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Friday, 19 April 2024


Welcome to the TIE Podcast for International Educators, your gateway to the world of international education. This podcast is by international school educators, for international school educators, and we're here to delve into topics that are not only top of mind but crucial for our community. Whether you're an experienced educator or just starting your international education journey, join us as we explore this exciting world together.
Our inaugural episode dives deep into a question that underpins the quality of education: "What are international school standards of practice, and why are they so vital for ensuring quality teaching and learning in international schools?" Host, Sue Easton, Director of Programs at The Principals' Training Center, engages a panel of thought leaders in a compelling conversation, where they share their thoughts and experiences on the "Why" behind international school standards.


By Megan Vosk and Shafali
To face the challenges of today’s world, we need the mental and emotional capacity to see clearly, look deeply, and reflect carefully… ..more
By Dr. Samantha Olson-Wyman, Dr. Kristen Moreland, and Jordan Benedict
We are asking instructional coaches and leaders who support instructional coaching to share their insights and experiences in this survey… ..more
By Nicholas Forde
With another school recruiting season almost in the rear-view mirror, it is worthwhile reflecting on what went well and what could be improved… ..more
By Juan Jacobs Sheblak
A more critical examination and adaptation of the methods are necessary to ensure that DEIJ efforts are both inclusive and impactful... ..more
By Estelle Hughes
In keeping each other accountable, let us not lose sight of our diversity of understandings and practices in DEIJ… ..more
By Alexandra Ritt Gustad
Uplifting through mentorship and action is empowering and will lead to greater diversity and representation within school leadership… ..more
Our mission is to provide a space for content created by international school practitioners who are participating in respectful, solutions-oriented conversations aimed at the advancement of education for all our students.  ..more
By Stacy Stephens
Schools should engage in Evidence-Based Recruiting because it provides more accurate and in-depth information on a candidate... ..more
Exploring Secondary Pathways
By Shwetangna Chakrabarty
International schools are now recognizing the need to pivot from a one size fits all model to creating programs that serve a variety of learners and interests... ..more
The GlobalEd Podcast
By Gavin Kinch
“What would you do if you were Principal of a school in Kyiv when Russia invaded?” Gavin talks with the former Director of Pechersk School International… ..more
By Geoff Richman
International school athletic coaches in Europe came together to learn and grow from one another… ..more
By Sander van der Velden, Grade 11
UNIS Hanoi’s staging of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime encouraged student advocacy and community collaboration… ..more
By Corey Topf
Instead of individually shouldering the burdens of designing student-centered learning experiences, we want to design a collaborative, innovative diploma… ..more
By John RC Potter
The world of teaching, leading, and counseling has become more complex and more challenging… ..more
By Esther Yamada
A reflection on the trial application of classroom observations focused on executive function skills explored during a professional learning circle… ..more
By Kathryn Rymarz
In this Pearl, Kathryn shares a personal experience where she discovered that there are lots of good things to learn from making mistakes… ..more
By Loretta Fernando-Smith
Join us as we delve into the stories of these inspiring educators and gain a deeper understanding of the transformative power of education across borders... ..more
By Cindy Beals
In this Pearl, Cindy shares how the team at Percherk School International (Kyiv, Ukraine) handled the many crises they’ve faced over the past few years… ..more
Videos for Change
By an international school student, USA
I wanted to shed light on two major events of 2020: the Covid pandemic and the Black Lives Matter movement… ..more
Peace You Have My Word
By Rama, Grade 12 student
Discrimination and bias everywhere. If it’s not race, it’s gender, or nationality, or religion, or wealth, or physical and mental ability… ..more
By Azzah Abrar Dar, Grade 9
A Grade 9 student shares a poem about damaging the earth… ..more
By Kim Cofino
Coaching conversations are about holding space for your coaching partner to reflect and recognize their own capacity… ..more
By Rachel Hovington
In this episode, Tim Kelley, International School of Stuttgart, discusses international school leadership and building schools for the future… ..more
By Kim Cofino
The skills and habits you develop in your instructional coaching role will serve you well in any future position, including formal leadership roles... ..more
By Nigel Winnard
Schools and parents need to get on the same page when it comes to teaching about ethics and moral choices, as well as supervision, around online access… ..more
By Peter Merrick
We can reframe the challenge by simply removing the ethical question from the equation… ..more
By Tim Logan
In this episode, Matthew Savage, former Principal of an award-winning international school, discusses helping schools use data wisely and well… ..more
By Dr. Niki Melanidou
Metacognition empowers these students to better understand their own learning processes, strengths, and areas where they might need additional support… ..more
By Rae Merrigan
A seventh-grade science project in the Peruvian Amazon allowed for the development of important social-emotional skills… ..more
  • Critical Race Theory: Learning from Kimberl� Crenshaw
    (Conrad Hughes)
    Sat, 13 Apr 2024 17:25:15 GMT

    Kimerl� Crenshaw has an extraordinary CV: with degrees from Cornell University (BA), Harvard University (JD...

  • Recalibration of Truth
    (John Mikton)
    Thu, 11 Apr 2024 14:31:48 GMT

    In our rapidly changing digital age, the idea of truth is undergoing a significant change. In the past, tru...

    (Margriet Ruurs)
    Tue, 09 Apr 2024 01:27:47 GMT

    Books are much like moccasins – they allow you to walk a mile in someone else�s footsteps; to experie...

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