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Friday, 29 September 2023


Welcome to the TIE Podcast for International Educators, your gateway to the world of international school education. This podcast is by international school educators, for international school educators, and we're here to delve into topics that are not only top of mind but crucial for our community. Whether you're an experienced educator or just starting your international education journey, join us as we explore this exciting world together. The TIE Podcast is your source of inspiration, information, and a catalyst for curiosity. Together, we'll unlock the potential of international education and shape a brighter future for learners worldwide.

By Jessica Schultz
By embracing AI with confidence, we can inspire hope and guide student towards a future with endless possibilities and a zest for lifelong learning… ..more
By John Bray
Change in how we assess is happening but slowly. There are ways schools can adapt, even within structures with culminating examinations... ..more
By Yeji Kloosterman and Matthew Kloosterman
Due to the nature of working with people from different nations, cultures, and backgrounds, defining the term “international” is challenging... ..more
By Juan Jacobs Sheblak
Culture is just one dimension of a person's multifaceted identity. No single identity or life circumstance can predict a person's cultural background… ..more
By Doline Ndorimana
A few guidelines that can help us maintain our sense of self and wellbeing so that we can do this important, complex, and rewarding work… ..more
By Ryan Persaud
Taking a multi-pronged approach to supporting and sustaining the DEIJ work in your school will lead to a greater chance of long-term success… ..more
    (Margriet Ruurs)
    Mon, 18 Sep 2023 08:44:41 GMT

    Usually I post new book recommendations here every two weeks. This time, I’m traveling and unable to ...

  • Reimagining Your Story @ Digital Learning: Three Questions
    (Matt Brady)
    Sun, 17 Sep 2023 12:22:38 GMT

    You stand at the water’s edge, looking out at the vast ocean of possibilities that technology holds f...

  • Lead With Love
    (Daniel Kerr)
    Sun, 17 Sep 2023 03:04:15 GMT

    So last summer I was having dinner with a great friend of mine, John Stephens, who also just happens to be ...

By Edward Pearce
When building a positive, unified school culture, look no further than your mission, vision, and pillars, and lead with values-based decision-making… ..more
By Uma Shankar Singh
Resources and ideas for teaching product design and entrepreneurship courses… ..more
By Yosef Karasik
FutureTech is a new course designed to meet the needs of our rapidly evolving, technology-driven world… ..more
By Jérémie Rostan and Beth Stark
AI integration will not be truly effective and impactful in education unless it helps us to augment and amplify excellent pedagogical practice... ..more
By Anthony Gonsalves
In the end, it's not just about meeting deadlines; it's about empowering students to become lifelong learners... ..more
By Dan Worth
In this episode, Daniel Jones discusses how Globeducate is managing the rapid rise of generative artificial intelligence… ..more
By Ellen King
In this pearl, Ellen shares that “growth doesn’t happen when you’re in your comfort zone”... ..more
By Sue Easton
The successful 2023 June-July Institutes underscore the pivotal role PTC plays in shaping the leaders of tomorrow's international education landscape… ..more
By James Howard
In this pearl, James shares his experience with a positive leader who helped reinvigorate his energy, focus, and belief that educators can change lives… ..more
Videos for Change
By international school student, Canada
Passing climate legislation is difficult in a polarized political era but is the fate of humanity not worth the challenge… ..more
By Kate Doxey
I couldn’t help but begin to attach my self-esteem to how well I was playing that week. I was a child… ..more
By Doline Ndorimana
Doline Ndorimana has opened honest and vulnerable conversations regarding what inclusion means based on different life experiences… ..more
By Kim Cofino
When coaching is done right, coaches can do so much more than “just” improve student learning… ..more
By Jaya Ramchandani and Cary Reid
Steps to inform and inspire the next phase of educational transformation, fueling collective action that spurs more reform. ..more
By Michael Iannini
International schools have set ambitious goals for this year. How can you align your professional growth agenda with your school’s development objectives… ..more
By Lena Lee and Natasha Winnard
An interview with author and former international school student, Lena Lee, about her experiences growing up moving every three years… ..more
By Nick DeForest
Ideas to help educators, especially athletic directors, balance the work/life responsibilities during the summer months… ..more
By Rachida Dahman
Schools have a responsibility to create environments that are conducive to open discussions, free from aggression, and safe for authentic conversations… ..more
Lori Marek
American International School of Guangzhou
Secondary Principal
Doruk Gurkan
Advisor to Shanghai United International School (IBDP & Recruitment)
Yasmine Sadri
International School of Geneva
I-DEA Lead
Dr. Salma Waly
International School of London-Qatar
Head of Multilingualism
Devendra Siilwal
A'Takamul International School
Winsome Saldanha
Thalun International School
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