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Friday, 10 July 2020


What if all international schools and leaders…
* consistently celebrated diversity, fostered equity, and supported inclusion?
* removed historical legacies and systemic barriers that have been created? in the international education space?
* consistently committed to listening to and learning from diverse
voices, experiences, and perspectives?
* created and participated in courageous conversations and spaces that encouraged dialogue and the exchange of ideas?
* spoke up now about racism and all forms of discrimination in international education and around the world?
* became aware of racial and cultural blindspots by reading about, listening to, and collaborating with racially and ethnically diverse educators?
* focused on anti-racism work?
* challenged whiteness and white supremacy?
* were co-conspirators?
* actively amplified and mentored educators of all colors who come from all parts of the globe?
* said and believed #BlackLivesMatter?
-- Association of International Educators and Leaders Of Color (AIELOC)

By Joel Jr Llaban
We have to name racism, call it out, and own up to our privilege and power. We have an opportunity here to structurally dismantle racism and shape the present and future of international education so that it is equitable, just, diverse, inclusive, and anti-racist. ..more
By Susana Thomas
It was incredible to work alongside people of color and to be seen for what we are and what we have to offer... It was magical while it lasted. I feared that penning such a candid account would result in my exclusion from the consideration of future employers. But we must. ..more
By Jennifer J. Beckwith, Ph. D.
If classes were currently in session in international classrooms, I can only imagine the compassion and awe-inspiring debate fueled by outrage over tyranny, by racial conflict, by diverse beliefs, and by a commitment to human equality that would send sparks flying. ..more
By Francis T Chapuredima
From an international educator point of view, I am very fortunate to have a chance to shape, educate, and challenge young minds. To help them realize that we are all human, and that hate and racism are taught! ..more
By Yvette Cuenco
I’ve thought deeply about the rage, sadness, and fear felt by my colleagues, friends, students, and loved ones who identify as Black People of Color. As a Filipino American, I've experienced racism and prejudice, but I can still enjoy everyday things without fearing for my own safety. ..more
By Dr. Ashley Hazelwood, AIELOC Fellow & Kevin Simpson, AIELOC Founder
AIELOC calls on every stakeholder in international education to commit to action and to making our community more socially just. Now is the time for us to move beyond contrived statements and to assert action to solidify our collective identity. ..more
By Alysa Perreras
As educators, if we seek to be true accomplices in the work of dismantling injustice, our commitment must be intentional, urgent, and unapologetic. In the case of dismantling antiblackness within our schools, curriculums and classrooms, there is no time to waste. ..more
By Proserpina Dhlamini-Fisher
Racism is still alive in international education. Schools rationalize the terrible practice of excluding teachers and leaders of color by citing parent expectations, visa laws, and a dozen other weak excuses. Are there enough people of color or teachers representing diverse cultures serving as role models and mentors to our students? ..more
By Darnell Fine
Social justice facilitator Darnell Fine shares a reflection inspired by the words of Dr. Martin Luther King. As international educators, “We are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly.” ..more
By Edwina Leonard
As an educator, I pull from a deep reserve to soothe my students' shattered emotions and try to restore their perceptions of the hate being displayed in my country. But this black woman, this wife, this mother, this school counselor is deeply saddened. ..more
By Jazz Victoria Griffiths, Grade 8
Without a doubt, this remote learning experience has brought both positives and negatives. At times I’ve been tearing out my hair, whereas at other moments I’m basking in a state of Zen that I’d never possessed while engaged in standard schooling. ..more
By Jinho Yoon, Grade 11
On the morning of 17 March, four Korean students and I entered the desolate Jolly Grant Airport in Dehradun, India welcomed by the few that worked there with glances of suspicion and disgust. Leaving meant we would not be able to return to school, no matter how things evolved. ..more
By Azzah Abrar Dar, Age 10
This time pause has the power to teach me new things every day, Utilize every moment positively, keeping your gadgets at bay. Watching a movie together and these endless family chats, have the power to mellow down, even the nasty spoiled brats. ..more
By Rahaf Ala’aldin Yousef Mishael, Grade 8
We needed to grow smarter and more productive and thus created a new routine for our days, to keep us busy, healthy, and happy. We have uncovered new hobbies and tried to find ways to calm ourselves down during breakdowns and stressful moments. ..more
By Betsy Grabb Suits
Six weeks ago, I caught one of the last flights out of Laos where all schools closed due to the Coronavirus 19. My mom had been in the hospital during this pandemic and was home under Hospice Care. I didn’t think I would make it back in time to see her again. ..more
By ACS Press Office
ACS Internationals Schools has raised and donated £5,000 to the Magic Breakfast programme, which will provide over 7,400 breakfasts to vulnerable children in Surrey and Greater London over the next few weeks. ..more
By Josefino Rivera, Jr.
All schools in Hong Kong were suspended until 20 April 2020, but that did not stop students at the American International School (AIS) of Hong Kong from learning as AIS educators elaborated their innovative teaching strategies using various online tools. ..more
By Bambi Betts & Kristen MacConnell
Your team needs your leadership more than ever. Here are the top three things you can be doing as you lead your team remotely. In our independent, international schools, teacher leaders are best positioned to have meaningful and lasting impact. ..more
By Bambi Betts, Director, Principals’ Training Center
After weeks of deliberation, we at the Principals' Training Center made the decision. We will not take our 28 international school professional learning “experiences” that were due to take place over a five-week period in Miami and Rome online. Impact? ..more
By Kristen MacConnell, Director of the Teacher Training Center Programs with the PTC
Due to the quickly spreading coronavirus, many schools in Asia and a growing number of schools in Europe have had to shift to short-term online learning to keep students, faculty, and families safe. Thousands of teachers are teaching online for the first time. ..more
By Bambi Betts, PTC Director
What might the curriculum look like if the primary purpose of school were to prepare all learners to be of service, to make the world better for others? "Primary" being the key word that might significantly inspire movement and potential impact on learning. ..more
Reassessment is a critical element of competency-based learning. Learn how one GOA teacher designs for ongoing competency development in our psycholog ..more
Learn the strategies and standards educators can use to create and assess online learning experiences. ..more
How might we ground ourselves in foundational ideas to tackle pressing problems? ..more
Learn how student survey data has helped GOA prioritize and design for meaningful online relationships. ..more
By Kim Marshall, TIE columnist
Racism: “a system of advantage based on race that is created and maintained by an interplay between psychological factors and sociopolitical factors… so deeply embedded within U.S minds and U.S. society that it is virtually impossible to escape.” ..more
By Kim Marshall, TIE columnist
The current health and economic crises will bring about permanent changes. Leaders need to work with colleagues on adopting new practices, distribute leadership in order to draw on collective intelligence, and lead in emotionally intelligent ways. ..more
By Kim Marshall, TIE columnist
In this Education Gadfly article, Robert Pondiscio predicts that when the current crisis is over, remote learning won’t continue. The online learning being implemented by hard-working teachers is an emergency response. ..more
By Gordon Eldridge, TIE Columnist
Heidi Andrade’s research review of 76 recent empirical studies summarizes what we currently know and what we still need to learn about student self-assessment. Which activities are most beneficial to learning? And how can we maximize their benefits? ..more
By Gordon Eldridge, TIE Columnist
Human beings have a natural tendency to overlook evidence that conflicts with their current understanding--this is often referred to as “my side bias.” Could varying the instructional framing of an activity encourage students to actively consider information that conflicts with their own positions? ..more
By Gordon Eldridge, TIE Columnist
If a student can transfer something they have learned to a new context, they are more likely to be able to take their learning out of the classroom and make use of it in the world beyond school. The trouble is, so much research suggests that students rarely transfer their school learning to new contexts. ..more