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Thursday, 21 September 2017


Michelle Haner is an IB Theater Teacher and the Artistic Director of Back à Dos at the French American International School | International High School | Lycée International Franco-Américain

By Carolina González
By integrating body, brain, and mind, brain-based learning honors all three areas of the human being. According to Leslie Hart, “teaching without the awareness of how the brain learns is like designing a glove with no sense of what a hand looks like—its shape and how it moves.” ..more
By Sophie Baillie
The International Baccalaureate has partnered with the World Academy of Sport to support student athletes aged 16 – 18 in managing the balance between academic study and training as high performing athletes. ..more
By Kim Marshall, TIE columnist
In this Cult of Pedagogy article, Jennifer Gonzalez claims there’s a common factor with the most stressed-out teachers: their administrator. "Too many administrators are tolerating, or creating, unhealthy working conditions. Administrators may have forgotten what it’s like to be a teacher.” ..more
Abu Dhabi Department of Education and Knowledge (ADEK) formerly ADEC, has announced a shift in inspection cycle for schools rated Outstanding and Very ..more
Dubai nursery provider, Blossom Nursery has announced France’s largest private day-care operator, Babilou, has taken majority shares in its capital. ..more
While not a single private school in the emirate of Abu Dhabi earned the much-coveted “outstanding” ranking during the last academic year, the number ..more
The Abu Dhabi Education Council - known as Adec - has been made a government department according to a decree issued by President Sheikh Khalifa. It i ..more
Instead of spending our time, energy and intelligence on the slow, steady construction of a school learning culture shared by students, parents, lead ..more
OK, it's obvious. Schools are full of living people, so they are living organisms. Sure, superficially, but most of the time we don't treat them that ..more
Ask any parent, teacher, student, they'll all confirm one simple truth: all children are different. Despite that simple, undisputed truth we treat chi ..more
Growing up a working class youngster in the agricultural East of England, the height of my annual ambition was to secure a Summer job at one of the lo ..more
We've all heard the expression, whenever we sense our community may not be quite with us on a particular educational direction. I must admit my reacti ..more
By Frédéric Bordaguibel-Labayle
At the end of the 2014-2015 school year, a small group of high school students expressed the desire to create a safe space for those who identified as members of the LGBTQ+ community and others with an interest in the topic. We didn't anticipate the controversy that this initiative would provoke. ..more
By Sue Easton
Department heads, grade-level leaders, instructional coaches, curriculum leaders, and others come to our Teacher Leader institutes asking: How do I run an effective meeting? How do I deal with teachers who don’t want to change? How do I support teachers in developing curriculum, assessment, instruction, etc. when I am not totally sure myself? ..more
By Bambi Betts
As with all professionals, teachers and principals must continue to grow and learn. PTC and TTC, sister organizations of TIE, provide an array of professional development services to international schools, including workshops and other consulting services requested by individual schools. What are the top five professional growth areas requested by schools? We have tracked this over a decade; here is what we found for the past two years: ..more
By Martin Walsh
With Donald Trump’s election a fait accompli it is time for counselors to grapple with the impact Trump’s administration could have on the college admission landscape. Like many educators, this is a conversation I never wanted to have. ..more
By Martin Walsh
Over the last five years, web-based classes—especially massive open online courses (MOOCs)—have begun to change the way students interact with the education process. It is clear that MOOCs are having an impact on higher education and are evolving to meet the needs of students and institutions. But how do they factor into the college application process? ..more
By Martin Walsh
Every winter students and parents approach me with the same questions: “What is the most effective use of my summer?” “Which programs do the colleges favor?” “How do I choose a summer program?” ..more
By Gordon Eldridge, TIE Columnist
A previous article I reviewed here suggested that inventing a solution prepares students well for subsequent direct instruction. But was the positive learning effect due to the process of inventing the solution? Or was it simply that inventing the solution caused students to compare the cases more thoroughly and thus enabled them to notice the deeper structure of the concept? ..more
By Gordon Eldridge, TIE Columnist
Numerous studies across multiple domains have shown that the addition of graphics to a text can significantly improve comprehension and retention of information. One theory behind this improvement in learning is known as the Multimedia Principle. ..more
By Gordon Eldridge, TIE Columnist
There is a great deal of evidence to suggest that the process of argumentation can lead to deeper understanding. It is not necessarily the case, however, that all students are ready to engage in this kind of argumentation. ..more
By Kim Marshall, TIE columnist
In this Cult of Pedagogy article, Jennifer Gonzalez claims there’s a common factor with the most stressed-out teachers: their administrator. "Too many administrators are tolerating, or creating, unhealthy working conditions. Administrators may have forgotten what it’s like to be a teacher.” ..more
By Kim Marshall, TIE columnist
In this New York Times Education Life article, Rachel Toor (Eastern Washington University/Spokane) suggests that students getting ready to write their college essay should picture where it will be read. ..more
By Kim Marshall, TIE columnist
“New leaders are often surprised and disappointed by the realities of administrative life,” says Allison Vaillancourt. “Missteps are easy to make, and you can be assured everyone will be taking notes when you stumble. Here are some things to keep in mind. ..more
By Xianxuan Xu
As the number of international schools increases globally, the competition for effective teachers is escalating. The most successful approaches to attracting high-quality teachers must address perceived benefits, including but not limited to financial incentives, opportunities for professional growth and career advancement, and a caring work environment. ..more
By Tim Musgrove
Lahore American School (LAS) proudly celebrated its Diamond Jubilee this past November with a week of student activities, performances, exhibitions, and an inter-school polo match. Over the past 60 years, LAS has continued to grow in size but also to develop its educational program. ..more
By Joy Jameson
Have you noticed that alcohol is creeping more and more into international school life? In my experience, alcohol was previously served on a limited basis and only at very special school events. Now, it is brought out for almost any celebration, no matter how small. ..more