards a Culture of Peace. ..more
By Edward Doherty
Last year, the American International School-Chennai hosted an artist residency program that brought seven artists to campus to construct several monumental figures -- four horses and one elephant. ..more
By Josefino Rivera, Jr.
Arguments against Twitter range from the limitations imposed by 140 characters to suppressing actual social interaction and even to promoting the death of languages. While there may be some validity in these arguments, ultimately Twitter does have a place in an educational setting. ..more
By Kathleen Jasper
A mass exodus is happening in K-12 education. Research shows that 50 percent of new teachers leave the job before year five. According to a study conducted by Alliance for Excellent Education, teacher turnover costs the US $2.2 billion annually. ..more
By William Scarborough
Assistant Superintendent of Finance and Business Operations at Singapore American School William Scarborough describes risk-assessment initiatives taken by SAS to better ensure the school's financial stability in the event of a disaster. ..more
By David J. Condon
The Canadian Academy in Japan has initiated an International School Storytelling Project intended to collect and disseminate stories from international school community members around the world. ..more
As we enter into the heavy recruiting season we want to make sure you are being seen as a valued candidate. Confidential letters of recommendation are among the top criteria school heads use when reviewing a candidate's resume. ..more
+ 2014
By James Swetz
Melanie Swetz, Head of English at Bilkent Erzurum Laboratory School in Erzurum, Turkey, was awarded a Norman Mailer Fellowship for her poetry. ..more
By David Toze
David Toze, Superintendent of the International School of Manila, provides an update on outreach efforts following the devastating typhoon that hit the Central Philippines last November. ..more
by Jane Shartzer, PTC Coordinator
Dennis Rodman of NBA fame makes an impromptu visit to the PTC’s final session held in Miami in July 2014, surprising participants and coordinator Jane Shartzer alike. ..more
By John Chandler
For over 50 years, The American School of Kinshasa in the Democratic Rep. of Congo has offered an American-based curriculum to a group of talented K-12 students from all over the world. ..more
By Amy Wesley
Asier Calbet, a Grade 11 student at Internationale Schule Frankfurt-Rhein-Main (ISF) in Frankfurt, Germany, achieved a milestone that many only dream of—he published his first book. ..more
By Katharine Fowle
Reader’s workshop is an extended period of time each day when students participate in authentic reading experiences, practicing skills and strategies that help them develop as readers. ..more
By Johnson Jacob
Before adopting a new platform, the IT department at the American International School of Bucharest evaluated a number of cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platforms, comparing two of the world’s leading SaaS platform providers: Google Apps for Education and Microsoft Office 365 for Education. ..more
By Meadow Hilley
The American Community School of Amman is helping Mercy Corps respond to the influx of Syrian refugees in Jordan, and TIE heeded the call. ..more
Are you in the process of relocating internationally to a place that is less traveled, or way off the beaten path? You could star in a new national cable network show on American families living abroad. ..more
By Amy Wesley
The goals were lofty and the peak was high, but a determined group reached the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro and raised funds to benefit cancer patients. ..more
By Allana Rumble
Taking a leadership role in environmentally sustainable innovation, an international school in Peru transforms both its campus and its community. ..more
By Ben Sheridan
Kindergarteners in Japan and Indonesia leverage technology to write a collaborative, chapter-post-by-chapter-post story. ..more
By Christa F. Eleftherakis
When you cannot bring an audience to the performance, then you bring the performance to the audience. ..more
By Alison McNulty
How to get all faculty to buy into their role as language teachers as well as subject content teachers? Professional development sessions could be the answer. ..more
By Mike Johnson
Uncertainty is everywhere in Venezuela at the moment. How does it affect our students? How, in the midst of this chaos, can they focus? Sometimes it's a question of tuning it out. ..more
By Emma Silva
United Nations International School in Vietnam enlists Harvard professor to help develop capacity for “generative governance,” and invites others to share in the opportunity. ..more
By Darryl Anderson
Imagine a middle school where the curriculum involves designing airplanes, catapults, remote-control cars, Rube Goldberg machines, and water rockets. ..more
By Ciara Johnson
Tarsus American College students, teachers, and staff worked hard to clean up the local beach in Karaduvar, on Turkey’s southern coast. The result? One hundred bags of trash, and some top-notch local hospitality. ..more
By Vanessa Sanyang
Students at Banjul American Embassy School, Gambia get transported back in time to the 1700s along the Northwest Coast of North America. ..more
By Julia Martinez
One Dubai international school sets out to implement a new AP program focusing on inquiry, research, and writing skills crucial for college and career success. ..more
By Kristen Lowman
An upper school library undergoes a comprehensive, information-age metamorphosis. Kristen Lowman has the story. ..more
By Michael Johnson
How can we best address recently identified issues with regard to on- and off-campus child protection? A child protection team, and balanced teams of vetted chaperones, are a good start. ..more
By Alex Lancia
Africa beckons! Join the International Community School of Addis Ababa for a learning safari in Ethiopia. ..more
By Carey Halula, Wes Henderson, and Michael Lambert
By sharing their skills with their classmates, students in one Shanghai school learn the fine art of capacity building. Locker cleaning, movie editing, sushi making... You name it! ..more
By Bambi Betts
AISH Executive Director Bambi Betts and a coalition of international education leaders spearhead a renewed focus on child protection in international schools. ..more
By Alex Hunt, Daria Jashechkina, and Alex Meuret
Middle schoolers in Zagreb, Croatia, harness the power of crowd-funding to bolster a deserving partner in Nepal's Kopila Valley. ..more
By Paul Poore
Sometimes our colleagues are not who we think they are; in the wake of sexual misconduct by fellow staff members, we realize we may have unintentionally failed to protect our students. So what are international schools to do? ..more
By Shannon O’Dwyer
Beijing BISS International School’s elementary students embrace green screen technology, with dazzling pedagogical results. ..more
By Simon Gauci
In his geography unit, one social studies teacher consented to his students' use of MineCraft... And in the wake of an "outstanding" project outcome, some reconsiderations were arguably in order. ..more
By Tamatha Bibbo and Roberto d’Erizans
Does training, or for that matter, most of the professional development (PD) we as educators participate in each year, have any effect on student learning? Is PD really worth the time we dedicate to it? ..more
By Kate Ferrier
As one Beijing international school learned in the course of hosting sculptor Ann Weber, artists in residence can deliver a cornucopia of educational outcomes. ..more
By Peter Carlson
Every year, KIS International School in Bangkok, Thailand offers a scholarship to a deserving young refugee. And as KIS teacher Peter Carlson observes, there are numerous benefits to supporting genuine socioeconomic diversity. ..more
By Lana Ghandour
In a "South-South" cultural exchange program between Ghana and Colombia, families from an Accra international school saw an opportunity to help. ..more
By Thomas Williamson
Students from Kaohsiung American School, Taiwan Skype their way into a recent discovery of early hominid bones in South Africa, led by The University of the Witwatersrand and National Geographic. ..more
By Bryan Wawzenek
One of Sudan’s “lost boys” challenged the M’KIS community to change the world with him. And they did, raising US$10,000 to build wells in South Sudan. ..more
By Bonnie Billak
As a teacher, can you help your English language learners while also helping your other students communicate with them? This, according to Bonnie Bilak, is the key to a productive learning environment. ..more
By Terry Maguire
Community outreach is a hallmark of international schools; one school in Zambia recently hosted 250 teachers from 27 schools across the country. ..more
By Chris Starr
Formative assessment has a "rock star"—and he came to the International School of Luxembourg earlier this month to support that country's educational reform agenda. ..more
By Amanda Wood
For 23 years running, Colegio Americano de Torreón's art festival has been "an all-encompassing experience." CAT teacher Amanda Wood has the story. ..more
By Laurence Myers
The International School of Kuala Lumpur (ISKL) becomes the first Eco-Schools Green Flag recipient in Malaysia, in recognition of its students' pioneering efforts in waste management, healthy living, and sustainable transportation. ..more
By Gisella Silva and Lola Sanchez-Carrion
To get to grips with poverty, students members of Colegio FDR's TECHO Club try to experience it for themselves: "We build with them, we eat with them, and we learn from them." ..more
By Dan Hovde
Queen Elizabeth visits Scotland’s only IB school, opens theater named after her in commemoration of Diamond Jubilee. ..more
By Arlene Q. Vermylen
Opened in 1975, Hong Kong International School's primary school site will give way this summer to a new, world-class facility to be completed for the 2017-2018 school year. ..more
By Roz Ezra
How one school's elementary gardening club made great strides in organic gardening: attention to soil, water supply, composting, and biological pest control. ..more
By Sarah Carpenter
One international school's innovative attempt to connect its learning and local community: team up with a local museum and enhance the visitor experience. ..more
By Pamela Pappas
The central hub of a US$40 million capital investment is now complete, and will support the ongoing creation of state-of-the-art facilities on ISK's 40-acre campus. ..more
By Paul Tarc
When I began my international school teaching in the early 1990s, I had little more than a slide show and a travel book on Ecuador as my “preparation” for international school teaching. ..more
By Daniel Lincoln
Jack Uldrich argues that what we really need to take on the future is... humility. Exit the grand, strategic planning, enter a culture of modest experiments. ..more
By Richard Pacheco
Endicott College to open new center in Bangkok this summer, following the establishment of international graduate study centers in Spain, Switzerland, and the Czech Republic. ..more
By Liz Jheeta
The first international school in Shenzhen, China, Shekou International School (SIS) is now celebrating its 25th anniversary. ..more
By Nora Graham
How does an artist communicate significant aspects of his or her personal character through the art-making process? ..more
By Cynthia Nagrath
The auction raised nearly US$10,000, which will immediately go to support the children attending the school. “Every dollar helps to support our little school,” said TIE CEO Forrest Broman. ..more
By Vicki Oman, TIE Staff Writer
In the course of its 8th annual Oasis Day, the Academy for International School Heads (AISH) puts four international experts on effective teaching practice and supervision to the test. ..more
48th Annual AAIE Conference, Boston, USA
Hundreds of international school heads, associations, and partners gathered in Boston for the 48th annual AAIE conference. ..more
By Lana Ghandour
Several of Ghana's soccer luminaries, including Abedi Pele, brought some star power to Lincoln Community School's family Picnic. ..more
By Jude Clapper, Matt Fagen, Rafael Garcia, and Leo Lopez
In Taipei American School’s upper school, it’s “STEAM,” not STEM, and art is "an essential part of STEAM, especially in the engineering process." ..more
The Children of Haiti Project
Four years ago, in February, international educators from around the world all came together and decided to take action in their own way. They chose an area they knew everything about: schooling. ..more
By Corey Topf
One international school in Peru's quest to address the fragmented nature of traditional high school learning, and empower its students to regain control. ..more
Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario, Canada kicked off its 26th annual TORF, or Teachers' Overseas Recruiting Fair, in the company of 66 international schools and over 265 candidates. ..more
By Megan Munsell
Warsaw school is granted IB Open World Schools status, joins the push to increase access to the IB Diploma Program. ..more
By Nora Graham
To celebrate their school's 50 years, IST students found inspiration in French artist JR and his TED Talk, “My Wish: Use Art to Turn the World Inside Out.” ..more
By Jeremy Willette
The American International School of Chennai took part in Dot Day, a planetary celebration of creativity and confidence. Make your mark, and challenge yourself to better it. ..more
By Jill Watson
On-site assessment summit allows school leaders from across the region to sharpen their standards-based assessment skills. ..more
By Beth Coyle and Colleen Coady
Staff members at the American Embassy School of New Delhi have been thinking outside the box about student council. The result? A focus on leadership, not popularity. ..more
+ 2013
By Mary Miller
Every year, the International School of Latvia brings some joy to an otherwise sober group: young, long-term patients in Riga's University Hospital. ..more

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