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UNIS Hanoi English Teacher Writes Best Seller!

By Akofa Wallace
UNIS Hanoi English Teacher Writes Best Seller!

Laura England, Hanoi Vietnam shows the cover of her new book. (Photo credit: UNIS Hanoi)

Laura England, a UNIS Hanoi Middle Years Programme (MYP) English teacher is receiving rave reviews from fellow educators and parents of IB students around the globe for her most recent book, Skills for Success for the Personal Project.

Published by Hodder International Education back in August, the book is designed to equip Personal Project coordinators and IB teachers and parents with the skills to successfully guide students through the Personal Project experience.

As a former IB MYP Coordinator and Personal Project Coordinator, Ms. England was keen to write a book that shared tried-and-tested strategies aimed at engaging students in the learning process. And when Hodder International Education approached her and fellow IB educator, Angela Stancar Johnson, Ms. England jumped at the chance.

“I co-wrote this book as a service to the IB community,” revealed Ms. England. “Having worked in a big, independent school before, I know how challenging it can be to support students and teachers in a way that helps them get the most out of the personal project experience.”

A compulsory component of the MYP, the Personal Project gives students the independence to explore any topic of interest. Over a period of months, students are encouraged to explore their topic through a cycle of inquiry, action, and reflection.

Skills for Success for the Personal Project is the second book co-authored by Ms. England regarding the Personal Project and her third book overall. When she’s not writing guides on teaching, Ms. England dedicates herself to teaching MYP English to middle school students at UNIS Hanoi.

Akofa Wallace is the Communications Manager for the United Nations International School of Hanoi.

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