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Saturday, 19 June 2021


What if all international schools and leaders…
* consistently celebrated diversity, fostered equity, and supported inclusion?
* removed historical legacies and systemic barriers that have been created? in the international education space?
* consistently committed to listening to and learning from diverse
voices, experiences, and perspectives?
* created and participated in courageous conversations and spaces that encouraged dialogue and the exchange of ideas?
* spoke up now about racism and all forms of discrimination in international education and around the world?
* became aware of racial and cultural blindspots by reading about, listening to, and collaborating with racially and ethnically diverse educators?
* focused on anti-racism work?
* challenged whiteness and white supremacy?
* were co-conspirators?
* actively amplified and mentored educators of all colors who come from all parts of the globe?
* said and believed #BlackLivesMatter?
-- Association of International Educators and Leaders Of Color (AIELOC)

By Alistair Goold
When covid hit and Alistair Goold's family underwent a major life transition, he turned the focus inwards and sought to find out if the restorative methodologies he employed in the classroom could be helpful in restoring relationships on the homefront. ..more
By Dr Karen L. Taylor
As important a pedagogical tool as scaffolding may be, we should not oversimplify its relationship to the zone of proximal development. The two concepts are not mutually exclusive, but they are also not synonymous. ..more
By Lindsay Kuhl, Jane Russell Valezy, & Esther Bettney
Teachers everywhere have repeatedly faced new and ongoing challenges over the past year as we have transitioned through various forms of learning. We have tried to ensure that multilingual students' voices are heard and that we provide a variety of options so all students can succeed. ..more
By Dr. Howard De Leeuw
Has 2020-21 been a stressful time for you as a parent, student, teacher, or staff member? Yes? Now here's the real question: is stress harmful and to be avoided, reduced, managed, or is it rather helpful? ..more
By Shwetanaga Chakrabarty
Legalizing, institutionalizing, and legitimizing discrimination under the pretext of celebrating internationalism is a crime, writes the author. In her experience, as a woman of color, this crime was committed over and over until she lost her own voice. But not to worry--she found it again. ..more
By Kimberly Cullen
At two recent virtual gatherings of international educators, Kimberly Cullen and Debra Lane asked participants to describe the struggles that women leaders face in international K-12 schools and to identify what they are willing to start and stop doing to raise themselves and others up.  ..more
By Kim Cofino
Many Women Who Lead interviewees spoke of a competitive and tense zero-sum atmosphere around female leadership positions, as if there’s a pie and everyone has to frantically grab a piece because it’s in danger of running out. Here's the thing: it is not a pie. ..more
By Doline Ndorimana
A scent is natural and emanates from the environment. A perfume, on the other hand, is an artificial overlay that tends to create a mood yet doesn't linger long. In my experience, DEI work can tend to function like a perfume. What's in the air at your school? ..more
By Jeffrey Gibbs
Yasmin Erkohen, an eleventh grader and second year writing consultant for Hisar Writing Center has won the MENAWCA's annual award for providing exemplary service to students through innovative tutoring techniques and the quality of her tutoring work. ..more
From the Elementary Division at Lincoln Community School in Accra, Ghana
By Marina Gijzen
At Lincoln Community School, elementary school teachers and leaders learned from their emergency online experience that there might be a more effective way to provide a student-centered approach to online learning. ..more
By Sally Robertson
80 students from 10 schools in 9 countries on 4 continents collaborated to produce 60 stories in Hear It Out – A memoir of an extraordinary year, a performance project that celebrates real life stories and creates a significant piece of collective oral history. ..more
Pedagogy & Learning
By Hamsini Sivakumar
This short story was produced by Hamsini Sivakumar at Frankfurt International School’s Writing & Art Symposium, where authors and artists worked with students on a bilingual interschool publishing project. ..more
By Anna Rose Sugarman
Feedback is most powerful when it comes from the student and is directed toward the teacher. Have yours had any voice in the trajectory of their learning? I have started to ask students what they consider to be the best ways for them to learn. ..more
By Alexandra Bates
A graduating senior at Colegio Franklin Delano Roosevelt in Lima, Peru offers a beautiful reflection on her first day at the new school, capturing the anxiety and trepidation that so many international students experience in transitioning but also the enriching experiences of growth in community. ..more
By Bambi Betts
Professional standards are a key to boosting the quality of teaching. We rely on these standards to define the essence of the work of the profession and to ensure integrity, keeping us grounded in the best of what research can offer. So how do we leverage them fully? ..more
By Bambi Betts
Recruiters today are looking for tangible, compelling evidence of quality teaching. PTC Director Bambi Betts outlines the standards of practice for international school teachers and how to provide compelling evidence that you meet them. ..more
By Bambi Betts
Standards for teachers is not a new idea. Standards for teachers reflecting the unique international needs? Gathering steam. What is new? Truly using them as drivers for learning in view of keeping an outstanding teacher in every classroom every day. ..more
Learn how to rethink assessments so that they connect to students' passions for advocacy and global change. ..more
As many of us head into what we hope will be a restorative break, we offer a playlist for rest, relaxation, and recalibration. Whether you are on the ..more
In this article, we explore three priorities as we design for each student to move towards demonstrations of learning at their own pace. ..more
Learn practical ways online tools and strategies can support student-centered learning in in-person, hybrid, and online classrooms. ..more
Since early 2020, nearly every educator around the globe has developed an online presence, one that over time has been shifting from crisis response t ..more
By Kim Marshall
Principals know they’re not seeing everything, but because there’s never enough time, they act as if they’re omniscient. “The key challenge for school leaders,” says Rodberg, “is to know that our information is limited and to ask… What am I missing?” ..more
By Kim Marshall
Research shows that the process of critiquing their peers’ essays helped students notice and correct problems in their own writing. By receiving and providing high-level feedback targeting similar problems, students are motivated to perform better. ..more
By Kim Marshall
Many school leaders turn away from conflict and never realize its potential for promoting growth rather than disorder. When they don’t step up, problems fester unresolved, including mediocre and ineffective teaching, racial microaggressions, and systemic inequities. ..more
By Gordon Eldridge, TIE Columnist
When it comes to structuring curriculum for global citizenship, designing instruction and experiences around justice-oriented citizenship is what we should be striving for. So what might the elements of such a curriculum be? ..more
By Gordon Eldridge, TIE Columnist
In his continuing exploration of the thinking and practice behind global citizenship initiatives, Gordon Eldridge considers a study that examined the impact on students of a particular global citizenship curriculum in a private girls’ school in the United States. ..more
By Gordon Eldridge, TIE Columnist
As we make decisions about the kind of global citizens we hope our schools will produce, it is important to examine some of the beliefs and assumptions which underpin differing conceptions of what it means to be a global citizen. ..more
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