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Sunday, 4 December 2022


By Maria Eduarda Jaques Schroeder, Grade 11 - Bavarian International School.
"This drawing expresses how femininity can be empowering and strong, while also demonstrating delicacy and grace"

STUDENT VOICE - Portrait of Global Perspectives

By Kenya J. Washington
Inclusion in your hiring practices can only yield buy-in, stronger morale, and shared accountability in how a new member is supported once hired… ..more
By Monica Bennett
The difference between stagnant, complacent teachers and transformative, rapidly growing teachers comes down to promoting a positive growth environment… ..more
By John Frame
True diversity must embrace all forms of identity and real equity must include attempts to address economic imbalance... ..more
By Kim Cofino
In some schools coaching is a huge success, and in others it fizzles out and fails in just a few years. What makes the difference… ..more
By Shwetangna Chakrabarty
My heart is full of solidarity with all of us who are still struggling to find our place, fighting for justice, raising our voices… ..more
By Jon Nordmeyer
Understanding the implications of EAL fees on students, teachers, classrooms, and overall equity helps us move toward improving this system… ..more
By Shameek Ghosh and Brian Lalor
At the heart of the celebration was the aim of making students recognize the importance of intercultural understanding… ..more
By Kimberly Hall
The American School of Kinshasa (TASOK) celebrates Congolese culture every year for a week in October. This tradition, known as Congo Week, has been in place since 2009... ..more
By Michelle Collin
Students at the American School of Barcelona participated in a medical mission project to Peru, acting as translators to American doctors… ..more
By Aberra B. Belayneh
For young readers, the future is to cultivate a new kind of brain that is able to both “deep” and “shallow” read… ..more
By Ingrid Delange
Schools must create a safe environment where teachers’ evaluations are individualized, differentiated, and human... ..more
By Fanny Passeport
Explore the collateral damages of praising and the opportunities that encouragements offer… ..more
By Clara Swinehart
Never assuming applies to our own experiences, interactions, and exchanges with our students, parents, and teachers… ..more
By Gail Smith
Dedicating time to meet with faculty and staff one-on-one is an investment worth making… ..more
By Celeste Krochak
A small mental shift can make a big impact on your ability to view life from a solid foundation of gratitude… ..more
By Aleksandra Golder
A short reflection activity reminds us that simple moments can have a great impact on our students’ wellbeing... ..more
By Robert Holmyard
It can be challenging to have a leadership role that does not come with direct authority… ..more
The WAB Podcast
By Chris Clark
Two students and their vice principal discuss how Day 9 has led to impactful and innovative projects, leadership opportunities, and deep learning… ..more
By Inês Rosa, Grade 11 student
It can be hard to ask for help in new situations and the best way to feel safe is by learning how to cope with the hardest moments and how to enjoy the best ones… ..more
NIS Voices Podcast
By Nanjing International School
Join students, Kirsten and Kalei, as they discuss their Non-Straight/Straight Alliance project… ..more
Empathy to Impact Podcast
By Scott Jamieson and Nantume
A student’s perspective on issues and actions related to the wellbeing of girls… ..more
By Conrad Hughes
Leading from the mission is leading with purpose and alignment. It harmonizes all components of the school mission… ..more
By Nick DeForest
At its core, education should be dynamic, progressive, and at the forefront of today’s changing landscape. School athletic programs should be no exception… ..more
By Richard Harrold
Without a deeper understanding of how to use Measure of Academic Progress (MAP) data-generated reports, meetings often fail… ..more
By Yujiro Fujiwara
Recommendations for administrators for increasing the effectiveness and accountability of the learning team in schools… ..more
By Dr. Ben Fishman
Play and unscheduled time that allows for peer interactions are important components of social-emotional learning… ..more
By Kelli Holm
What is social and emotional learning (SEL) and how can you implement it systemically? SEL leaders at CASEL offer information and resources… ..more
By Cindy Adair
Our induction program aims to foster friendships and a support network among the new staff cohort… ..more
By Art Charles
It is as much the challenges we overcome as a community as the opportunities we are given that bring us together as a team… ..more
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