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Sunday, 22 April 2018


Western Academy of Beijing’s (WAB) annual Global Issues Conference (GIC) aims to explore and raise awareness about challenges of our time. But this year was different. The focus was on inspiring action to make a difference in the world. Read on

By Cynthia Nagrath, TIE Staff Writer
Spiritual guru and best-selling author Eckhart Tolle tells us, if you want to start meditating, take one conscious breath in and one conscious breath out. In his book, Mindful Teacher, Mindful School, international school veteran Kevin Hawkins takes this instruction to the next level by laying out a practical and insightful guide on how teachers can bring mindfulness to the classroom by first bringing it into their own lives and daily practice. ..more
By Luís Campos Ferreira, Olivia Kelly, Sarah Román-Quezada, & Taila Senanu
STUDENT FEATURE - Each year, students in Mr. Anagnost’s Theory of Knowledge (ToK) class complete the ToK Interview Process, choosing an Area of Knowledge (AoK) of interest to explore in depth by having a series of discussions with a faculty member from their school. ..more
By Xianxuan Xu
In the educational field, principals tend to make hiring decisions based on perceptions of organizational fit of applicants, and they believe it is an important attribute to look for in making their selection. However, researchers disagree on whether organizational fit is an effective criterion for assessing the quality of candidates. ..more
Pricey schools should be made more affordable so UAE parents can focus solely on quality when choosing schools, an Evolvence Knowledge Investments (EK ..more
After deciding to set up 100 international schools across Maharashtra, the state has planned to form the Maharashtra International Education Board (MI ..more
A competitive global economy coupled with shift in geopolitical trends in the US and Europe have led international students to be in search for altern ..more
Teachers and principals at private schools in Abu Dhabi have spoken of their concern regarding a lack of information about a new licensing programme. ..more
I've noticed an interesting phenomenon in my work with schools. Most schools will state their aspirations to make ambitious improvements to learning ..more
Instead of spending our time, energy and intelligence on the slow, steady construction of a school learning culture shared by students, parents, lead ..more
OK, it's obvious. Schools are full of living people, so they are living organisms. Sure, superficially, but most of the time we don't treat them that ..more
Ask any parent, teacher, student, they'll all confirm one simple truth: all children are different. Despite that simple, undisputed truth we treat chi ..more
Growing up a working class youngster in the agricultural East of England, the height of my annual ambition was to secure a Summer job at one of the lo ..more
By Bambi Betts
Thirty years ago, the vision was simple and compelling: create practical training opportunities for practicing and aspiring principals in international schools. The PTC has stayed true to that vision over the course of three decades. ..more
By Janine Stegall
A servant leader is a servant first. She enriches the lives of other individuals. She builds better organizations. A servant leader creates a more caring environment. The PTC has offered a great opportunity to develop the servant leadership attributes that I strive to embody. ..more
By Gary Worth
The Principals’ Training Center (PTC) is going back to its roots. The 2018 PTC Summer Institutes will be held in the very city where the organization held its inaugural event 30 years ago. ..more
By Martin Walsh
“How long do admission officers spend evaluating the application essay?” a student asked me not too long ago. “No more than a few minutes,” I replied. “Three at the most.” The student was visibly shaken. And I get why. ..more
By Martin Walsh
With Donald Trump’s election a fait accompli it is time for counselors to grapple with the impact Trump’s administration could have on the college admission landscape. Like many educators, this is a conversation I never wanted to have. ..more
By Martin Walsh
Over the last five years, web-based classes—especially massive open online courses (MOOCs)—have begun to change the way students interact with the education process. It is clear that MOOCs are having an impact on higher education and are evolving to meet the needs of students and institutions. But how do they factor into the college application process? ..more
By Gordon Eldridge, TIE Columnist
Knowledge of vocabulary is highly correlated with academic success. Students with larger vocabularies demonstrate higher levels of reading comprehension and perform better on many of the kinds of achievement valued in schools. But vocab instruction often stops in late elementary school. ..more
By Gordon Eldridge, TIE Columnist
Katherine Muenks of Indiana University and David Miele of Boston College have published a research synthesis examining what we currently know about the ways in which students connect notions of effort and ability. ..more
By Gordon Eldridge, TIE Columnist
It seems a no-brainer that we should be using more technology in the classroom in our technological age. Moreover, it seems logical that in a one-to-one environment, students will have more opportunity to further their technology skills. But what impact do these programs have on learning, beyond increasing these specific technology skills? ..more
By Kim Marshall, TIE columnist
In this article in Phi Delta Kappan, the authors insist that instructional coaching embodies three key characteristics of effective PD: It’s ongoing (compared to one-shot workshops); it takes place in teachers’ daily workplace; and coaches have content-specific expertise that is of great value to teachers. ..more
In this article in American Educator>, Linda Friedrich, Rachel Bear, and Tom Fox (National Writing Project) share their program for developing persuasive writing, which they sum up as dialogue, not debate. ..more
By Kim Marshall, TIE columnist
Issues such as climate change, vaccinating children, and genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are on students’ minds and have great pedagogical potential. These are socio-scientific issues ..more
By Jackie Wyncoll
Academia Cotopaxi's 2017 Journeys Toward Inclusion Conference kicked off under a blue sky in beautiful Quito, Ecuador. The event opened as over 200 participants listened, enraptured, to heartwarming and inspiring personal stories of inclusion. ..more
By Christian Orlic
Last August, 13 students from the American School of Barcelona (ASB) took two weeks off their summer vacation and traveled to the Amazon basin in Peru to participate in a student-run medical mission organized by Michigan State University’s College of Osteopathic Medicine (MSUCOM). ..more
By Chris Clark
Western Academy of Beijing’s (WAB) annual Global Issues Conference (GIC) aims to explore and raise awareness about challenges of our time. But this year was different. The focus was on inspiring action to make a difference in the world. ..more