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Friday, 31 March 2023



As an organization working with schools, educators, and students, we at Mind Academy and PTC Turkey are planning training sessions and activities to raise the consciousness level of the students, educators, parents, and younger children to help deal with this trauma and find ways to build resilience ... Recognizing that those directly and indirectly affected need different approaches, we are also planning to provide psychological support from our professional team members who are experts in their fields.

By Chiara Böcker (Grade 12), Sneha Choubey (Grade 9), Anea Boye Eldor (Grade 12), Ivy Fang (Grade 12), Rachel Fields (Grade 12), and Oyinlola Osinoiki (Grade12)
Students push for systemic change… ..more
Dr. Jaime Brianna Pustis
Developing and engaging student voice in schools is an incredible opportunity for students to drive the change they need in a rapidly evolving world… ..more
By Amanda Long
How can educators, parents, and caregivers be more proactive in identifying warning signs and providing initial support for youth mental health… ..more
By David Rojas, Grade 10
In this series, students share poems that explore their experiences as multi-locals whose many moves have imprinted on their identities… ..more
By Ryan Persaud
The first in a six-part series providing a step-by-step guide that can be employed by schools to frame their work… ..more
By Dominique Dalais
Ideas and thoughts that might help educators of color as they navigate recruitment season in the international school system… ..more
By John Frame
Education already has enough of its own jargon with which teachers need to grapple without corporate language infiltration adding more complications… ..more
By Juan Jacobs Sheblak
More work is necessary for our students to feel that every child matters… ..more
  • Spring Into Books
    (Margriet Ruurs)
    Mon, 27 Mar 2023 18:47:16 GMT

    These books not only are appropriate to the season, they shine a light on different aspects of Spring. A Fl...

  • Happiness and Education
    (Conrad Hughes)
    Mon, 20 Mar 2023 09:56:47 GMT

    Today is the International Day of Happiness, a celebration that was first ritualised by the United Nations ...

  • Mining For Gold
    (Daniel Kerr)
    Sun, 19 Mar 2023 11:06:43 GMT

    So over the past couple of weeks I have been dealing with, working through, and supporting people with some...

  • Balance and Rigor, Not a Paradox
    (Matthew Piercy)
    Fri, 17 Mar 2023 23:24:31 GMT

    �Eighty-five percent of all performance problems are not people problems, they are process problems.� I hea...

By Nikita Vasyliev
Let’s choose to be the agents of change that our beautiful world so badly needs. Join the movement of HOPE and take action in support of peace and kindness… ..more
By Rose Marie Dzugan and Christopher Corby
Now more than ever, our children need help processing emotions, building relationships, and connecting with others in meaningful exchanges... ..more
By Lesley Tait
A simple idea that has had a sincere impact on creating a sense of belonging… ..more
By Veronica McDaniel
An invitation to join a global, student-led day of action to raise awareness and take action against human trafficking… ..more
By Michael Griffin
A teacher’s approach to cultivating a healthy student mindset regarding the quality and quantity of effort for learning is crucial… ..more
By ASD Communications
Food is one of the most important sustainability issues of our time. Watch and learn about an educational program focused on global food issues… ..more
By Shwetangna Chakrabarty
Data management and a whole school college counseling program are two key components to being an effective college counselor… ..more
By Dr. Megel R. Barker
School leaders are compelled to reflect on future-facing strategies to embrace AI in their schools and provide a sustainable platform to reap the benefits… ..more
By Angela Langlands
In her Pearl, Angela encourages educators to “be the Pied Piper of the inclusivity you want to see at your school” through five simple steps… ..more
By Eda Go
In this Pearl, Eda encourages us to ask clarifying questions before assuming intent and inspire growth instead of reflecting on defeats… ..more
By Nicholas Kolentse
As we move ahead, we have the opportunity to create a new normal that best serves the interests and needs of our… ..more
By Dan Chaney
In this Pearl, Dan discusses the power of voice and advocates for the role of the school counselor… ..more
By Ryan Persaud
In this Pearl, Ryan encourages educators “not to be performative in your DEIJ work but to be authentic, strategic, and purposeful.”... ..more
Empathy to Impact Podcast
By Scott Jamieson and Sophia, Grade 10
A student shares how she has an impact on her community through a personal project teaching wellness to underprivileged children in her area… ..more
By Ahaan Chakrabarty, Year 12
A student's experience learning through journalism... ..more
The Unheard Podcast
By Charlotte Bolina, Grade 9
In this episode, we’re walked through the life of Whitney Little, a teacher who left her hometown to live new experiences and regretted nothing... ..more
By Irina Luzanova and Noah Beaumont
Rocks are painted to inform and advertise, to provoke thought, to beautify, and simply because it’s fun… ..more
By Bambi Betts
In our role as leaders, what do we do to address the five core questions at the heart of the daily endeavors in a school... ..more
By Dr. Jitka Stiles and Langa Ndiweni
What factors affect the accuracy of enrollment data and how can we improve precision… ..more
By Kim Cofino
Four ways you can consider using your current experience as a bridge into formal leadership… ..more
By Dr. Helen Kelly
Around half of international school leaders say that work-related stress affects their ability to do their job well… ..more
By Natasha Winnard
Strategies to support international educators whose children go overseas to university. What can you do to help them create good habits and routines… ..more
By Natasha Winnard
Strategies to support international educators whose children go overseas to university… ..more
By Conrad Hughes
What strikes me is less the fact that just about everybody is on their phones and more what they are doing on their phones... ..more
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