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Sunday, 28 May 2023



Art provides a unique insight into student's voice, allowing us to reflect on the human condition by seeing the world through the lens of the student. By showcasing student artwork from around the world, we have the opportunity to connect our international school community through a portrait of global perspectives. We invite students of all ages and experiences to participate in this visual network by sharing their voices through art. To contribute student artwork to A Portrait of Global Perspectives, please contact [email protected]

By Bridget Davies
Due to the horrendous conflict in Sudan, the KAS community is now scattered throughout the globe but remains committed to education for all our students… ..more
By Megan Vosk and Shafali
Risk-taking is a way to be better prepared for the future and is key to making the most of what we have in the present… ..more
By Laurence Myers
True learning is a shared conversation with a common goal, growing from doing and reflecting… ..more
By Dr. Jaime Brianna Pustis
A look into how one school uses student voice as an innovative opportunity to create meaningful and impactful change… ..more
By Debra E. Lane and Ann Marie Luce
There are actions we can take, possibilities we can reimagine, and networks to fix workplaces and create equitable, safe, and productive spaces for all… ..more
By Ryan Persaud
Deep, critical work that leads to meaningful change is what is required for the betterment of our school communities… ..more
By Angeline Aow and Dr. Sadie Hollins
Being intrepid is an exercise in risk-management and looks different depending on the identities and positions people embody and hold… ..more
By John Frame
Britishness cannot be a shorthand for one culture, one system, one way of speaking, one set of values, and one way of identifying… ..more

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By Shwetangna Chakrabarty
The recent crisis in Sudan has forced international schools to close indefinitely... ..more
Imprinted on Our Identities
By Tilda Arsovski, Grade 10, and Amaya Sevilla Manso de Zúñiga, Grade 10
In this series, students share poems that explore their experiences as multi-locals whose many moves have imprinted on their identities… ..more
By Maymouna Sakho
The more we take time to reflect on our equity practices, the better we are able to serve… ..more
By Alona Vendel
The world-renowned primatologist and conservationist reminds students that hope is about action… ..more
By Christian Polizzi
Reflecting on the research, benefits, and desired outcomes, the advantages of the program are tangible and warrant the challenges faced… ..more
By Kim LaBaw
Utilizing the 15-Minute Rule creates an opportunity for multilingual learners to engage in writing, speaking, and listening… ..more
By John Mikton
As AI becomes an integral part of our daily lives and its impact on education becomes more significant, we must stay up to date with resources and support... ..more
By Nico Rivas
Nico shares a story of a student experiencing the power of empathy when a school community was willing to embrace inclusion and move toward positive change... ..more
By Tim Rogers
In this pearl, Tim shares practical advice for creating a culture of trust and increasing teacher retention… ..more
By Luiz Mello
In this pearl, Luiz offers an invitation to school leaders to “refine their systems so they become more effective but also more efficient”... ..more
By Guillermo Machado
In this pearl, leaders are encouraged to ask themselves, “How much of myself is necessary in this process…and how much can I delegate and give away”… ..more
By Angela Langlands
In her Pearl, Angela encourages educators to “be the Pied Piper of the inclusivity you want to see at your school” through five simple steps… ..more
The Ears of East
By Students at United World College of South East Asia
Students discuss the educational and global impact of mandatory service projects… ..more
Student Artwork, United World College of South East Asia
Art provides a unique insight into student voice, allowing us to reflect on the human condition by seeing the world through the lens of the student... ..more
By Chiara Böcker (Grade 12), Sneha Choubey (Grade 9), Anea Boye Eldor (Grade 12), Ivy Fang (Grade 12), Rachel Fields (Grade 12), and Oyinlola Osinoiki (Grade12)
Students push for systemic change… ..more
Dr. Jaime Brianna Pustis
Developing and engaging student voice in schools is an incredible opportunity for students to drive the change they need in a rapidly evolving world… ..more
By Conrad Hughes
Using technology and not trying to ban it is not only a preference but also a necessity… ..more
By James Dalziel, Richard Henry, James McDonald
In this episode, Kam Chohan talks with the hosts about the importance of her work in DEIJ and child protection and her commitment to social justice… ..more
By Kim Cofino
Has pursuing a leadership pathway been impacted by, or influenced women’s decisions about, raising a family… ..more
By Bambi Betts
In our role as leaders, what do we do to address the five core questions at the heart of the daily endeavors in a school... ..more
By Sandy Sheppard
Maybe we have the wrong title; perhaps instead of teachers, we should be called inspirers, growers of people, change makers, or even box flatteners… ..more
By Kenya J. Washington
You’ve updated your CV, attended the job fair, and you’re ready to sign on the dotted line… ..more
By Natasha Winnard
Strategies to support international educators whose children go overseas to university. What you can do to create independent wellbeing… ..more
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Harare International School
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