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Teacher Training Center for International Educators

By Bambi Betts
Teacher Training Center for International Educators

Recruiting season... a critical and careful process for every international school. And everyone is looking for that perfect teacher--the one with all the right skills, the right experience, AND attention to their own professional development.
Would you hire someone who had not refreshed their skills in the last 5 years? We should be hearing a resounding "NO!"
And to ensure that does not happen, the Teacher Training Center for International Educators (TTC) began 12 years ago to offer targeted professional development uniquely designed for teachers in international schools. And the rest is history. Over 1500 international teachers have completed at least one course and dozens have completed the full certificate.
But its are filling. Register now.

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02/27/2015 - Cynthia
Please share with me upcoming conferences as I would like to submit a proposal for a breakout session. I am a recently retired Executive Director for Teaching and Learning k-12 responsible for curriculum, instruction, assessment, professional development, teacher and principal supervision.