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How will TIE give me an advantage in getting the best job possible teaching abroad?

TIE puts the power of finding a job into your hands by providing the tools and resources to actively search vacancies, learn about schools, contact teachers, and apply for positions as soon as they are posted. By posting your resume in TIE, recruiters can find you, access your resume, contact your referees and often hire you without attending recruiting fairs.

TIE has been serving international schools for over 34 years. Many school heads and principals use TIE to preselect candidates to interview at recruiting fairs. And many use TIE as their only source for recruiting.

Can I share my resume with schools outside the TIE network?

TIE's standards-based resume and portfolio can be shared within and outside the TIE network. Share the public version with anyone you choose or the confidential version with schools in the TIE community and its affiliated network.

What is Instant Job Notification?

As soon as jobs matching the positions you are seeking are posted, you will be notified by email so that you never miss an opportunity.

Do I have to be bi-lingual?

No, you will be teaching your subject in English.

Is teaching certification and/or experience required?

International school are typically independent and will set its own requirements for teaching and other positions, both for certification as well as for experience. Most schools do prefer that you have a government issued teaching certification and will typically accept certification from the country/state where you are licensed.

Experience requirements will also vary from school to school. Most schools do prefer that you have at least two years of experience in a similar position to the ones you are seeking. It's best to check the specific requirements for each school that you are interested in. Internships are often accepted, and some schools will help with the certification process.

What do I need to do to become certified?

Certification for teaching and other education professions is typically granted through the government.  Each country has its own pathway to certification and will generally have a website providing an overview.  Here are three examples:
US Certification  UK Certification  Online Certification examples

How do I get a VISA?

Once you have secured a position, the school will provide you with all the information about visas and work permits.

Do international school salaries permit significant savings?

Savings are possible in many international schools, but the amount varies. It may depend more on the cost of living or housing benefit than on the gross salary. A single teacher can often save from $5,000 to $35,000 annually, depending on the school and location. A teaching couple can potentially save more. The Far East, followed by the Middle East, provides the biggest savings. Many set their sights on Western Europe, but local taxes and a high cost of living can minimize savings.

What benefits can I expect?

Benefits vary by country and school. Benefit packages may include housing or housing allowance, travel costs, home (summer) travel leave, comprehensive health insurance, sick leave, professional development, and a tax-free salary in some countries. There are countries that collect taxes on some benefits. Be sure to check with each school about their specific package.

If I have a non-teaching partner, what are my chances a school will accept us?

While each school is independent and will have its own preferences, they often prefer teaching couples.  If you are a strong candidate, there are many possibilities. Much depends on the labor laws and other conditions in the country. 

Can I bring my children? If so, can they attend the school where I teach without fees?

Each school has its own policy on tuition for dependent children. Many offer full or reduced fees for one or two children. Be sure to check with each school about their tuition policy.

How long is an initial contract to teach at an International School?

Usually two (2) years, except in special situations.

Should I go to an international school recruiting fair for teaching abroad?

Recruiting fairs can be excellent opportunities for candidates to meet representatives of various schools face-to-face, and have the chance to ask questions and get information first-hand. In recent years many of these fairs have moved online so the experience is quite different. Not all schools attend every fair. If you are interested in specific schools, be sure to find out which fairs they are attending.

What is an online recruiting fair?

This year, many schools and organizations have pivoted to holding virtual recruiting fairs. The style and length vary depending on the organization but most have found ways to implement many of the same features as an in-person fair, with the safety and comfort of not having to travel. You will still need to register for the fair in the same way you would if in person.

If I subscribe to TIE do I still need to attend a recruiting fair?

Many international schools do a high percentage of their recruiting before and outside of recruiting fairs, while others may rely solely on them. Many TIE subscribers have secured a position without attending a fair and others prefer to include them in their job-seeking strategy.

Should you find that schools you are interested in are attending a fair, as a TIE subscriber you can do all your leg-work in advance.  You can identify schools of interest, make first contact by sending your TIE resume, supply additional information as requested by the school, and even have your references checked-out beforehand. Once this background work has been completed, you can actually arrange to have a meeting or interview at a specific pre-arranged time with the school head or representative. Because most of the background work has already been done, the chances of getting an offer and signing a contract are significantly increased, making your trip to the recruiting fair much more productive.

If I get a job, will I be allowed to bring a pet with me?

This is up to the individual school and country. Even if they give permission, each airline has its own rules (e.g. a pet can be quarantined for a period of time when it arrives in another country).

Will schools hire teachers that are age 50 or older?

Many countries have no age restrictions for employment. However, there are countries that do impose restrictions set by the government for issuing work visas. This is generally 50-65 years of age. Job vacancies posted on TIE will specify any age restrictions shared by the school. Be sure to check with each individual school.

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Can I submit an article to TIE?

Yes, we welcome your input. Subission details are posted on the TIE homepage . Under News & Articles, clik on Submiiting an Article To TIE.

What do I do if I forget my login information?

Select Forgot Your UserID and Password? on the login page. If further assistance is needed, contact [email protected] to retrieve your login information.

Do spouses/partners need their own account?

When you set up your profile, you will be able to add a partner to your account at no extra charge.

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