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Tuesday, 27 July 2021


A dance and sports science student from International School Bangkok gets hands-on learning at at Mahidol University’s Sports Science & Technology College (published with permission)

Secondary education students studying both dance & sports science got to explore state-of-the-art facilities at Mahidol University’s Sports Science & Technology College in Bangkok. A small group of International School Bangkok (ISB) students were guided by professors Parunchaya Jamkrajang and Chris Mawinnie as they literally connected their embodied knowledge to the laboratory testing capabilities of motion analysis. The student pictured is jointly studying dance and sports science as 2-year courses within the International Baccalaureate (IB) program of studies.

By Dr Karen L. Taylor
In grappling with the complexity of learning one might say that on the surface there are facts, information, and simple processes. On a deeper level, we find complex concepts and universal understandings that emerge from the organization of facts and information. ..more
By Laurie Forrester
How have schools pivoted to meet the needs of students and families in the last year? What have we learned about ourselves, our students, and our supports in complex times? ..more
By Leo Thompson
Introducing an inclusive global citizenship model and linked resources to help busy educators and invite further discussion and impact. ..more
By Dr. Paul Richards
I have taught critical race theory for the past ten years in three different overseas American schools, and that experience has solidified my unequivocal belief that teaching diversity, equity, and inclusion are fundamental ..more
By Emily Meadows & Tamara Friedman
We are white international educators showing up to do the work of whiteness accountability as one piece of anti-racism progress. Join us for summer reading and discussion! ..more
By Kim Cofino
The Head of School announcements every year reveal that top leadership positions at international schools often seem to be passed around within the same small circle of mostly white men ..more
By Jaleea Price
A small group of International School Bangkok (ISB) students were guided by professors as they literally connected their embodied knowledge to the laboratory testing capabilities of motion analysis. ..more
Fairgreen International School First to Introduce Groundbreaking Functional Movement Initiative Used by Premier League Football & NBA Athletes
By Jill Alali
Fairgreen International School is the first school in Dubai to introduce a revolutionary, data-driven system of movement screening and remediation to promote optimal physical wellbeing for its students. ..more
How Sekolah Sri Tenby Johor navigated the pandemic using a holistic approach
By Suzanne Laong and Liam Hammer
Sharing the various approaches in Tenby Schools Johor has adapted to the COVID crisis and thrived as a school community. ..more
By Kevin Bartlett
The CGC team looked at the current state of play in ‘the learning game’ and saw too many things that didn’t make sense to us. Where there should be connections, we saw gaps ..more
By Lori Langer de Ramirez and Martina Mencer Salluzzo
During the Covid crisis, language teachers worked to expand our digital toolkit and find ways to connect our students with the world outside our Zoom rectangles. ..more
If you are a student aged 12-16, working on a project to make our world sustainable, we want to hear about it! The #YoungGreenLeaders Award.   ..more
By Megel R. Barker
School leaders have always had to wear “masks” in order to be successful change makers. Leadership is surely about being honest but isn’t it also about being cool under pressure? ..more
By Bambi Betts
What are nearly one thousand international school educators representing 74 nationalities doing as you are reading this? ..more
By Chip Barder
TIE is uplifting the profession by presenting a more substantial view of what an outstanding educator looks like. Those seeking positions can now showcase their candidacy through a standards-based lens, supported by evidence of their own choosing. ..more
By Bambi Betts
Professional standards are a key to boosting the quality of teaching. We rely on these standards to define the essence of the work of the profession and to ensure integrity, keeping us grounded in the best of what research can offer. So how do we leverage them fully? ..more
When the work of educators is made visible, we create space for community connections and professional growth. ..more
Learn the five skills school leaders need in order to lead strategic change. ..more
We should use the content of our disciplines to empower students to develop the skills they need to thrive in a modern world. And we should teach cont ..more
Learn how to rethink assessments so that they connect to students' passions for advocacy and global change. ..more
As many of us head into what we hope will be a restorative break, we offer a playlist for rest, relaxation, and recalibration. Whether you are on the ..more
By Kim Marshall
Alexis Wiggins and the English department she leads at their Texas school recently agreed on a series of commitments for the coming school year. Kim Marshall offers a summary. ..more
By Kim Marshall
Principals know they’re not seeing everything, but because there’s never enough time, they act as if they’re omniscient. “The key challenge for school leaders,” says Rodberg, “is to know that our information is limited and to ask… What am I missing?” ..more
By Kim Marshall
Research shows that the process of critiquing their peers’ essays helped students notice and correct problems in their own writing. By receiving and providing high-level feedback targeting similar problems, students are motivated to perform better. ..more
By Gordon Eldridge, TIE Columnist
When it comes to structuring curriculum for global citizenship, designing instruction and experiences around justice-oriented citizenship is what we should be striving for. So what might the elements of such a curriculum be? ..more
By Gordon Eldridge, TIE Columnist
In his continuing exploration of the thinking and practice behind global citizenship initiatives, Gordon Eldridge considers a study that examined the impact on students of a particular global citizenship curriculum in a private girls’ school in the United States. ..more
By Gordon Eldridge, TIE Columnist
As we make decisions about the kind of global citizens we hope our schools will produce, it is important to examine some of the beliefs and assumptions which underpin differing conceptions of what it means to be a global citizen. ..more
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