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Tuesday, 19 October 2021


The Afghan robotics team visit Texas A&M University at Qatar.
The members of an all-female Afghan robotics team, known as the “Afghan Dreamers,” evacuated from Afghanistan to Qatar after their home country came under Taliban rule. They are to continue their education through scholarships to study at Qatar Foundation’s Education City.


By Cheryl-Ann Weekes, M.Ed
When we listen to students and allow them to speak without judgement, we create spaces where they can be safe to make mistakes, and to make amends. ..more
By Nicholas Alchin
There are important distinctions between offering students choice, developing their autonomy, and supporting their agency. ..more
By David Richards
Many high education institutions have changed their entry requirements due to the pandemic. Schools need to take additional measures to help students meet the new requirements. ..more
By Alysa Perreras
To engage with intersectionality in international schooling, to deeply examine how systems of oppression intersect to create disparate experiences for staff and students, can feel intimidating. ..more
By Amanda Bates
The Black Expat podcast, the Global Chatter, is an ongoing conversation that focuses on international mobility, identity, race, career, and more. ..more
By Sinéad Fitzsimons
The intersectionality of gender, sexuality, and power are often not incorporated into secondary or primary social studies curricula. ..more
By Qatar Foundation Press Office
“Afghan Dreamers” were flown to Qatar amid Afghanistan crisis to continue their study of robotics ..more
By Marko Mädge
As The Bavarian International School (BIS) celebrates 30 years, it focuses on its future with a vision of equity, diversity, and inclusion. ..more
By Johnny Schwerk
Despite the obvious challenges of participating in a conference online, the Lincoln Community School delegates showed great resilience and courage in the debates. ..more
By Stephen Rhodes
Policies and curriculum on dealing with e-cigarettes should be based on an understanding of current research on the relationship between nicotine addiction and the adolescent brain. ..more
By Sarah Metzger
A look into the impact of COVID-19 restrictions on young children and how to use play to support the needs of young learners. ..more
By Kevin Bartlett
“What body of knowledge is important for these learners, right now?” As we set out to identify learning that really matters, we framed our DESIGN question like this: “What’s Worth Learning and Why?” ..more
By Neil Morgan Griffiths
The evaluation of individual student physical literacy levels feels like an imprecise practice…. Perhaps we could pause right there and consider a solution. ..more
By Proserpina Dhlamini-Fisher
“As leaders we need to know that the journey is not easy. We need to be resilient, hopeful, and be very clear on what our personal purpose is" ..more
By David Miles
We must be “conscious and deliberate in all that we do... we either reinforce old narratives or contribute to the creation of newer stories.” ..more
By Sajitha Chacko
A practicing international school counselor offers a helpful, practical strategy for helping students struggling with difficult emotions. ..more
By Grade 5 Students
In the spirit of amplifying student voice, two fifth grade students from Chile write letters sharing ideas for improving their educational experience. ..more
By Ahaan Chakrabarty, Year 11
Ahaan Chakrabarty discusses the global issues that we face right now and the importance of addressing them to achieve greater peace and good. ..more
By Dana Shpak
Grade 12 student, Dana: "Moving to a new place and learning a new language helped me become the best version of myself." ..more
By Kim Cofino
If, a a woman, you feel isolated in your leadership journey, you’re not alone! Many aspiring women leaders feel exactly the same way. Trying to find a mentor isn’t always easy. ..more
By Robert Van der Eyken
In consultation with AISH school leaders from around the world, it is clear that efficiency and effectiveness start at the top. ..more
By Megel Barker
The Control + Alt + Delete metaphor provides a metric to perform organisational self-study ..more
By Kim Marshall
Alexis Wiggins and the English department she leads at their Texas school recently agreed on a series of commitments for the coming school year. Kim Marshall offers a summary. ..more
By Kim Marshall
Principals know they’re not seeing everything, but because there’s never enough time, they act as if they’re omniscient. “The key challenge for school leaders,” says Rodberg, “is to know that our information is limited and to ask… What am I missing?” ..more
By Kim Marshall
Research shows that the process of critiquing their peers’ essays helped students notice and correct problems in their own writing. By receiving and providing high-level feedback targeting similar problems, students are motivated to perform better. ..more
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