TIE School Services FAQs

What are the features TIE offers to schools?
Packages offer a wide range of recruiting and marketing tools. Please see details of our various plans below and on the TIE School Services page:


What does a BASIC School Plan include?
A Basic School Plan Is $2500

It includes all of these features for 1 year:
  • Unlimited Job Postings
  • TIE Resume Bank
  • School Ambassadors
  • Host Online Information Sessions
  • Customized Application Questions
  • Instant Job Notification (IJN)
  • Newsletters
  • Reduced Membership Rate for your Staff
  • Access to All News, Articles & Content
  • Schedule Interviews


What does a 90-day School Plan include?
A 90-Day Plan is $1500

It includes all of features of the Basic Plan, but for 90 days instead of for one year.


What does a PLUS School Plan include?
A Plus School Plan is $3,500

It includes all of the features in the Basic Package, plus the following:

  • Regional Photo Gallery
  • Banner Ad - Post Login


What does a PREMIUM School Plan include?
A Premium School Plan is $4,500

It includes all of the features in the Basic Package and Plus Packages, plus the following:

  • Banner Ad - Pre Login
  • Targeted Banner Placement
  • Job Vacancy Ticker

If my school is part of a group of schools, does each campus need its own plan?
If your school is part of a group, or has more than one campus, but has centralized recruiting, only one plan is needed. Choose the Premium plan. This will allow each school in your group to have its own profile. Vacancies will be listed under the specfic school. Database will be accessible only to the centralized recruiter.

What are EXTRAS and do I need them?
Extras are additional features, including Newsletter Banners and Spotlight Banners. They are available as add-ons to any TIE School Plan and allow your school to customize marketing based on your needs or serve to provide an extra push during key moments.


Our school has used TIE services before. What should we do?
  1. On the TIE online home page, click Schools/Employers, then Explore TIE School Services.
  2. Read through the tools and services we offer and select a School Plan that works for you. At the bottom of your chosen Plan column, click PURCHASE.
  3. Log in with your school ID and password. (If you do not know your login, contact [email protected].) Click Renew My School Account.
  4. Click on the appropriate buttons to customize your plan, and click CONTINUE.
  5. Update your school information and description, and click CONTINUE.
  6. Choose payment option and continue until your purchase is confirmed.

Have a Question or need help?

We're available to answer any questions you may have and we also provide complete account support. Have any questions? Get in touch.

+1 508-790-1990 [email protected]