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International School Appointments

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Pan American School of Bahia:  Secondary Principal

Fernanda Dillon


Fernanda Dillon has been appointed the Secondary Principal at the Pan American School of Bahia in Salvador, Brazil starting July 2017. She previously served as Director of Teaching and Learning and Math Instructional Coach at PASB after teaching at Shanghai American School - Puxi and Chapel School.

International School Hanover Region:  Head of Lower Primary School

Annette Bauer


Position begins August 2017. Annette is currently the Head of School at AltSchool Dogpatch in San Francisco, and previously held many roles in international and US independent schools.

International School of Latvia:  Secondary Principal

Mark Robertson


Mark Robertson is joining International School of Lativa as the Secondary Principal starting July 2017. He is currently serving at the Shekou International School in China as the IB and HS Coordinator.

International School of Latvia:  Deputy Director

David Callaway


David Callaway has accepted an appointment beginning with the 2017-18 school year as Deputy Director at the International School of Latvia, where he previously served as PYP Coordinator and Elementary School Principal.

Escola Americana do Rio de Janeiro:  Headmaster

Nigel Winnard


Nigel Winnard has been appointed Headmaster of Escola Americana do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, commencing July 2017. He has spent the last 12 years in Sudan as Founding Head of Khartoum International Community School.

Myanmar International School:  Academic Director

David Tansey


David Tansey is now Academic Director of Myanmar International School in Yangon. He was Vice Principal of a large school in Kuwait before taking over the leadership of the Multinational School in Bahrain.

Banjul American Embassy School:  Director

Caleb Steindam


Caleb Steindam is now Director of the Banjul American Embassy School in The Gambia. He spent the previous four years as a teacher educator for Loyola University in Chicago. Prior to that, he worked in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

St. Michael's School:  Headmaster

Michael J. Schneider


Michael J. Schneider is now Headmaster at St. Michael's School in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. With over 25 years experience, he recently served as Head of Secondary at Amadeus International School Vienna.

Jakarta Intercultural School:  Head of School

Tarek Razik


Tarek Razik has been named Head of School at Jarkarta Intercultural School beginning with the 2017-18 school year. Prior to this, he was Head of School at the International School of Beijing.

Danube International School:  Director

Michelle Purghart


Michelle Purghart has been named Director of Danube International School in Vienna, Austria. Previous to this, she served as Principal at Maranatha High School in Pasadena, CA in the United States.

Sturgis Charter Public School Cape COd:  Principal, East Campus

Patrick O'Kane


Patrick O'Kane is the new Principal at Sturgis Charter Public School, East Campus, on Cape Cod (U.S.). Prior to arriving in 2008, he worked as an educator in New York City, New Jersey, Spain and the Netherlands.

Centro Educativo International Anzoategui:  Director

Kristina Nefstead


Kristina Nefstead has been serving as Director of Centro Educativo International Anzoategui in Anaco, Venezuela since fall 2016. Previously, she served as Head of School in Egypt, Nigeria and Mongolia.

Sturgis Chater School on Cape Cod:  Executive Director

Paul Marble


Paul Marble is the new Executive Director of Sturgis Charter Public School on Cape Cod (U.S.), an "IB for All" high school of 850 students. Paul has worked for Sturgis for 13 years and consults regularly for the IB Organization.

The International School of Georgia:  Elementary School Principal

Michael Palmer


Michael Palmer has been appointed as Elementary School Principal at New School: The International School of Georgia in Tbilisi, Georgia. Michael has been an Assistant Primary Principal and PYP Coordinator at Pechersk School International Kyiv Ukraine since 2009. Michael has worked at schools in Canada, Zimbabwe and Turkey.

International School of Monagas:  Principal

John Christopher Irvin


Chris Irvin will join ISM as the school wide Principal effective July 2017. He has been known affectionately as Coach Irvin on campus for 19 years at Colegio Internacional de Puerto La Cruz - Venezuela, where he served the following roles: Dean of Students, Athletic Director and Physical Education Teacher.

American Community School - Amman:  Middle School Principal

Michael Kellison


Michael Kellison was named Middle School Principal of the American Community School, Amman to start in August, 2017. Previously, Michael served as the Superintendent of the Oak Grove Union School District in Sonoma County, California.

International School of Eastern Seaboard:  Athletic Director

Derick Reardon


Derick Reardon has been appointed as the Athletic Director at the International School of Eastern Seaboard. Before joining ISE, Derick was a PE teacher at the Western Academy of Beijing.

International School of Eastern Seaboard:  Elementary Principal

Holly Reardon


Holly Bowen Reardon has been appointed Elementary Principal at ISE. Before joining ISE Holly was the Elementary School Assistant Principal and Head of Early Childhood Education at the Western Academy of Beijing.

International School of Amsterdam:  Head of Lower School

Susan Loban


Susan Loban has been appointed as the new Head of Lower School for the International School of Amsterdam, after having previously served as Assistant Head of Lower School, Lower School Curriculum Coordinator and Grade-level Coordinator. Susan has worked in schools in her native Canada, the U.K., and Romania before teaching in the Netherlands.

International School of Amsterdam:  Head of Upper School

Matthew Sipple


Matt Sipple joins ISA as the new Head of Upper School for the International School of Amsterdam, having previously served in leadership positions in Latvia, India, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland and the United States. Matt comes to ISA with several years of experience in Leadership and Design Thinking.

International School of Amsterdam:  Associate Director for Teaching and Learning

Sarah Grace


Sarah Grace has been appointed as the new Associate Director for Teaching and Learning at the International school of Amsterdam, where she has been for the last 19 years, serving first as Assistant Head and, for the past decade as Head of Lower School. Sarah previously taught in schools in the U.K. and Japan before coming to the Netherlands.

American School in Japan:  Middle School Principal

Pip Curtis


Pip Curtis will be the new Middle School Principal at the American School In Japan beginning July 2017. She is currently the Middle School Principal at the American School in Bombay, India.

International School of Panama:  Director of Technology

Jim Stratton


Jim Stratton joined International School of Panama as the new Director of Technology in July 2016. He previously served as Technology Director at Academia Cotopaxi in Ecuador, ICT coordinator and integrationist at the Anglo-American School of Moscow, as well as ICT teacher/coordinator in Shanghai, Casablanca, and Warsaw in his 20 year career as an international educator.

International College in Beirut:  Secondary School Director

Bruce Knox


Bruce Knox has been selected as the new Secondary School Director at International College in Beirut, Lebanon. He is currently Elementary School Principal at the Asia Pacific International School in Seoul, Korea.

American School of Paris:  Lower School Director

Dan Kerr


Dan Kerr will be the new Lower School Director at the American School of Paris beginning July 2017. He is currently Intermediate Division Principal at Academia Cotopaxi American International School in Quito, Ecuador.

Sreenidhi International School:  Head of School

Bruce Ferguson


Bruce Ferguson was appointed Head of School for Sreenidhi International School in Hyderabad, India. He has served for 22 years in 8 countries as a teacher, athletic director, MYP coordinator and MS Principal.

Medan Independent School:  Head of School

Gerald Donovan


Gerald Donovan started his new role as Head of School at Medan Independent School, the only IB and WASC accredited school in Sumatra, in August last year. He previously held the role of Director at Sekolah Bogor Raya, an IB World School on the island of Java - also in Indonesia - for six years and is a graduate of the EARCOS combined M.Ed and International School Leadership Certificate through the University of San Francisco and Washington State."

International School of Zug and Luzern:  Director

Barry Dequanne


Barry Dequanne will join the International School of Zug and Luzern in Switzerland as Director effective July 2017. Prior to this, he was Head of School at the American School of Brasilia.

Haugesund International School:  Head of School

Fabio Corvaglia


Fabio Corvaglia is currently the Head of School at Haugesund International School (Gr. 1-10), a new IB school on the west coast of Norway. He has held leadership positions in Thailand, China, Lebanon, Guatemala, and Spain.

American School of Yaounde:  Director

Brad Bell


Brad Bell has been appointed Director of the American School of Yaounde in Cameroon. He is currently Secondary Principal at the International School of Dakar in Senegal, having served in Egypt and in the US.

International School of Ouagadougou:  Director

Jean-Luc Aupoix


Following 3 years in Gabon as founding Director setting up a brand new international school, Jean-Luc now in his fifteenth year in Africa, is joining ISO in Burkina Faso.

Costa Rica Country Day School:  Director

Scott Adams


Scott Adams will join Costa Rica Country Day School as Director in July, 2017. He's currently Middle School Principal at The American School in Japan, and has previous experience in England, Cyprus, Hawaii and both coasts of the US.

Pan American School of Bahia:  Elementary Principal

Kareen Simpson


Kareen Simpson has been appointed the Elementary Principal at the Pan American School of Bahia in Salvador, Brazil starting July 2017. Prior to this appointment Kareen served as principal & PYP Coordinator in Russia, China & The Bahamas. She also served as a classroom teacher in South Korea, China, The Bahamas & Jamaica.

American School of Rio de Janeiro:  Lower School Principal

Nate Swenson


Nate will be assuming this post in August 2107. He was previously Elementary Principal at Busan International Foreign School, Korea and MS Principal at AIS Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

Stamford American School, Hong Kong:  Head of School

Karrie Dietz


Karrie Dietz has been appointed Head of School at Stamford American School in Hong Kong, a new school opening in September 2017. Karrie is currently a Principal at Stamford's sister school in Singapore, and she has also led and taught in schools in Thailand, Bangladesh, Uzbekistan and the United States.

Rabat American School:  Curriculum Coordinator

Jennifer Kang


Jennifer Kang will serve as Curriculum Coordinator, a newly created position, at Rabat American School. Jen has focused on re-framing the teaching of math in schools in Beirut and Myanmar, and will now broaden this systems-level perspective to the whole K-12 curriculum.

United Nations International School:  High School Principal

Scott Schaffner


Scott Schaffner will be joining the United Nations International School in Hanoi, Vietnam as the new High School Principal. He is currently the HS principal at Dubai American Academy and has also worked in Warsaw, Poland and New York City.

ACS American Cooperative School:  Superintendent

Jamie Otis


Jamie Otis has been appointed Superintendent of AEA (ACS-American Cooperative School) in La Paz, Bolivia. He is currently the High School Principal of North Broward Preparatory School in Florida with stints in Ghana, Korea and San Diego.

El Alsson British International School:  Principal

Lee Chalkly


After eight years serving as the Director of the International School of Riga Lee Chalkly will be relocating to Egypt with his family to take up his appointment as Principal of El Alsson British International School. He joins the school at an exciting time in its history as the school is in the process of relocating to a brand new campus in New Giza.

Sreenidhi International School:  DP Coordinator

Wil Crabtree


Wil Crabtree has been appointed Diploma Programme Coordinator and Member of the Pedagogical Leadership Team at Sreenidhi International School. He has previously taught in Egypt, Zambia, Hong Kong, China, Germany, and the United States. He is a Fellow of the Royal Asiatic Society.

Sreenidhi International School:  MYP Coordinator

Ingur Shefalika


Ingur Shefalika has been appointed MYP Coordinator and Member of the Pedagogical Leadership Team. Ingur returns to her native India after teaching in Malaysia.

Lincoln Community School:  Head of School

Sheena Nabholz


Sheena Nabholz has been appointed Head of Lincoln Community School, Ghana to start July 2017. She is presently Director of the American School of Yaounde, Cameroon. Other stints include Jordan, Syria and Egypt.

Fukuoka International School:  Head of School

Robin Schneider


Robin Schneider has been appointed as the Head of School at Fukuoka International School in Fukuoka, Japan. Previously, Robin was Deputy Head of School at the International School of Helsinki for the past 6 years.

American School in Japan:  Director of Early Learning Center

Christy Carrillo


Christy Carrillo has been appointed Director of Early Learning Center at American School in Japan beginning in fall 2017. She is currently Director of the Early Childhood Center at Shekou International School.

American School of Brasilia:  Director

Allan Bredy


Allan Bredy has been appointed Head of School at the American School of Brasilia, beginning in July 2017. He is currently serving in his seventh year as the Director of the American Cooperative School of Tunis.

American International School of Yaounde:  Elementary School Principal & ES PYP Coordinator

Michael Sciocchetti


Michael Sciocchetti has joined the American International School of Yaounde as its Elementary School Principal & ES PYP Coordinator. He previously served as ES Principal at Taejon Christian International School.

Colegio Albania in La Guajira, Colombia:  Director

Eron Strong


Eron Strong is the newly appointed Director at Colegio Albania in La Guajira, Colombia. Prior to this, he was Principal at Mildmay-Carrick School in Ontario, Canada. Eron returns to Colombia where he once taught.

Escuela Las Morochas:  Director

Ercel Mireles


Ercel Mireles is the new director at Escuela Las Morochas. She has been working in Venezuela for the past three years. Prior to this, she worked as a coordinator at The Technological Institute of Monterrey in Mexico.

International School of Havana:  Director

Michael Lees


Michael Lees is the new Director of the International School of Havana after serving as a consultant with ISS and as founding Director of the International School of Dongguan.

Aitchison College:  Headmistress at Senior School

Amina Kamran


Amina Kamran is now Senior School Headmistress at Aitchison College, Lahore, Pakistan. Aitchison is an all boys school that is more than 130 years old. Amina is the Senior School's first woman Head.