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Since 1986, we have been dedicated to expanding opportunities for educators to teach overseas and take advantage of the life enriching experience of working, living and teaching outside of one's home country.


Over 30 years ago, before Google searches, websites and virtual recruiting fairs, when ways to get an international teaching job were few and far between and all included getting on a plane and flying across the globe at great cost, The International Educator was born. TIE started as a newspaper designed to facilitate this process, to publish and share job vacancies from international schools worldwide, and to build connections in this burgeoning community.

Fast forward to a time when hundreds of new international schools are opening around the world each year, when virtual fairs are on the rise, and opportunities have never been greater. TIE continues to facilitate this process, with more expanded and refined tools to meet the needs of this rapidly growing community. Serving the experienced international educator, or those just beginning their career, whether a school of 5000 students or 50, TIE is recognized as a top resource for finding positions in international schools, for cost-effective robust recruiting solutions, for attracting and finding the most qualified candidates, and for supporting and enriching this community with valuable content, research and news.


The International Educator (TIE), along with its sister organization The Principals’ Training Center (PTC), is conducted under a non-profit organization with 501 (c)(3) status, called the Overseas Schools Assistance Corporation (OSAC). Under this status, TIE aims to match the best educators with the best international schools around the world and to provide educational ideas, advice and practices that are useful and valuable for international schools and their staffs. TIE also serves to link together the international education community and to spread information about the vast global network of English-speaking schools to as many qualified teachers as possible so they will be aware of this vibrant world community and the numerous job opportunities that exist.


  • Longest-running source of content (30+ years) on international education distributed to international schools and subscribers worldwide.
  • Assists thousands of candidates each year in finding jobs at international schools.
  • Provides news, information and support to international school teachers.
  • Personalizes customer support and assistance to each and every TIE member.
  • Most cost efficient and effective service for finding international teaching positions.
  • TIE's partner organization, the Principals' Training Center (PTC), provides world class professional development and training for international educators.
  • Created and supports, Children of Haiti and Refugees Project, initated as a school in Haiti to educate children after the 2010 earthquake, and has grown to also provide education to refugee children and those in crisis in Uganda, Jordan, and Eritrea.

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