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Sunday, 9 May 2021


What if all international schools and leaders…
* consistently celebrated diversity, fostered equity, and supported inclusion?
* removed historical legacies and systemic barriers that have been created? in the international education space?
* consistently committed to listening to and learning from diverse
voices, experiences, and perspectives?
* created and participated in courageous conversations and spaces that encouraged dialogue and the exchange of ideas?
* spoke up now about racism and all forms of discrimination in international education and around the world?
* became aware of racial and cultural blindspots by reading about, listening to, and collaborating with racially and ethnically diverse educators?
* focused on anti-racism work?
* challenged whiteness and white supremacy?
* were co-conspirators?
* actively amplified and mentored educators of all colors who come from all parts of the globe?
* said and believed #BlackLivesMatter?
-- Association of International Educators and Leaders Of Color (AIELOC)

By Kathleen Naglee
There is no life now outside of work, confides Head of School Kathleen Naglee, who has stopped trying to pretend otherwise. In the throes of the pandemic, remaining committed to her community of learners and fellow educators has come at a great personal cost. ..more
By Kimberly Cullen
Worldwide, it is clear that “teaching is frequently a female profession with men in charge.” Kim Cullen and her colleague Debra Lane have been thinking, writing, and talking publicly about the many struggles that women leaders in international K-12 schools face.  ..more
By Kim Cofino
Better understanding both the stereotypes and expectations you may face as a woman in pursuing a leadership role, and having some strategies to deal with them, may help you feel more confident in taking the next steps towards your dream job. ..more
By Mark G. Harrison, Stephen E. Chatelier, and Elke M. Van dermijnsbrugge
Wellbeing has become an area of increasing focus for schools right across the world, including in international schools which continue to largely serve the privileged. One consequence is that wellbeing has been added to the ever-growing list of things for which teachers are responsible. ..more
By James Toney
James Toney doesn't want to talk about Chauvin's trial. All the same, this Black educator with a Black son of his own has generously and at personal cost laid out some of the many reasons why he's not up for talking. Are you listening? ..more
By Zenaida Cubbinz
The practice of wearing a hijab and abaya at international schools is not always viewed as being in keeping with the school’s “international” image, according to Zenaida Cubbinz, who also notes that hijabis tend to be hired to teach very specific subjects. ..more
By Kelly Owens
Service learning, according to Kelly Owens, is problematic in that it reinforces the “savior” mentality among students at international schools. A different approach, community-based engagement, shows them the importance of working together for the betterment of all. ..more
By Lily Chang
Lily Chang is wondering if the DEI movement is not perpetuating an Us vs. Them mentality. Is it not time, she argues, for us to move past skin color and simply discuss how we can all be more inclusive? ..more
By Rama Ndiaye
White people’s shame resilience can only strengthen if they are willing to move authentically through shame. This will happen when they hold each other accountable, break the barriers of white solidarity, and extend true empathy. ..more
By Shwetangna Chakrabarty
Students at Utahloy International School Guangzhou (UISG), in Guangzhou, China decided to focus on staff and student wellbeing to mark Teacher Appreciation Week and organized five days of fun and fundraising. ..more
By Richard Bampfylde
Students from twenty schools representing six countries across three continents participated in this 5th edition of BHSMUN, demonstrating key skills necessary for a balanced Middle-East region and to lead through very challenging times towards a bright future. ..more
ISS-LUMO collaboration brings innovative, new start up model to K-12 international school sector
Ikigai SISU School, located in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, is the first SISU school to open in a global franchise model designed to create world-class K-12 international schools, born of a collaboration between International Schools Services and Lumo Education. ..more
Pedagogy & Learning
By David Willows
The entire future of how our schools will function appears to be the subject of some considerable debate and not an insignificant amount of opinion and conjecture. Problem is, people are not very good at making predictions. ..more
By Dr Karen L. Taylor
The whole point of the learning sciences is to use what we know about human cognition in order to create the best possible environment for student learning, so taking cognitive load into account when preparing a lesson is critical. ..more
By Dr. Rachel Ball
Formative assessment presents a powerful opportunity for improving student outcomes. Here are several practical suggestions for providing formative feedback to students in hybrid and virtual learning settings. ..more
By Bambi Betts
Professional standards are a key to boosting the quality of teaching. We rely on these standards to define the essence of the work of the profession and to ensure integrity, keeping us grounded in the best of what research can offer. So how do we leverage them fully? ..more
By Bambi Betts
Recruiters today are looking for tangible, compelling evidence of quality teaching. PTC Director Bambi Betts outlines the standards of practice for international school teachers and how to provide compelling evidence that you meet them. ..more
By Bambi Betts
Standards for teachers is not a new idea. Standards for teachers reflecting the unique international needs? Gathering steam. What is new? Truly using them as drivers for learning in view of keeping an outstanding teacher in every classroom every day. ..more
Meet the students who designed award-winning capstone projects focused on activism and social justice. ..more
For assessment to be a meaningful and powerful learning experience for students, we examine four tangible practices that prioritize feedback over grad ..more
As you close out this year, consider creating time and space for your team to reflect on what they've gained and learned. In this article, we offer si ..more
Learn how to show your support for students by participating in the 2021 Catalyst Conference, GOA's online event showcasing capstone projects focused ..more
Learn the essential principles that define high-quality instructional design for online and hybrid learning. ..more
By Kim Marshall
Equity consultant Jerome Bennett and educators Jake Giessman and Jane Hubley describe how a school followed up when its leaders realized that there were three times more discipline referrals for African-American male students as for other students. ..more
By Kim Marshall
Including students in shaping what will be assessed by co-constructing success criteria has proven an effective way to improve student writing, according to Jennifer Gonzalez. “It’s essentially backward planning with students for success.” ..more
By Kim Marshall
Misinformation is difficult to fight once it’s out in the digital wild. The authors of an article in Behavioral Scientist summarized here suggest a novel approach for preventing the spread of misinformation: prebunking. ..more
By Gordon Eldridge, TIE Columnist
When it comes to structuring curriculum for global citizenship, designing instruction and experiences around justice-oriented citizenship is what we should be striving for. So what might the elements of such a curriculum be? ..more
By Gordon Eldridge, TIE Columnist
In his continuing exploration of the thinking and practice behind global citizenship initiatives, Gordon Eldridge considers a study that examined the impact on students of a particular global citizenship curriculum in a private girls’ school in the United States. ..more
By Gordon Eldridge, TIE Columnist
As we make decisions about the kind of global citizens we hope our schools will produce, it is important to examine some of the beliefs and assumptions which underpin differing conceptions of what it means to be a global citizen. ..more