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Sunday, 26 September 2021


The earth shook again…but COHP remained stable. The children were traumatized since the majority lost at least one, if not both parents in the 2010 earthquake. However, the new locale is very secure. It shook, but everyone is safe!

The Children of Haiti Project is a nonprofit organization founded through the support of the international school community. It designs, develops, and delivers a progressive education to a specific group of underserved children in Haiti with the mission of creating Haiti’s future leaders.

By Darnell Fine
Much of what I write is a way of clarifying my own values and beliefs when it comes to language and literacy instruction in international schools ..more
By Kim Cofino
Experienced women in education described feeling some level of imposter syndrome. Even though they were accomplished and demonstrating their leadership, they still didn’t quite feel like leaders. ..more
By Dr. Kristen MacConnell
As educators look forward to a new school year filled with many unknowns, learning continues to be at the heart of all conversations. ..more
By Rama Ndiaye and Nayoung Weaver
The Association of International Educators and Leaders of Color (AIELOC) organized its first-ever Summer Institute of five sessions in 2021. ..more
By International School of Luxembourg (ISL)
Students at ISL realize that racism and racial discrimination is still very much alive and engage in a frank and open discussion on race relations within their school. ..more
By Emily Meadows, PhD
Safe Space signs are used to signal that the room they adorn is a “safe space” for all people, particularly including LGBTQ+ folks. ..more
Bradford Philen
A moment of panic at home forces a teacher in Manila to reflect on the importance of rescue and recovery in the world of distance learning. ..more
By Jacqueline Fabius
The earth shook again... but Children of Haiti Project (COHP) remained stable. ..more
By Huiney Xu and Ben Fishman
During prolonged periods of quarantine,it’s important to keep in mind healthy ways to manage anxiety and keep connected. ..more
By National Association of Secondary School Principals
Three International School educators have been selected for the 2021 National Distinguished Principals Award for Secondary Schools. ..more
By Rachel Ball
As classrooms return to their in-person learning settings how do teachers assess and address the learning gaps that occurred during the COVID-19 pandemic? ..more
By Natasha Winnard
It can be a challenge to navigate the different hats we wear in our international school communities. One of the most challenging can sometimes be the teacher-parent hats. ..more
By Dr Karen L. Taylor
There is a difference between knowing and understanding. A list of facts is not going to get you very far in the long run. ..more
By Sajitha Chacko
A practicing international school counselor offers a helpful, practical strategy for helping students struggling with difficult emotions. ..more
By Nancy Fairburn
When a problem presents itself, and it seems to be an ongoing problem, go upstream to consider what’s the bigger issue up there. ..more
By Leda Cedo
"Pearl of Wisdom" shared during the PTC summer training session by educator and leader, Leda Cedo addresses personal reflections around diversity, equity and inclusion. ..more
Have you added School Ambassadors to your TIE school account? Identify staff at your school that can answer questions potential candidates might have! ..more
By supporting students through their GOA online course, site directors play a critical role in helping students cultivate deep and transferable skills ..more
Learn six strategies that help educators balance effectiveness and sustainability in high-quality feedback. ..more
GOA is announcing their new Educator Competencies - a professional learning framework for educators. ..more
Online learning, whether standalone or in partnership with in-person learning, can be a powerful tool for supporting student wellness. ..more
GOA is announcing an expanded vision with a focus on accessible, global, equitable, and high-quality learning for all students and educators. ..more
By Megel Barker
The Control + Alt + Delete metaphor provides a metric to perform organisational self-study ..more
By John Mikton and Dan Taylor
Kristen shares her experience pivoting the TTC courses to an online format. The learnings, opportunities, and pinch points of moving hundreds of educators to this new venue and approach. ..more
By Margaret Park
Seoul of a Leader is committed to leadership development and equipping others to become stronger leaders who would make positive change in their spaces. ..more
By Meghan Svenonius-Lydon
Maximizing teacher effectiveness is a vital element of improving teaching and learning. It is also one of the most challenging tasks for international teacher leaders to navigate. ..more
By Kim Marshall
Alexis Wiggins and the English department she leads at their Texas school recently agreed on a series of commitments for the coming school year. Kim Marshall offers a summary. ..more
By Kim Marshall
Principals know they’re not seeing everything, but because there’s never enough time, they act as if they’re omniscient. “The key challenge for school leaders,” says Rodberg, “is to know that our information is limited and to ask… What am I missing?” ..more
By Kim Marshall
Research shows that the process of critiquing their peers’ essays helped students notice and correct problems in their own writing. By receiving and providing high-level feedback targeting similar problems, students are motivated to perform better. ..more
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