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What Are International School Principals Talking About?

By Bambi Betts
What Are International School Principals Talking About?

Whether in China or Chile, Nigeria or Nicaragua, Thailand or Turkey, Portugal or Pakistan International school principals share some very similar challenges and issues. 

Questions and issues raised by hundreds of school leaders through the Principals’ Training Center’s PTCnet are a testimony to the power of exploring those common challenges. It’s not about finding singular answers or solutions.  It’s about getting perspective, learning how others are improving their practices, and exploring as yet untried strategies, all with the same goal- more and better learning for the students in their care.

During the past two months, school principals have raised some new issues and dug more deeply into some of the most impactful and complex issues.  Just have a look at this weighty list!

  • DEIJ Curriculum policy
  • Gender Inclusion Policies
  • Standards-based grading and mastery learning
  • Assessing and Reporting on non-academic growth
  • Staff Well-being
  • Pastoral/Advisory Programs
  • Inclusion and Language policies
  • Mentoring programs for staff
  • Crisis intervention Protocols
  • Early release and late start days
  • Trip policies

…and many more, too numerous to list!

These topics and questions are generated by principals, assistant principals, leaders of teaching and learning and curriculum through PTCnet, an email forum that is a feature of membership in the PTC.

Watch this space for next month’s questions and issues.

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