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Saturday, 15 June 2024
Learn by Doing, Learn by Caring, with Nueva School’s Lee Fertig

Learn by Doing, Learn by Caring, with Nueva School’s Lee Fertig
By Josh Reppun
May 2024
This episode dives into the PTC’s commitment to excellence and innovation and the Nueva school, a community dedicated to learning by doing and caring…

Reframe Complaints as Requests

Reframe Complaints as Requests
By Ligia Diniz
Jun 2024
To improve relationships and morale, instead of looking at somebody and assuming they were complaining, transform the complaints into requests…

Connect to People From All Over the World

Connect to People From All Over the World
By Kindall Tyson
Jun 2024
Join us as we delve into the stories of these inspiring educators and gain a deeper understanding of the transformative power of education across borders…

We Are Very Much the Same Yet Unique

We Are Very Much the Same Yet Unique
By Derek Harwell
May 2024
Join us as we delve into the stories of these inspiring educators and gain a deeper understanding of the transformative power of education across borders…

Give Your Students Space to be Young and Stupid

Give Your Students Space to be Young and Stupid
By Chris Holmquist
May 2024
In this Pearl, Chris shares that through adventures and failure, we can learn from our mistakes. Let students fall and then help them get back up…

Be Intentionally Caring and Present in Relationships

Be Intentionally Caring and Present in Relationships
By Kustave Heino
May 2024
In this Pearl, Kustave shares his journey and three aspects that he tries to intentionally work on to build relationships…

I Get To Play and To Innovate

I Get To Play and To Innovate
By Ruth Herrin
May 2024
Join us as we delve into the stories of these inspiring educators and gain a deeper understanding of the transformative power of education across borders...

Lead with Kindness, Empathy, Brain Tricks

Lead with Kindness, Empathy, Brain Tricks
By Dina Sonbol
Apr 2024
In this Pearl, Dina she shares how difficult conversations are better discussed when the brain is not in panic mode...

Be Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable

Be Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable
By Eryn Sherman
Apr 2024
Join us as we delve into the stories of these inspiring educators and gain a deeper understanding of the transformative power of education across borders.

+ 2024
By Kathryn Rymarz
In this Pearl, Kathryn shares a personal experience where she discovered that there are lots of good things to learn from making mistakes… ..more
By Loretta Fernando-Smith
Join us as we delve into the stories of these inspiring educators and gain a deeper understanding of the transformative power of education across borders... ..more
By Cindy Beals
In this Pearl, Cindy shares how the team at Percherk School International (Kyiv, Ukraine) handled the many crises they’ve faced over the past few years… ..more
By Mathew Steuer and Constance Darshea Collins
Join us as we delve into the stories of these inspiring educators and gain a deeper understanding of the transformative power of education across borders… ..more
By Katherine Benson
Join us as we delve into the stories of these inspiring educators and gain a deeper understanding of the transformative power of education across borders… ..more
By Joe Cloutier
In this Pearl, Joe encouragingly reminds us that “you can handle any crisis that happens at your school…” ..more
By Richelle Pearce
The power of the narrative not only drives vision and curriculum implementation but has the power to inspire, enthuse, and move people to action… ..more
By Sally Wen
In this Pearl, Sally shares that there two ways of having dialogue: conversation to increase understanding and discussion for making the decisions... ..more
By Cheryl-Ann Weekes
Cheryl shares how she got into international school counseling and what she loves most about being an international counselor… ..more
By Ngozie Okorie
Relationships are important and valuable. When faced with certain leadership challenges, the win-win strategy is effective... ..more
By Erika Egawa
Listening as a leader is different than listening as a friend or colleague. In this Pearl, Erika offers advice for those new to leadership… ..more
+ 2023
By Lianne Dominguez
Adopting the international school standards of practice is our collective testament to prioritizing holistic growth… ..more
By Sue Easton
In the ever-evolving landscape of international education, the pursuit of excellence in teaching and learning is a fundamental goal... ..more
By Melike Ates and Arzu Özçetin
Our greatest wish is to see schools become physically, socially, and emotionally safe environments as soon as possible… ..more
By Bambi Betts
In our role as leaders, what do we do to address the five core questions at the heart of the daily endeavors in a school... ..more
By David Gates
In struggling with prioritizing, “We have to prioritize the outcomes that are going to have an actual effect on student learning and teacher performance"... ..more
By Abenaa Uttenthal
What we need to do is create space for other people to step in and rise to the occasion… ..more
By Shanez Cabraal
In this Pearl, Shanez shares her journey following her passions, determined to become the teacher she herself had needed... ..more
By Flor Portocarrero
Whenever we need to drive change, consider ways to shrink the challenge, show the path, and boost the motivation narratives… ..more
By Heena Vaswani
To create an intentional sense of belonging we require creativity, strong leadership, and hard work. It’s all about working together for a common purpose… ..more
By Ellen King
In this pearl, Ellen shares that “growth doesn’t happen when you’re in your comfort zone”... ..more
By Sue Easton
The successful 2023 June-July Institutes underscore the pivotal role PTC plays in shaping the leaders of tomorrow's international education landscape… ..more
By James Howard
In this pearl, James shares his experience with a positive leader who helped reinvigorate his energy, focus, and belief that educators can change lives… ..more
By Ana Leticia Daza
In this pearl, Ana shares the importance of having and being a strong, empowering leadership example… ..more
By Helen Sharrock
In this Pearl, Helen shares that it’s important to “give everyone a sense of being appreciated and belonging to your school family” … ..more
By Leigh Anne Toler
In this Pearl, Leigh Anne reminds us that “we don’t work for adults. We work for kids…” ..more
By Elinor Osborne
Sometimes we don’t realize how a simple interaction with a student can have such a profound effect on them… ..more
By Nico Rivas
Nico shares a story of a student experiencing the power of empathy when a school community was willing to embrace inclusion and move toward positive change... ..more
By Tim Rogers
In this pearl, Tim shares practical advice for creating a culture of trust and increasing teacher retention… ..more
By Luiz Mello
In this pearl, Luiz offers an invitation to school leaders to “refine their systems so they become more effective but also more efficient”... ..more
By Guillermo Machado
In this pearl, leaders are encouraged to ask themselves, “How much of myself is necessary in this process…and how much can I delegate and give away”… ..more
By Angela Langlands
In her Pearl, Angela encourages educators to “be the Pied Piper of the inclusivity you want to see at your school” through five simple steps… ..more
By Eda Go
In this Pearl, Eda encourages us to ask clarifying questions before assuming intent and inspire growth instead of reflecting on defeats… ..more
By Dan Chaney
In this Pearl, Dan discusses the power of voice and advocates for the role of the school counselor… ..more
By Ryan Persaud
In this Pearl, Ryan encourages educators “not to be performative in your DEIJ work but to be authentic, strategic, and purposeful.”... ..more
By Kristen Dickhaut
If you build up the people, the programs will be successful… ..more
+ 2022
By Sue Easton
Each graduation certificate is recognized by international schools as evidence of a commitment to personal and professional growth... ..more
By Sue Easton
The PTC approach of intense, focused in-person learning, and relaxed, job-embedded virtual learning continues to elevate international education... ..more
By Dr. Virginia Rojas
A look at the policies and practices of multilingualism misaligned with current research… ..more
By Katherine Clemmens
Living to get through everything stops you from seeing how valuable that moment really is… ..more
By Clara Swinehart
Never assuming applies to our own experiences, interactions, and exchanges with our students, parents, and teachers… ..more
By Celeste Krochak
A small mental shift can make a big impact on your ability to view life from a solid foundation of gratitude… ..more
By Aleksandra Golder
A short reflection activity reminds us that simple moments can have a great impact on our students’ wellbeing... ..more
By Clara Williams
We need to actively promote and demonstrate conflict solving and working with the whole community… ..more
By Koray Öztoprak
In this Pearl, Koray encourages us to “live” what we teach, to model and practice all that we teach... ..more
By Abenaa Uttenthal
In this Pearl, Abenaa Uttenthal reflects on the Ghanian term sankofa that asks us to “go back and fetch” so that we do not repeat the mistakes of the past... ..more
By Jacqui Patrick
In this Pearl, Jacqui bravely shares her journey with the notion of kindness and the role of difficult conversations... ..more
By Bambi Betts
Amidst the complex, ever-changing landscape they navigate daily, principals and curriculum leaders have been reaching out to each other in a big way... ..more
By Kristen MacConnell
At the Principals’ Training Center (PTC), a group of school leaders from around the world created a “Must Read” list, sharing some of their favorite books on leadership and learning... ..more
By Rasha Saadeldin
Rasha examines the quote "If you want to be trusted, be honest. If you want to be honest, be true. And if you want to be true, be who you are..." ..more
By Stefanie Bell
Stefanie reminds us that the idea of presuming positive intent, although we have been talking about in for years, is STILL an essential ingredient for effective, productive teamwork. ..more
By Philip Cogbill
In this Pearl, Philip reminds us of the Maya Angelou quote, “People will forget what you said, and people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” ..more
By Marjorana Karathanasis
In this Pearl, Marjorana shares a practical example of a strategy her school used to help teachers and leaders get focused on the importance of identity. ..more
By Bambi Betts
Whether they are in the world, international school principals share some very similar challenges and issues. Find out what topics are being discussed most right now... ..more
By Jill Stubbs
In this Pearl, Jill talks about applying the knowledge and skills you gain from professional learning opportunities like the Principals' Training Center. ..more
By Bambi Betts
The Principals’ Training Center (PTC) is delighted to announce the appointment of Sue Easton as the new Director of Programs commencing September 2022. ..more
By Kristen MacConnell
Leading a high functioning team that transforms learning is easier said than done. Learn about several improvement tools to ensure the team you lead is keeping learning at the center. ..more
By Nixon Nyangaga
In this Pearl, Nixon offers sage advice, make sure your kids know you are a human! ..more
By Lural Ramirez
Lural challenges us to lead more than we manage, to be brave in the face of challenges, and particularly when it comes to the challenge of social justice. ..more
By Jessica Applewhite
In this Pearl, Jessica shares a practical strategy a team leader can use to help build a culture of appreciation and awareness of each others’ strengths within our team. ..more
+ 2021
By Tania Mansfield
Using the PTC Effective Leadership course as a guide, I reflect on my entry plan into a new school community with hopes of sharing my knowledge, objectives, and experience with others. ..more
By Margaret Stuhan
Margaret helps us understand that, in your role as principal, your teachers need you. She offers five strategies for being the “well” and at the same time taking care of yourself. ..more
By Sylvia Johnston
In her Pearl, Sylvia says it’s important to “own your successes, share your problems, never be afraid to expose yourself in front of the staff and be vulnerable.” ..more
By Heath E. Capello
Heath challenges us to be critical with our past in order to “harness lessons for the future.” He reminds us that mental health and well-being are a part of our personal and professional success. ..more
By Nicole Ifi
In this Pearl of Wisdom, Nicole reflects on lessons learned about delegation and communication. Don’t make assumptions and always communicate thoroughly. ..more
By Proserpina Dhlamini-Fisher
“As leaders we need to know that the journey is not easy. We need to be resilient, hopeful, and be very clear on what our personal purpose is" ..more
By Dr. Kristen MacConnell
As educators look forward to a new school year filled with many unknowns, learning continues to be at the heart of all conversations. ..more
By David Miles
We must be “conscious and deliberate in all that we do... we either reinforce old narratives or contribute to the creation of newer stories.” ..more
By John Mikton and Dan Taylor
Kristen shares her experience pivoting the TTC courses to an online format. The learnings, opportunities, and pinch points of moving hundreds of educators to this new venue and approach. ..more
By Sajitha Chacko
A practicing international school counselor offers a helpful, practical strategy for helping students struggling with difficult emotions. ..more
By Meghan Svenonius-Lydon
Maximizing teacher effectiveness is a vital element of improving teaching and learning. It is also one of the most challenging tasks for international teacher leaders to navigate. ..more
By Nancy Fairburn
When a problem presents itself, and it seems to be an ongoing problem, go upstream to consider what’s the bigger issue up there. ..more
By Leda Cedo
"Pearl of Wisdom" shared during the PTC summer training session by educator and leader, Leda Cedo addresses personal reflections around diversity, equity and inclusion. ..more
Have you added School Ambassadors to your TIE school account? Identify staff at your school that can answer questions potential candidates might have! ..more
By Bambi Betts
What are nearly one thousand international school educators representing 74 nationalities doing as you are reading this? ..more
By Chip Barder
TIE is uplifting the profession by presenting a more substantial view of what an outstanding educator looks like. Those seeking positions can now showcase their candidacy through a standards-based lens, supported by evidence of their own choosing. ..more
By Bambi Betts
Professional standards are a key to boosting the quality of teaching. We rely on these standards to define the essence of the work of the profession and to ensure integrity, keeping us grounded in the best of what research can offer. So how do we leverage them fully? ..more
By Bambi Betts
Recruiters today are looking for tangible, compelling evidence of quality teaching. PTC Director Bambi Betts outlines the standards of practice for international school teachers and how to provide compelling evidence that you meet them. ..more
By Bambi Betts
Standards for teachers is not a new idea. Standards for teachers reflecting the unique international needs? Gathering steam. What is new? Truly using them as drivers for learning in view of keeping an outstanding teacher in every classroom every day. ..more
By Kristen MacConnell
What classroom assessment practices will contribute most to understanding and improving student learning? And what is the role of the teacher leader in supporting student learning through effective assessment practices? Here are some effective strategies and tools. ..more
+ 2020
By Bambi Betts & Kristen MacConnell
Your team needs your leadership more than ever. Here are the top three things you can be doing as you lead your team remotely. In our independent, international schools, teacher leaders are best positioned to have meaningful and lasting impact. ..more
By Bambi Betts, Director, Principals’ Training Center
After weeks of deliberation, we at the Principals' Training Center made the decision. We will not take our 28 international school professional learning “experiences” that were due to take place over a five-week period in Miami and Rome online. Impact? ..more
By Kristen MacConnell, Director of the Teacher Training Center Programs with the PTC
Due to the quickly spreading coronavirus, many schools in Asia and a growing number of schools in Europe have had to shift to short-term online learning to keep students, faculty, and families safe. Thousands of teachers are teaching online for the first time. ..more
By Bambi Betts, Director - The Principals' Training Center
What might the curriculum look like if the primary purpose of school were to prepare all learners to be of service, to make the world better for others? "Primary" being the key word that might significantly inspire movement and potential impact on learning. ..more
+ 2019
Editor Meadow Dibble talks with Lydia Okutoro-Sack, who has just wrapped up her third year in Chennai, India teaching English to Grade 6 students. Lydia's previous position was in Kuwait, where she also taught middle school English for three years. ..more
Bambi Betts
It’s a firmly established fact. The single most influential factor on learning is the quality of teaching. And this begs the questions, what IS ‘quality teaching’, and what tools do we have to ensure every child in every international school gets access to quality teaching? ..more
+ 2018
By Sue Easton
Just about every day on my Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn feed, I find an article about the importance of Social and Emotional (SEL) teaching and learning in our K–12 schools. The research seems conclusive: SEL teaching and learning is not an add-on, but a vital component of a balanced K–12 curriculum to ensure student achievement and, ultimately, the development of healthy, successful citizens. ..more
By Bambi Betts
Thirty years ago, the vision was simple and compelling: create practical training opportunities for practicing and aspiring principals in international schools. The PTC has stayed true to that vision over the course of three decades. ..more
+ 2017
By Janine Stegall
A servant leader is a servant first. She enriches the lives of other individuals. She builds better organizations. A servant leader creates a more caring environment. The PTC has offered a great opportunity to develop the servant leadership attributes that I strive to embody. ..more
By Gary Worth
The Principals’ Training Center (PTC) is going back to its roots. The 2018 PTC Summer Institutes will be held in the very city where the organization held its inaugural event 30 years ago. ..more
By Gini Rojas
The time has come for international schools to distinguish between ‘inclusion’ vs. ‘immersion’ for English learners. Rather than pull out English learners for compensatory services, classroom teachers need to be positioned as teacher leaders to ensure that all classrooms are responsive learning environments for English learners. ..more
By Frédéric Bordaguibel-Labayle
At the end of the 2014-2015 school year, a small group of high school students expressed the desire to create a safe space for those who identified as members of the LGBTQ+ community and others with an interest in the topic. We didn't anticipate the controversy that this initiative would provoke. ..more
By Sue Easton
Department heads, grade-level leaders, instructional coaches, curriculum leaders, and others come to our Teacher Leader institutes asking: How do I run an effective meeting? How do I deal with teachers who don’t want to change? How do I support teachers in developing curriculum, assessment, instruction, etc. when I am not totally sure myself? ..more
By Bambi Betts
As with all professionals, teachers and principals must continue to grow and learn. PTC and TTC, sister organizations of TIE, provide an array of professional development services to international schools, including workshops and other consulting services requested by individual schools. What are the top five professional growth areas requested by schools? We have tracked this over a decade; here is what we found for the past two years: ..more
By Bambi Betts
How is it possible that we still debate whether or not student learning results should be included as pivotal data in determining the effectiveness of a teacher? How is it possible that a profession would even remotely consider the idea that its bottom line (learning) would not factor in when examining the most essential ingredient (teachers) of its success? ..more
By Bambi Betts
I have never known a learner who was damaged when a teacher attempted to help him arrive at real understanding. On the other hand, I have known many who have been truly handicapped by teachers who interpret teaching primarily as telling. ..more
By Sue Easton
Over the years, I have had a variety of mentors and coaches, just as I have played the role of mentor or coach, always informally, for many talented educators. These experiences have led me to value and be so excited about the role of instructional coach, which many international schools are now embracing. ..more
By Sue Easton
Different schools approach the teacher leader role in different ways. At the TTC, we have been trying to support these current models through our Teacher Leader Institutes. We believe that all teacher leaders need basic training in organizational structures, communication, change processes, and facilitation. ..more
By Sue Easton
Have you ever been to a workshop where you learned new skills but no one at your school was aware of your true professional growth? A recent Teacher Leader Institute (TLI) addressed this and other concerns by piloting the use of micro-credentials. ..more
By John Mikton
Information is power. This year, the pollsters, news agencies, and pundits got caught out with two big votes, and so many predictions seemed off. Our landscape of information has entered a level of Orwellian curation, and what is news, fact, or reality seems dictated by emotion and perspectives constructed from our own curated news feeds. ..more
+ 2016
By Bambi Betts
Would kids learn better and retain more for longer periods if their learning came by way of an interdisciplinary approach? Are schools just stuck in a subject-based teaching model because that’s how we’ve always done things, or is this truly the better paradigm? ..more
By John Mikton
"When I get home, I’ll ask Siri for the right answer," says a Kindergartner to her partner. "She always knows." A routine response in our classrooms? Or an important moment to understand that artificial intelligence (AI) has embedded itself in our day-to-day lives? ..more
By Sue Easton
"What makes us special?" writes Sue Easton. "That was my focus this summer—my first as Director of the Teacher Training Center (TTC). Even as a trainer, having always looked forward to heading to Miami or London each year, I knew that there was something that set it apart from other professional development opportunities. But what?" ..more
"At an early age I started traveling and was fascinated by the fact that people in other parts of the world live, talk and think differently. The more I traveled, the more I wanted to see, and not from the perspective of a tourist, but as a local." ..more
By Meadow Hilley, TIE Editor
Sue Easton has just been named Director of the Teacher Training Center (TTC) and also works with the Teacher Leader Institute (TLI). For the past five years she served as a trainer with the Principals’ Training Center (PTC). ..more
TIE is launching a new series of international educator profiles, featuring participants of the PTC, TTC, and CTC. Meet Erika Velez, who with over a decade of experience working as a teacher and administrator overseas has a wealth of wisdom to share. ..more
By John Mikton
Welcome to the “GAFA” (Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon) world. The”GAFA” world is where most of humanity’s internet users and consumers work, communicate, socialize, learn, entertain themselves, and share, in services provided by one, two, three or all four of these companies. ..more
+ 2015
By Bambi Betts
Recruiting season... a critical and careful process for every international school. And everyone is looking for that perfect teacher--the one with all the right skills, the right experience, and attention to their own professional development. ..more
By Bambi Betts
Calling all experienced principals! Is your school a victim of “The Energy Vampires”? Join Kevin Bartlett and Bambi Betts in London, 12-14 July 2015. ..more
+ 2014
By Bambi Betts
The Principals' Training Center has opened registration for its 2015 Summer Institutes in Miami and London (UK). The 29 programs include PTC, TTC and CTC courses, six of which have already filled. Anyone planning to take a PTC course should act quickly and register now at ..more
By Bambi Betts
The PTC has been providing quality training for international educators for over 25 years. But it is what each participant does after leaving the comfort zone of our course that truly matters. We have learned a few things about how best to put PTC learning into practice. ..more
By David Willows
A group of admissions officers tries to make sense of the resounding "No" voiced by the families of new students when asked "Did your campus visit make you more likely to apply to the school?" Could all of that effort and attention truly have been for naught? ..more
By John Mikton
Our lives are so embedded within the digital realm that the two have become inseparable. I invite us to use a new set of vocabularies to frame this paradigm: Appliances, Utilities, Information Flows, Ethics, and Algorithms. ..more
By Mary Russman
When I became an administrator later in my career, I thought that would mean I would stop being a counselor. Actually, I find my counseling background helps me be an even better administrator. ..more
By Virginia P. Rojas
See your English learners and their teachers for what they can do in the future, not for what they seemingly cannot do in the present. "All teachers are teachers of English learners," after all. ..more
By Lee Fertig and Sue Easton
Collectively, we have a responsibility to join the conversation about what makes an international school effective. We need deeper insight into the research, and the very design principles of our institutions. ..more
By Bambi Betts
Writing recommendation letters is a quintessential opportunity to help teachers better understand why the practice of averaging must be fully eliminated. ..more
By Barbara Parker and Kristen Pelletier
International schools are admitting students with more diverse learning needs and expectations. International school teachers need to be prepared for this diversity ..more
By John Mikton
Yes, there is the Internet of Things: a world in parallel to ours where our devices, data, algorithms, gadgets, smart phones and digital tools interconnect, communicate, and work independently of our own input or monitoring. ..more

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