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Wednesday, 15 August 2018


The American School of Antananarivo in Madagascar spent a decade planning and preparing to build a new campus, suffering several setbacks along the way, including a coup and having land confiscated. The construction itself took nearly two years... Read more

By Leila Holmyard
Leila Holmyard considers Michael J. Thompson's A Guide to Establishing and Maintaining Quality International Schools the ideal summer read for school owners, board members, and educators new to the international school community. ..more
By Kristin Heglund and Kelley McKenna
Instructional coaching is a practice that is gaining popularity in schools all over the world, based on research into the most successful models for continuous adult professional development. "“No matter how well-trained people are," says Atul Gawande, "few can sustain their best performance on their own." ..more
By Kristen Moreland
We hear the talk of self care all school year, but how committed to it are you? Here are 5 simple things I’m going to do this summer to heal any new wounds (or re-opened old ones) and come back even stronger than ever for 2018-19. ..more
Pricey schools should be made more affordable so UAE parents can focus solely on quality when choosing schools, an Evolvence Knowledge Investments (EK ..more
After deciding to set up 100 international schools across Maharashtra, the state has planned to form the Maharashtra International Education Board (MI ..more
A competitive global economy coupled with shift in geopolitical trends in the US and Europe have led international students to be in search for altern ..more
Teachers and principals at private schools in Abu Dhabi have spoken of their concern regarding a lack of information about a new licensing programme. ..more

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By Sue Easton
Just about every day on my Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn feed, I find an article about the importance of Social and Emotional (SEL) teaching and learning in our K–12 schools. The research seems conclusive: SEL teaching and learning is not an add-on, but a vital component of a balanced K–12 curriculum to ensure student achievement and, ultimately, the development of healthy, successful citizens. ..more
By Bambi Betts
Thirty years ago, the vision was simple and compelling: create practical training opportunities for practicing and aspiring principals in international schools. The PTC has stayed true to that vision over the course of three decades. ..more
By Janine Stegall
A servant leader is a servant first. She enriches the lives of other individuals. She builds better organizations. A servant leader creates a more caring environment. The PTC has offered a great opportunity to develop the servant leadership attributes that I strive to embody. ..more
By Martin Walsh
This year 100 percent of the students I counseled sent off early applications. This made for an incredibly busy fall and a stressful December. More students are applying in the early round than ever before. In December, Brown, Dartmouth, Duke, Penn, and Northwestern reported double-digit increases in applications. ..more
By Martin Walsh
“How long do admission officers spend evaluating the application essay?” a student asked me not too long ago. “No more than a few minutes,” I replied. “Three at the most.” The student was visibly shaken. And I get why. ..more
By Martin Walsh
With Donald Trump’s election a fait accompli it is time for counselors to grapple with the impact Trump’s administration could have on the college admission landscape. Like many educators, this is a conversation I never wanted to have. ..more
By Gordon Eldridge
Some PE teachers I have spoken with advocate making the grade for PE largely about participation. That way students who do not yet have the skill set to get high grades in PE won’t get discouraged, or so the thinking goes. But will that really make a difference? ..more
By Gordon Eldridge, TIE Columnist
Knowledge of vocabulary is highly correlated with academic success. Students with larger vocabularies demonstrate higher levels of reading comprehension and perform better on many of the kinds of achievement valued in schools. But vocab instruction often stops in late elementary school. ..more
By Gordon Eldridge, TIE Columnist
Katherine Muenks of Indiana University and David Miele of Boston College have published a research synthesis examining what we currently know about the ways in which students connect notions of effort and ability. ..more
By Kim Marshall, TIE columnist
In an article in Education Update summarized by Kim Marshall, authors Alyssa Gallagher and Kami Thordarson list the characteristics of what they call “design-inspired leadership,” contrasting this style with traditional leadership, which is leader- or teacher-centered. ..more
By Kim Marshall, TIE columnist
According to Suzanne Choo, students should be equipped to critically evaluate diverse values, explore ethical dilemmas, and engage with issues of global injustice. Literature provides a powerful gateway to such ethical encounters with lived experiences of individuals at various times and places around the world. ..more
By Kim Marshall, TIE columnist
Justin Baeder believes school leaders should make short, frequent, unannounced classroom visits every day and observe with an open mind. However, short classroom visits may not provide enough information for high-quality feedback, which is why it’s important not to jump to evaluative conclusions. ..more
By Tim Musgrove
Like many international schools, we at Lahore American School (LAS) work very hard at living our mission to educate the whole child and help students engage in making positive contributions to their community. This is often easier said than done. ..more
By George Couros
In my opinion, the principal is probably the most important job in an educational organization. Though the following questions were developed for superintendents to ask principals, they are questions any educator, parent, or even student should be able to openly ask their principal. ..more
By Kelly McKay
Themed Theater is a strategy for educators. A theme is chosen, by the teacher and/or students, and a script is written based on the theme. At American International School – Riyadh, students chose to focus on the third-culture experience. ..more