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Saturday, 21 May 2022


Zurich International School has welcomed 27 young Ukrainian refugees who will complete the academic year at the school.

By Damian Bacchoo
At school, did you notice that the same kids were always given all the special jobs, the opportunities to show guests around, to speak at assemblies… ..more
By Courtney Lowe
Enrollment data was collected and analyzed from 59 international schools in April of 2022... ..more
By David Willows
What was the experience of school now that faces were back on show? And what were some of the most important lessons that our students had learned throughout the pandemic? ..more
By Doline Ndorimana
An open letter reflecting on our use of current events and crises in the classroom to promote and sustain a culture of equity and conscious inclusion… ..more
By Nanjing International School
Join this podcast with NIS Head of Admissions, as we discuss our school's approach to admissions and how it is a key part of developing our inclusive learning community... ..more
By Kim Cofino
70 successful women share strategies that help busy leaders manage the demands, needs, and priorities of a school or division... ..more
  • A Message That Still Rings True
    (Daniel Kerr)
    Sun, 15 May 2022 09:01:18 GMT

    So it was 10 years ago this month that a very close friend of mine, and a fantastic Middle School teacher with me at the time, died very u...

  • Big Ideas
    (Mike Simpson)
    Sun, 15 May 2022 07:43:09 GMT

    Once a week in their Culture and Communication classes, our students in Grades 2 to 5 read a chapter of The Odyssey – the Ancient Greek ta...

    (Margriet Ruurs)
    Mon, 09 May 2022 03:15:01 GMT

    Nonfiction picture books can be a great teaching tool when talking about the environment. These new titles can be used with students of al...

By Rachel Ditchfield
Zurich International School has welcomed 27 young Ukrainian refugees who will complete the academic year at the school... ..more
By Cassie Cooke and Alysha Heller
Students from Zurich International School in Switzerland harness the power of short-form video storytelling to build awareness and inspire action towards the future they want. ..more
By Brittany Betts
The International Educator (TIE) is pleased to announce the appointment of Shwetangna Chakrabarty in the role of Editor starting June 2022. ..more
By Bridget McNamer
How can our schools create cultures where sexual harassment has no place to thrive – so females, and indeed all members of our communities, can... ..more
By Andrew Mitchell and Eleni Vardaki
A genuine sense of care for your students’ wellbeing, as an educator, and for the members of your community, as a leader, is needed for mindfulness initiatives in schools to work. ..more
By Natasha Winnard
Just as you have only so many hours in the day, your students too can only take on so much before all that help becomes the problem, not the solution. ..more
By Rasha Saadeldin
Rasha examines the quote "If you want to be trusted, be honest. If you want to be honest, be true. And if you want to be true, be who you are..." ..more
By Stefanie Bell
Stefanie reminds us that the idea of presuming positive intent, although we have been talking about in for years, is STILL an essential ingredient for effective, productive teamwork. ..more
By Philip Cogbill
In this Pearl, Philip reminds us of the Maya Angelou quote, “People will forget what you said, and people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” ..more
By Héloïse, year 13
As a student of color, I would like you to listen to me. As I grow into adulthood…I want you to make my education a safe space… ..more
By Ahaan Chakrabarty, Year 11
If students are assisted in overcoming financial obstacles, they can accomplish miracles. Every school is booming with dreams, they just need the funds to turn them into reality. ..more
By Timur, Grade 9
I hope that after reading my story of realization many students and teachers will be able to put themselves in my shoes and, perhaps, this will help them understand that they are not alone in their feelings. ..more
By Bambi Betts
Amidst the complex, ever-changing landscape they navigate daily, principals and curriculum leaders have been reaching out to each other in a big way... ..more
By Kristen MacConnell
At the Principals’ Training Center (PTC), a group of school leaders from around the world created a “Must Read” list, sharing some of their favorite books on leadership and learning... ..more
By Nicholas Alchin
Strong trust is fundamental for any organization to be successful. Without it, little is possible - with it, remarkable things are within reach... ..more
By Pechersk School International
PSI in Kyiv has put together a list of organizations where you can donate to help people affected by the crisis. ..more
By Pechersk School International
Join the global, student-driven art movement #ArtForPeaceInUkraine. Spread a message for peace via student voices and to engage the attention of the whole world to the current attack on Ukraine. ..more
Use these links to reach out to schools in the Ukraine and surrounding region with offers of support so that they can more effectively match them with areas of need. ..more
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