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TIE Statement on Equity

The International Educator (TIE) has played an active role in the growth and sustenance of the international school community for over 30 years. That very statement makes TIE complicit with a system that has served to consolidate white privilege and perpetrate racial exclusion through its practices and systems. It is a system which stands in dire need of collective reconstruction on a platform based on the oneness of humankind; where the palette of human diversity can be seen visually, experienced viscerally, and taught purposefully; where the nobility of every person is recognized and valued. TIE has been part of the problem and now expressing our deep commitment to antiracist work going forward, we commit to being a part of the change.

We commit to adopting a humble posture of learning, engaging in a course of sustained reflection, analysis, and action to right our own business practices and interactions.

We commit to deliberately and systematically eradicating discriminatory practices from our products and systems, as well as to implementing ever-improved ways to promote and support the disenfranchised.

We commit to lending our platform to the voices of many, who will find in this space an opportunity to share, challenge, support, and transform the international school community;

We commit to being held accountable to fellow members of our international school community and its institutions in matters of racial justice of any kind.