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Friday, 8 December 2023


In the fourth episode of the Standards of Practice podcast series, Sue Easton, Director of Programs at the Principals' Training Center, discusses the practical application of International School Teacher Standard 1: Effectively apply the most up-to-date, research-based strategies to address the needs of diverse learners.
Lianne Dominguez, Secondary School Principal and Director of Career and College Counseling at Shattuck-St. Mary's Forest City International School in Malaysia, shares her school's model of applying the teacher standards of practice.


By Lyn Thompson Lemaire
Some constants have begun to emerge, as every new cohort brings new lessons and insights into understanding the needs of internationally mobile students… ..more
By Marci Carrel
The impact of canine companionship at the American School of Bombay… ..more
By Stacy Shipman, Shan Ahmed, Emma Ahmed, John Powell, and Chris Frost
AISL's commitment to inclusivity led to the adoption of the Multi-tiered Systems of Support framework which is being implemented with data-driven decision-making… ..more
By Megan Vosk and Shafali
Drawing on survey data collected from students, explore the concepts of belonging and examine ways to foster it… ..more
By Dr. Peter Bateman
In the DEIJ journey, leadership is both the compass and the keystone, guiding and cementing in place the structural change required… ..more
By Kokushubira Joanita Mercy, Grade 12
Each piece of student work is evidence that education for Peace is a powerful tool to develop self-awareness, poetic appreciation, and critical thinking… ..more
  • Students on Stage
    (Paul Magnuson)
    Wed, 06 Dec 2023 07:46:33 GMT

    Image from We�re in the sc...

    (Margriet Ruurs)
    Mon, 04 Dec 2023 22:51:03 GMT

    Everyone has different abilities. Some people speak many languages, some can make sushi while others can cr...

  • The Platonic Academy is Alive and Well
    (Paul Magnuson)
    Wed, 29 Nov 2023 09:24:16 GMT

    I love when seemingly separate strands wind together like Wittgenstein’s rope. Here are reflections w...

The International Educator is excited to announce the appointment of Stacy Stephens to the new position of Director of TIE... ..more
By Shwetangna Chakrabarty
The focus of the 2023 CIS Global Forum was the evolving landscape of higher education, exploring belonging and uniqueness through personal stories… ..more
By Nguyen Hong Quyen
Through poetry and pictures, UNIS Hanoi teacher and poet, Gary Gray, shares a powerful message about identity and inclusion… ..more
By Erica Herro
In a co-teaching environment, taking observational notes during independent work facilitates effective differentiation and higher student outcomes... ..more
By Jaya Ramchandani and Cary Reid
Exploring activities designed to inform and inspire the next phase of educational transformation, fueling collective action that spurs more reform… ..more
By Tim Logan
A conversation with Brad Kershner, Head of School at Kimberton Waldorf School… ..more
By David Gates
In struggling with prioritizing, “We have to prioritize the outcomes that are going to have an actual effect on student learning and teacher performance"... ..more
By Abenaa Uttenthal
What we need to do is create space for other people to step in and rise to the occasion… ..more
By Shanez Cabraal
In this Pearl, Shanez shares her journey following her passions, determined to become the teacher she herself had needed... ..more
Videos for Change
By international school student, Australia
People suffering from homelessness have their own individual story, just like every other one of us… ..more
Videos for Change
By an international school student, China
Illegal poaching is a widespread issue that affects biodiversity all over the world in violent and gruesome ways. We can make a difference… ..more
Videos for Change
By international school student, Canada
Passing climate legislation is difficult in a polarized political era but is the fate of humanity not worth the challenge… ..more
By John Bray
A reflection on two articles that support the idea that authentic leadership and the use of the IB Learner Profile lead to successful change… ..more
By Dr. Yael Cass
As we align perception with experience and foster a more equitable school culture, let's explore some strategies that can serve as catalysts for change… ..more
By Dr. Richard Granger
The arrival of Generative AI and its impact on the study of writing compares to the arrival of the calculator and its impact on the study of mathematics… ..more
By John Mikton
As AI becomes an integral part of our daily lives and its impact on education becomes more significant, we must stay up to date with resources and support... ..more
By Adam Duckworth and Dr. Yujiro Fujiwara
It is vital that we examine the use of AI, reflect on its implications on educational practices, and provide guidelines for creating policies in schools… ..more
By Rae Merrigan
A seventh-grade science project in the Peruvian Amazon allowed for the development of important social-emotional skills… ..more
By Keeyoung Ryu and Natasha Winnard
We often underestimate the full extent of the challenges globally mobile children and their families face… ..more
By Douglas Kidd
Reconsidering the discourse around wellbeing in schools and problematizing the increasing trend of wellbeing measurement… ..more
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