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Friday, 22 May 2015
The Awty International School Chess Team is the 2015 National High School Champion. Over three days on April 10-12, ten Awty students competed in seven matches each, some lasting up to four hours at the national championship tournament in Columbus, Ohio. It was a close competition, but the team did very well, resulting in a clear first place victory in their division.

(Left to Right): Yian Wong, 8th grade; Olivier Kuhn de Chizelle, 11th grade; Adam Ali, 11th grade; Burhan Qureshi, 12th grade; Matt Mallon, 12th grade; Arjun Saran, 11th grade; ?Devon Merz, 11th grade; ?Maxim Gurevich, 11th grade; ?Jacob Berg, 8th grade; Lucas Anderson, Faculty Sponsor; Stephen Wells, 8th grade. Not pictured: Mr. Anton Truong, Chess Coach (photo: AWTY).

By Joseph Koss
Joseph Koss returned from Graded's Innovate 2015 Conference "Re-imagining School" with a couple thoughts concerning shifts the concept of “school” is undergoing, one concerning space, the other concerning structure. ..more
By Chris Clark
The Western Academy of Beijing set out to define International Mindedness in a way that allows students, parents, faculty, and staff to engage with cultures and communities worldwide, building upon existing elements and promoting action rather than simply empathy. ..more
By Andrew Livingstone
Grade 6 students at The American School Foundation in Mexico City combined academics, community service, and entrepreneurship to launch the Mazahua Tianguis—a chance to sell their bee products and donate the proceeds to a local indigenous community. ..more
NEW DELHI: India may not have the Ivy League but it is fast getting an 'IB league'. According to a new report, the number of schools with IB ( Interna ..more
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“S/he was filled with a sense of nameless dread”.more

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By John Mikton
There is, and it is called online learning. Start re-orienting your thinking around this, says PTC facilitator John Mikton, or prepare for a future as an evolutionary casualty. ..more
By Theresa Cullen Hill
Teacher Training Center course facilitator Theresa Cullen Hill explains why curriculum design is, or should be, an overarching preoccupation in international schools. ..more
By Bambi Betts
Homework, at its core, is a concept—the notion of continuing the learning begun at school beyond the formal school day. It is not a separate, stand-alone practice. ..more
By Martin Walsh, TIE columnist
The school profile is the document that accompanies, or is attached to, every transcript mailed off to a university during the application process. According to Eric Maloof of Trinity University, “More than domestic profiles, international school profiles must provide the reader with the layers needed to contextualize the student’s candidacy.” Martin Walsh couldn't agree more. ..more
By Martin Walsh, TIE columnist
Holistic evaluation is a system of review used by nearly all the university admission offices in the United States that employs a variety of factors when determining the admissibility of an applicant. Recently a new and controversial ingredient has been added to the already complicated “holistic formula:” Demonstrated Interest. ..more
By Martin Walsh, TIE columnist
The sheer volume of applications to undergraduate programs continues to skyrocket, and for many universities, international applications are the driving force behind it. Two countries, China and India, have played a definitive role in changing the landscape of college admissions. ..more
By Gordon Eldridge, TIE Columnist
"Expert knowledge is organized around important concepts." This is one of the differences between how experts and novices perform tasks within a given field. Understanding these differences can help us more effectively guide novices towards expertise. ..more
By Gordon Eldridge, TIE Columnist
Research suggests that young learners who are struggling with reading can make significant gains with interventions such as Reading Recovery. The evidence as to whether these gains are sustained over time, however, is more equivocal. ..more
By Gordon Eldridge, TIE Columnist
Collaborative work has become a routine feature of classrooms and while there is evidence that the talk encouraged by collaboration can further the learning of all involved, setting up a group task in a way that fosters successful collaboration is far from easy. One important consideration is how to group the students. ..more
By Kim Marshall, TIE columnist
Kim Marshall reviews an article by Elizabeth Green, whose recent book challenges the myth that teaching is an innate talent. “Researchers have found that the most effective teachers can be extroverts—or they can just as easily be introverts. Some are humorous, but others are serious. Some are as flexible as rubber; others are as rigid as a ruler." ..more
By Kim Marshall, TIE columnist
Kim Marshall presents the key points in Sarah Sparks' Education Week article focused on student “help-seeking” in classrooms. While some students raise their hands before making any effort, others struggle unsuccessfully on their own even though they really need help. ..more
By Kim Marshall, TIE columnist
This piece by Canadian teacher Alana Guinane and six of her middle-school students explores how students can be more physically active in school without undermining classroom management. ..more
By Anne Keeling
New data from ISC Research reveals that there are now 722 English-medium international schools in Africa employing 28,700 full time teaching staff and serving more than 293,000 students. ..more
By Meadow Hilley
Given the shifting trend that has seen many employers launch their hiring process well before January, Search Associates has advanced the date of its annual recruitment fair held in Toronto, Canada to early December. ..more
By Jess Hench and Xianxuan Xu
AISH highly recommends and endorses the Stronge & Associates teacher performance standards as the preferred standards for international schools, as they delineate expectations and serve as an effective basis for evaluating and developing good teaching. ..more