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Celebrating PTC's Season of Growth and Learning

By Sue Easton
Celebrating PTC's Season of Growth and Learning

The Principals' Training Center in-person, summer participants. (Photo source: Carol Crittenden and Sue Easton)

The Principals' Training Center (PTC), a mission-driven organization dedicated to preparing and empowering international school leaders, principals, teacher leaders, counselors, and all classroom teachers, is thrilled to announce the successful completion of its 35th year supporting international schools. With over 700 participants hailing from across the globe, this year's programs have been a resounding success, fostering growth, connection, and transformation in the realm of educational leadership.

The in-person Principals' Training Center (PTC) sessions held in Rome included courses to support current and aspiring school leaders to succeed in the international school setting. A highlight this year was the introduction of a ground-breaking practical course centered on leading diversity, equity, inclusion, justice, and belonging in international schools (DEIJB). This important program addressed critical topics, equipping participants with the tools and insights to spearhead meaningful change within their institutions.

An innovative feature of the sessions this year was the opportunity for participants to engage with a panel of esteemed international school leaders. These leaders shared their personal leadership journeys, offering invaluable tips and ideas to support participants as they embark or proceed on their own journey. A special emphasis was placed, as always, on fostering a sense of community, with rituals such as "summaries of learning" at the close of each session which ranged from songs to skits to group poetry, coupled with the inspiring "Pearls of Wisdom" shared by participants each morning.  Networking throughout the day and evening enabled participants to forge connections that will support their professional journeys.

The online Principals' Training Center (PTC) courses were no less impactful. Participants were provided with a unique platform to share insights, learn from experienced international course facilitators, and tailor their learning schedules to align with their work and life commitments. The flexibility of this format allowed for seamless integration of learning into participants' daily routines, leading to an enriched professional experience.

Meanwhile, the Teacher Leader Institute (TLI) courses offered a dynamic blend of in-person experiences in Rome. Engaging activities such as a team breakout room, the tuning protocol, and meaningful discussions on pertinent topics like artificial intelligence's impact on student learning and equity in educational experiences, ensured that participants learned skills and developed the understandings to be effective teacher leaders. Participants enjoyed the "Nuggets of Knowledge" shared daily by their peers, and collaborative opportunities throughout the day provided training and practice to amplify their impact when they return to their schools.

The Counselor Training Center (CTC) also hosted courses in Rome, catered to aspiring and established school counselors. Covering a spectrum of topics, from identity work to therapeutic approaches, to proactive and reactive mental health strategies to transition planning, participants engaged in practical, research-driven activities that fortified their preparedness for the upcoming school year. The courses' holistic approach to counseling and mental well-being ensures participants are armed with strategies to effectively support students and create nurturing environments in their international school settings.

In the Teacher Training Center - English as an Additional Language (TTC-EAL) program, the online format offered participants a vibrant platform to delve into group work and develop pragmatic approaches for multilingual learners in international schools. The carefully curated content allowed participants to enhance their capabilities in leading learning for a diverse student body. The TTC-EAL program is not only for specalist teachers but for all teachers to gain a greater understanding of their multilanguage learners. 

The culmination of these transformative courses was marked by a multitude of participants graduating and earning certificates from PTC, CTC, TLI, or TTC-EAL. Their unwavering dedication to professional growth stands as a testament to the power of the Principals' Training Center's program.

We were so happy to partner with The International Educator (TIE) to not only give each participant a free year-long subscription, but also to introduce them to the PTC dashboard where individual learning pathways are documented, the TIE standards-based resume builder, where participants could upload the work that they completed in our courses to provide evidence of the PTC, TLI, TTC, and CTC standards, and the new Growth and Appraisal Tool (GAT) for schools to use to empower staff to take the lead in their growth plan. These TIE tools are an exciting addition to the PTC experience.

The Principals' Training Center takes pride in its 35-year legacy of fostering educational leadership. As the organization evolves and improves, the hard work and commitment displayed by its graduates remain a continuous source of inspiration. The successful 2023 June-July Institutes underscore the pivotal role PTC plays in shaping the leaders of tomorrow's international education landscape.

For more information about the Principals' Training Center and its transformative programs, please visit Our online school-year courses for teacher leaders, counselors, and all classroom teachers begin soon. Register now!

Sue has happily returned to the Principals’ Training Center in the role of Director of PTC, CTC, and TLI Programs. She was most recently assistant head: Wellbeing, Service, and Global Learning at Ridley College in Canada, an independent school with students from 61 countries. Before that, she was the Director of the Teacher Training Center, and a long time Principal Training Center trainer. Sue spent 13 years working with international schools, including roles in Spain, Malaysia, and Brazil as a pedagogical leader, after a career in Canada as a teacher, administrator, and system-wide learning coordinator. She has a Masters in International Education Administration, Principals’ Qualifications from the Ontario Institute of Studies in Education (OISE), and certificates in Applied Positive Psychology, Positive Education, and Adult Education. She has a passion for learning, and a belief that positive leadership and school cultures focused on wellbeing are vital for student flourishing.

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