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By Kristen MacConnell
A common challenge voiced by new teacher leaders is navigating the transition from team member to team leader. Teacher leaders share which factors contributed to their current leadership success. ..more
By Jane Larsson
The Council of International Schools, has moved away from using the terms “host country” and “host country national” in light of the changing landscape of international education. ..more
By Kim Cofino
The secret to feeling confident and capable in a confrontation is both understanding the process and practicing your actions until there are very few surprises left. ..more
+ 2021
Doline Ndorimana
In the spirit of listening and elevating student voices, TIE is creating a “Dear Teacher” series to designate a space to have these voices heard. ..more
By Jessica Huang
This is a call to normalize the space that we all need to humanize this moment. To leave space for all that we and young people need in order to journey on a path to healing and create a more liberating school environment ..more
By National Association of Secondary School Principals
Three International School educators have been selected for the 2021 National Distinguished Principals Award for Secondary Schools. ..more
The U.S. Department of State Office of Overseas Schools
Daniel A. Kerr, David Callaway, and Veronica Kaypaghian, were selected as the three International School educators for the 2021 National Distinguished Principals Award. ..more
Doline Ndorimana and Joel Jr Llaban join The International Educator’s editorial committee. ..more
By Bridget McNamer
The Sidecar Summit, a gathering of adventurous women leaders in preK-12 education. ..more
Anne Keeling
What skillsets are essential to today’s international school teachers? These and many more questions were addressed at the Edruptors Conference which was hosted online by ISC Research in July. ..more
By Dr Karen L. Taylor
In grappling with the complexity of learning one might say that on the surface there are facts, information, and simple processes. On a deeper level, we find complex concepts and universal understandings... ..more
By Laurie Forrester
How have schools pivoted to meet the needs of students and families in the last year? What have we learned about ourselves, our students, and our supports in complex times? ..more
By Leo Thompson
Introducing an inclusive global citizenship model and linked resources to help busy educators and invite further discussion and impact. ..more
By Dr. Rachel Ball, on behalf of Stronge & Associates Educational Consulting, LLC
How do we reacclimate to the in-person classroom? What technology lessons learned can we apply in the in-person classroom? What virtual practices can we carry forward? Rachel Ball outlines instructional silver linings to help move your school, classroom, and learners forward. ..more
By Dr Karen L. Taylor
Thanks to developments in neuroscience we now know much more now than we did in the past about the interplay of emotion and cognition, feeling and thinking. What could this interconnectedness mean for us in terms of our classroom practice? ..more
By Alistair Goold
The final article in a three-part series exploring the role restorative practices can play in both personal and professional contexts, beta-tested as the author's family underwent a perfect storm of challenges in the midst of a global pandemic. ..more
By John Mikton
For John Mikton, the pandemic has felt personal. So in the epistolary tradition, he has written a letter to COVID from the perspective of an educator and school leader charged with heading up his school's COVID Task Force and juggling the nuisances and complexity of the situation. ..more
By Dr Karen L. Taylor
As important a pedagogical tool as scaffolding may be, we should not oversimplify its relationship to the zone of proximal development. The two concepts are not mutually exclusive, but they are also not synonymous. ..more
By Hamsini Sivakumar
This short story was produced by Hamsini Sivakumar at Frankfurt International School’s Writing & Art Symposium, where authors and artists worked with students on a bilingual interschool publishing project. ..more
By Alistair Goold
When covid hit and Alistair Goold's family underwent a major life transition, he turned the focus inwards and sought to find out if the restorative methodologies he employed in the classroom could be helpful in restoring relationships on the homefront. ..more
By Kimberly Cullen
At two recent virtual gatherings of international educators, Kimberly Cullen and Debra Lane asked participants to describe the struggles that women leaders face in international K-12 schools and to identify what they are willing to start and stop doing to raise themselves and others up.  ..more
By Lindsay Kuhl, Jane Russell Valezy, & Esther Bettney
Teachers everywhere have repeatedly faced new and ongoing challenges over the past year as we have transitioned through various forms of learning. We have tried to ensure that multilingual students' voices are heard and that we provide a variety of options so all students can succeed. ..more
By Dr. Howard De Leeuw
Has 2020-21 been a stressful time for you as a parent, student, teacher, or staff member? Yes? Now here's the real question: is stress harmful and to be avoided, reduced, managed, or is it rather helpful? ..more
By Robbie Jefferiss
Covid-19 has definitively changed many industries, and Robbie Jefferiss thinks college counseling might be one of them. Is it time to acknowledge that campus visits and college fairs are an outdated model of recruitment in the zoom era? ..more
By Kimberly Cullen
Worldwide, it is clear that “teaching is frequently a female profession with men in charge.” Kim Cullen and her colleague Debra Lane have been thinking, writing, and talking publicly about the many struggles that women leaders in international K-12 schools face.  ..more
By Alec Aspinwall
In a chapter book created with the help of international school counselors, teachers, principals, and heads of school, Grade 5 twins Patrick and Patricia (aka X-Pats) leave their home country and start new adventures abroad at an international school. ..more
By Alexandra Ritt Gustad & Esther Bettney
Translanguaging is the adaptable way in which multilingual people use their languages to communicate. As the action and practice of using a person’s full linguistic repertoire to construct meaning, we should be deploying this approach more broadly with our students. ..more
By Kathleen Naglee
There is no life now outside of work, confides Head of School Kathleen Naglee, who has stopped trying to pretend otherwise. In the throes of the pandemic, remaining committed to her community of learners and fellow educators has come at a great personal cost. ..more
By Kim Cofino
Better understanding both the stereotypes and expectations you may face as a woman in pursuing a leadership role, and having some strategies to deal with them, may help you feel more confident in taking the next steps towards your dream job. ..more
By Mark G. Harrison, Stephen E. Chatelier, and Elke M. Van dermijnsbrugge
Wellbeing has become an area of increasing focus for schools right across the world, including in international schools which continue to largely serve the privileged. One consequence is that wellbeing has been added to the ever-growing list of things for which teachers are responsible. ..more
By Dr. Rachel Ball
Formative assessment presents a powerful opportunity for improving student outcomes. Here are several practical suggestions for providing formative feedback to students in hybrid and virtual learning settings. ..more
By James Toney
James Toney doesn't want to talk about Chauvin's trial. All the same, this Black educator with a Black son of his own has generously and at personal cost laid out some of the many reasons why he's not up for talking. Are you listening? ..more
By Mrs. Jean Candol-Piscioneri
Despite uncertainty, and constant changes in our daily or weekly schedule, science lab activities at Seoul International School continue to be implemented effectively through flexible thinking and focusing on the possibilities rather than limitations. ..more
By Heather Cronk and Ben Fishman
In the interest of advocating for the rights for all children, supporting at-risk children, and sharing best practices for child protection, Heather Cronk led the effort to create a Child Protection Advocacy Network in Kenya. She shares the story to encourage others on this path. ..more
By Kristin Simmers
While today’s unprecedented levels of educational challenge may merit equally unprecedented levels of teacher support, it can be hard to know where to begin, or even who to trust. Educators need to critically evaluate educational claims and pedagogy. Here's a way forward. ..more
By Priyanka Jethani
Shared leadership is built on trust and honesty, is authentic, sets clear expectations, and empowers others in the community to grow and learn and prosper. But how do we get there? Priyanka Jethani shares the genesis of her own journey. ..more
By Kelly Owens
Service learning, according to Kelly Owens, is problematic in that it reinforces the “savior” mentality among students at international schools. A different approach, community-based engagement, shows them the importance of working together for the betterment of all. ..more
By Dr Karen L. Taylor
One of the challenges of teaching is to capture students’ attention when they enter the classroom and to keep it. Which means being aware of attention span and cycles of attention in relation to the rhythm of the lesson.  ..more
By Michael Griffin
Metacognition is about thinking. It is about knowing not only what you think, but why you think it and how you arrived at your thoughts. Metacognition is about active learning. It is empowering. Effective teachers foster a metacognitive learning approach, to generate better quality thinking. ..more
By Dr Karen L. Taylor
Thinking routines are pedagogical tools that promote the development of critical thinking skills. This doesn’t happen by accident. Classroom teachers work hard to create an environment in which such powerful learning experiences take place. ..more
By Priyanka Jethani
Priyanka Jethani conducted 15 interviews with administrators from around the world about their perspectives on shared leadership. What is it? Why is it important? What are the benefits? This is the first article in a series she will devote to exploring this topic. ..more
By Will Richardson & Homa Tavangar
In their free ebook, BIG Questions Institute co-founders Will Richardson and Homa Tavangar offer practical steps to reflect on who we are now as individuals and institutions and to begin a process of reinvention to ensure our students can thrive in an increasingly uncertain future. ..more
By Sadie Hollins
With the onset of the pandemic, the idea of wellbeing exploded. Schools were simultaneously contested as sites of poor wellbeing and under pressure to actively promote its importance. Sadie Hollins reminds us that wellbeing is individual to each of us, just like a fingerprint. ..more
By Jon Butcher
As Principal of Berlin Brandenburg International School, Jon Butcher offers some hindsight on 2020 and thoughts about the toll it has taken on his staff. "We must take care of our teachers," he insists, stressing the importance of offering them our sincere respect and appreciation. ..more
By Paul Olson
Margie Olson announces the publication of her late husband Paul Olson’s fiction book, Nestlings: Stories of Expatriate Life in Africa. Paul grew up in what is now the Democratic Republic of Congo. ..more
By Dr Karen L. Taylor
Understanding and correcting one’s mistakes offers critical learning, but getting there can be tricky, particularly in a context that traditionally viewed mistakes as failure. The classroom environment must foster conditions in which students can view them as learning opportunities. ..more
By David Willows
When Amanda Gorman stood at the podium on the Capitol steps a couple of weeks ago and recited her poem for the new president, the world was once again offered a lesson on why words do matter after all. ..more
By Esther Bettney & Jon Nordmeyer
In the past year, WIDA has partnered with a variety of researchers and practitioners to better understand how to support multilingual students, their teachers, and their schools in the midst of the ongoing COVID pandemic, and they have some ideas to share. ..more
By Elizabeth Stark
Last spring, Elizabeth Stark was dumbfounded to learn that the IBDP exams had been canceled and those all-important "points" were suddenly rendered meaningless. But it wasn't long before this eclipse allowed her to see things in a new light. ..more
By Bridget McNamer
Having coached over 30 women leaders in the past year as they’ve navigated the leadership search process, it strikes me that some of the same attributes that make so many women effective leaders stand as obstacles to their success in the search process. ..more
By CMRubinWorld
The Planet Classroom Network has launched its programming schedule with 28 cultural organizations committed to global programming. Young people from around the world played a significant role in conceptualizing, creating, & producing the network’s vision & programming.   ..more
By Kristen MacConnell
What classroom assessment practices will contribute most to understanding and improving student learning? And what is the role of the teacher leader in supporting student learning through effective assessment practices? Here are some effective strategies and tools. ..more
By Susanna Thomas
Grieving the loss of her dear friend, Susanna Thomas is finding it difficult to return to the classroom routine as the second term gets under way. What supports exist for educators experiencing profound grief? And when will we start talking about the issue in earnest? ..more
By Priya Shah
How do we create a group culture of “can do” math in a safe environment with ample support? This research adds to the growing body of work on the concept of mathematical resilience, taking a close look at case studies involving third culture kids and students with IEPs. ..more
+ 2020
By Cheryl-Ann Weekes
Cheryl-Ann Weekes believes it is never too early to help students understand the need for consent and encourages all counselors to start having conversations on this critical topic. Because the absence of a no is not a yes. ..more
By David Willows
Pandemics don’t read reopening plans, David Willows has concluded. For each month of this seemingly never-ending year, he has extracted some fairly universal and hard-won lessons in school leadership to share with fellow international educators. ..more
By Dr. Joan Schumann
While many schools have recognized a Multi-tiered System of Support (MTSS) as a model of choice, collective understanding and further professional learning is required for effective implementation. The International MTSS Summit (IMS) aims to build school capacity. ..more
By Sherri Spelic
Drawing on observations from a vibrant life of learning through reading, writing, listening, and dialoging, Sherri Spelic asks us to rethink the world we are building for ourselves and our children in schools, in our communities, and in our societies. ..more
By Dr. Helen Kelly
Noting a dearth of hard data about the increased levels of stress experienced by international school leaders since the start of the pandemic, Helen Kelly conducted her own in-depth survey, to which 721 leaders responded. The results are alarming. ..more
By Jon Nordmeyer, TIE columnist
I’ve heard from many teachers that this school year feels like starting over again. We have been asking, and trying to answer, really important questions. If we could have a conversation with our first-year teaching self, what advice would we give? ..more
By Emily Meadows & Daniel Wickner
In an effort to improve antiracist practice, Emily Meadows and Daniel Wickner discuss intent in relation to impact and share a series of infographics that cover topics such as cultural appropriation, color blindness, microaggressions, white privilege, and more. ..more
By Renea Bartlett Pope
How are teachers refining their practices today in response to diverse students’ needs in remote modalities? Renea Bartlett Pope spoke with colleagues around the world and reports on three major shifts that will likely carry over into post-pandemic schooling. ..more
By Theo Wilhelm
Teaching from home while parenting is hard. Parenting at home while teaching is hard. Could it be, however, that teachers, parents, and students are all learning and growing from these challenges in new and important ways? ..more
By Michael Griffin
“Will this be fun?” students often want to know. Too much focus on instant gratification can be problematic for children’s development. Fun and enjoyment are not the same. Effortful experiences such as writing result in enjoyment while building self-esteem and self-growth. ..more
By Bruce Gilbert
Canada presents as an idyllic place to weather the pandemic. But while the move "home" has its obvious advantages, longtime international educator Bruce Gilbert is having trouble making small talk with other parents on the sidelines at his kid's soccer game. And that's a problem. ..more
By Chip Barder
No individual or group within our international schools has been spared from the challenges brought on by the pandemic, including the School Board. Those responsible for school governance have been attempting to navigate new and troubling territory. ..more
By Dr. Tiffani Betts Razavi
After some seven months of covid-19, educators and researchers are asking: what progress has been prompted by the pandemic? Are any of the lockdown-induced adjustments here to stay? Are there any old ways that won’t survive the virus? ..more
By Scott B. Freiberger
This in-depth article provides six steps for instructional success at a time when fine-tuning online and blended learning environments is becoming paramount in international school settings. ..more
By Jon Nordmeyer, TIE columnist
Two things worth rethinking in international schools are how we refer to multilingual learners and how we serve them. Terminology matters, and how we refer to students and programs can impact both identity and learning. ..more
Bobbi McDaniel became Director of the American International School of Monrovia in Liberia at the start of the 2020 school year. Briefly setting aside the many demands on her attention, she answered a few of our questions about stepping into this role in this era of uncertainty. ..more
By Matt Harris
Protecting children is of paramount concern to all international schools worldwide. Hundreds of educators have given their time to initiatives that have resulted in standards of practice that are now widely applied. But training all members of a school community in this area is a complex proposition. ..more
By Colin Brown and Lindsay Prendergast
Standards-based grading practices proved to be a critical element of consistency and stability in guiding our focus around student learning and in providing accurate, meaningful, and proactive feedback to our learners and their parents during these turbulent, complex times. ..more
By Antony Winch & Robin Neal
In 2018, FIS introduced an Instructional Coaching program that has brought positive results and become a useful tool for nurturing transformative pedagogical change, even through the pandemic, when positive coaching relationships have grown even stronger. ..more
By Jon Nordmeyer
As 21st-century educators, we need to build on multilingualism and transnationalism as resources in preparing students for increasingly more complex and more global challenges in the years to come. ..more
By Debbie Stanton & Tanya Coffey
As parents, you may be wondering what role you can play in supporting your children through this unusual return to school, making sure that they feel safe and secure, but also that they are resilient to the challenges and ready to accept and embrace the new classroom normal. ..more
By Helen Kelly
The COVID 19 crisis is increasing the huge levels of stress already experienced by international school leaders. While some are thriving in the face of the challenge, many are overwhelmed and coming close to burnout. Resilience is built through acknowledging our vulnerabilities. ..more
By Josefino Rivera, Jr.
In literature, we find comfort in narratives that follow what Joseph Campbell called the “hero’s journey,” the trajectory of a character who crosses into an unknown world only to return from the experience completely changed. But what about those that don’t return? ..more
By Lorelei Loveridge
Five days after Saudi Arabia’s King Salman declared a 21-day curfew that effectively turned into a compound lockdown, Lorelei Loveridge received the call every expat dreads. He was gone. She couldn't get home to be with family. And still the show had to go on. ..more
By Daniel Wickner
Like other BIPOC individuals, Daniel Wickner feels as though he has earned a Ph.D. in Race and Culture, decades in the making. He uses that extensive knowledge and experience to support his students as they explore and construct their complex racial and cultural identities. ..more
By George Pickford
The successful project for student-athletes at International Baccalaureate (IB) World Schools, supporting their dual career aspirations, has been approved to now applies to both IB Diploma Programme (DP) and IB Career-related Programme (CP) students. ..more
By Sena Chang
The abrupt change in pedagogy at The American School in Japan (ASIJ) brought on by the pandemic has sparked many conversations about the effectiveness and value of digital learning. Three middle schoolers shared their views with ASIJ student Sena Chang. ..more
By Matthew Dicks
We might be raising the first generation of children who truly understand the value of school and appreciate all of the educational opportunities that have been afforded to them. Unfortunately, it is coming at great cost. ..more
By Jaime Ellenberger
Teachers in Sweden tend to enjoy a healthy work/life balance, preventing extensive teacher turnover due to overexhaustion. As an American, Jaime Ellenberger had a lot to learn about walking away at the end of the day. ..more
By Emily Sargent-Beasley
No longer is there a chance to kneel beside a child, smile from across the room, or nudge with clear feedback using a tone that invites listening and understanding. The traditional toolkit has been left behind. Each tool now feels as if it must be replaced. ..more
By Douglas Unger
Teaching literature-in-translation, especially by contemporary writers, is one way to approach expanding diversity in both what and how students learn. This is one of the primary missions of Words Without Borders Campus. ..more
By Susana Thomas
It was incredible to work alongside people of color and to be seen for what we are and what we have to offer... It was magical while it lasted. I feared that penning such a candid account would result in my exclusion from the consideration of future employers. But we must. ..more
By Alysa Perreras
As educators, if we seek to be true accomplices in the work of dismantling injustice, our commitment must be intentional, urgent, and unapologetic. In the case of dismantling antiblackness within our schools, curriculums and classrooms, there is no time to waste. ..more
By Shwetangna Chakrabarty, TIE blogger
Sadly, international mindedness in today’s context only means diversity in the student body, not the teaching staff. I persevere to teach antiracism and international mindedness, even when I am a victim of racism and discrimination. ..more
By Julie Wilson
Changing a system is one of the most challenging things to do. If we are saying that we want to support more creativity, collaboration, and appetite for risk in schools, then the organizational structure, systems, and processes must change significantly in order to support and reflect that pedagogy. ..more
By Gregory R. van Goidtsnoven
Learning a foreign language is not simply about understanding the vocabulary, and it requires much more than simply the ability to “pass.” These reductive perceptions don’t begin to take into account the complexity of systems at work in language development. ..more
By Adam Carter
Why do we lock students out of educational conferences when it’s their education we are discussing and planning behind closed doors? Western Academy of Beijing (WAB) and OWN Academy recently set out to create a new model that includes students in the conversation. ..more
+ 2019
To keep you connected with your international school colleagues around the world, TIE encourages you to share news of your new appointments both in our newspaper and on our website. ..more
+ 2018
By Joy Jameson
When considering a job offer, usually the mind quickly moves to the monetary salary, location, and responsibilities. What will I be doing and how much money will I be paid? However, it’s also important, and perhaps even more crucial, to consider the emotional salary you will earn with the position. ..more
By Ilana Amar-Leshem
The Diagnosis of Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) in children of all ages has, in the last decade, become virtually as frequent a diagnosis as for the common cold. I would like to bring to your attention some alternative medicine methods and treatments that can help your child or student concentrate and thrive in the classroom and at home. ..more
By Margriet Ruurs
Margriet Ruurs is a Canadian author who conducts visits to international schools. She has been sharing her reviews with TIE's readers for the past three years. Here are Margriet's summer picks. ..more
By Chris Irvin
Like that line from a famous Clint Eastwood movie, in Venezuela there’s The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly, which is likely what is foremost on your mind. The country has not had any good press for a long time, but there are plenty of positives. ..more
+ 2017
By Megan Brazil
Teachers still spend a disproportionate amount of time planning instruction, but don’t place the same emphasis or effort on finding out if the instruction really worked. A rich opportunity exists for teams of teachers to use student learning data as a tool for developing deep understandings of instructional practices to shape collaborative approaches to improving student learning. ..more
By Andrea Bailey & Ngin Sam Onn
Shine Career School was established in January 2011 to meet the educational and career needs of the trafficking survivors in Cambodia helped by Hope for Justice, a global anti-trafficking organization whose mission is to bring an end to modern slavery. ..more
By Chloe McMath
The International Baccalaureate (IB) and Tes, the world’s largest community of education professionals with over 8 million registered users, have announced the launch of a resource-sharing service to help improve learning outcomes worldwide. ..more
By Jim Ambrose & Paul Poore
Paul and Margie Olson have many friends who could not be at his memorial service to celebrate the life of this son of Africa. Were they not scattered around the world, the church would have been overflowing. ..more
By Cynthia Nagrath, TIE Staff Writer
I enjoyed the opinion piece “More ‘American’ Than America: Race in International School Leadership” in TIE’s April issue. The time has come for international schools to address the issue of diversity—or lack thereof—among their leadership ranks. ..more
By Meadow Hilley, TIE Editor
Launched in 2011 by the Kenbe La Foundation, Purple Cake Day is a “global day of action” that celebrates children, encourages them to learn about the challenges facing many of their peers around the world, and inspires them to come up with fun ways to raise funds that can improve the lives of those with limited or no access to quality education. ..more
By Beckett Haight
I had heard talk of Andrew Solomon's Far From the Tree but still hadn’t read it when in the course of a typical IEP meeting, the mother of a 17-year-old student broke down in tears, explaining that she still hadn’t come to terms with her child’s learning disability. I ordered it and am I ever glad I did. ..more
By Laura Cox
Laura Cox spent a few days at the Loris Malaguzzi International Center in Italy to learn about the Reggio Emilia philosophy. The three-day study tour was organized by Next Frontier Inclusion, an organization that aims to help international schools to develop programs that support students with disabilities or special rights. ..more
By Marc Morian
"If your Athletics Director still manages your Facebook account and if your HR Manager still designs your job advertisements, it is time to introduce professional marketing." Tasks such as social media and press inquiries are often handled by staff members on the side. This may not be enough to make your school stand out among its numerous competitors, argues Marc Morian. ..more
By Pupjana Kole
Narmer American College (NAC) in New Cairo, Egypt has become a voice echoing the global message of Peace One Day--a non-profit organization whose objective is to make Peace Day 21 September an annual day of global unity and intercultural cooperation. ..more
By Forrest Broman
Exhaustive lists of criteria and strategies for creating successful applications and interviews abound, but here are some tips that can determine whether your first choice school makes you an offer. ..more
+ 2016
On the market? We've put together a list of upcoming recruiting fairs in Bangkok, Atlanta, Toronto, Melbourne, London, Hong Kong, Cambridge, Kingston, Waterloo, San Francisco, Dubai and more. ..more
By Jared Cooney Horvath and Jason M. Lodge
You prep for an exam and all the information seems coherent and simple. Then you sit for an exam and suddenly all the information you learned is gone. Your mind goes blank in response to a perceived threat. The chemical process that takes place essentially clears out your working memory, quiets logical processes, and walls off memory. ..more
By Gwen R. Cario
Abigail Partridge, a high school student in Houston, Texas, has been awarded a National Security Language Initiative for Youth (NSLI-Y) scholarship for 2016-17. Abigail will study Hindi in India for the summer. ..more
By Joy Jameson
In recent years, it seems that teachers’ lounges are disappearing in both international and U.S. schools. It leads one to wonder as to whether they are really valuable areas or wasted space. Have teachers’ lounges outlived their day? ..more
By Meadow Hilley, TIE Editor
We encourage heads, teachers, counselors, students, and other staff to submit stories on any topic relevant to the international education community. Our simple submission guidelines tell you everything you need to know. ..more
By Brenda Lyons
Teachers are being asked to teach mindful practices without adequate preparation, according to Brenda Lyons. To truly embody mindfulness and effectively teach it, teachers need to understand and explore the practice for themselves. ..more
By Neil Wechsler
Against the Grain Theater Festival is seeking submissions for its 2016 high school and college playwriting competition. Winning playwrights will receive a workshop in Buffalo, New York, where they will get to work on their plays with local actors, directors, and designers. ..more
Looking for your dream job? Recruiting fair season is once again upon us! Here is a list of upcoming fairs around the world, in Waterloo, Atlanta, San Francisco, Dubai, Cape Town, Bangkok... ..more
By Jennifer Passey
Starting in sixth grade at AISD, students are introduced to our Design Technology (DT) curriculum. The DT program embraces the ideas and technologies of the Makerspace movement taking hold in communities and schools around the world. ..more
By Kim Marshall
Kim Marshall, an experienced teacher and administrator, boils down a recent article on school leadership. This week, Mr. Marshall revisits some do's and don'ts for the recruitment season. ..more
+ 2015
By Sarah Lillo
Many international schools emphasize the importance of global citizenship. Increasingly, schools turn to service learning as a key mechanism for cultivating community engagement. But educators and administrators must be deliberate in their approach. ..more
By Lindsay Cunningham
The University of Northern Iowa Office of Career Services will celebrate the 40th annual UNI Overseas Recruiting Fair for Educators this February 5 through 7, 2016, in Waterloo, Iowa. ..more
By Gwen R. Cario
Several seniors at The Awty International School in Houston, Texas have been recognized by the National Merit Scholarship Corporation for their superior performance on the PSAT. ..more
By Joseph Koss
Joseph Koss returned from Graded's Innovate 2015 Conference "Re-imagining School" with a couple thoughts concerning shifts the concept of “school” is undergoing, one concerning space, the other concerning structure. ..more
By Meadow Hilley
Given the shifting trend that has seen many employers launch their hiring process well before January, Search Associates has advanced the date of its annual recruitment fair held in Toronto, Canada to early December. ..more
By Tom Fearon
Dressed in traditional Chinese attire, students and teachers of the International School of Beijing (ISB), marched displaying masks and carrying a giant ornate dragons. From arts and crafts to martial arts, the parade culminated with a stunning performance by the school’s Wushu Warriors of Wisdom. ..more
By Jane Crowhurst and David Willows
Jane Crowhurst, who heads the Zurich office of tp bennett, a global architectural practice, and David Willows, Director of Admissions and Advancement at the International School of Brussels, launch a conversation about the intersection of their fields. ..more
By Zarmina Hotaki
As a boarding school with a flagship leadership program, Qatar Leadership Academy—a member of the Qatar Foundation—works actively not just to create links, but also to directly teach leadership skills. ..more
By Michael Boll
The 2014 Horizon Report on international schools in Asia identifies twelve emerging technologies on the rise, as well as key trends and challenges expected to continue over the next 1-5 years, providing international school leaders and practitioners with a valuable guide for strategic technology planning. ..more
+ 2014
By Ada Renan
Students from WBAIS in Israel won the Lowell Milken Center (LMC) for Unsung Heroes $10,000 Discovery Award grand prize for their project “Confronting Adversity through Secret Newspapers in Terezin." ..more
By Bonnie Billak
Learning a new language takes patience, perseverance, and lots of hard work. Unless students have intrinsic motivation to learn, teachers will need to develop strategies to help students overcome what can become an aversion to learning English. ..more
By Mark Lombardo
As part of their study of the Chinese Cultural Revolution, Mark Lombardo's students recently conducted oral history interviews with people having lived through or experienced the topic of study, leaving them enthusiastic, passionate, and highly engaged in their projects. ..more
By Margriet Ruurs
Margriet Ruurs, author of 27 books for children, reviews Every Last Drop, Families Around The World, So Much For Democracy, Just Deserts, Moon At Nine, and Throwaway Daughter. ..more
By Bonnie Billak
Without a clearly defined vision and mission statement, an ESL program can easily become blurred or lost in the myriad of new initiatives that schools implement each year, resulting in a lessening of services for students in great need of English language instruction. ..more
By Anne Keeling & Dennis Stanworth
At one of the very oldest international schools in the world - Yokohama International School (YIS) in Japan - students are looking to one of the very newest ways of learning. ..more
By Joy Jameson
In this latest edition of her "I Wonder..." series, Joy Jameson wonders about our motivations as international educators. "What was the carrot on the stick that caught your attention and inspired you to work at an international school?" ..more
By Meadow Hilley
A Jihadi forum member has called on "lone wolf" attackers to target American and Western teachers in international schools, in the Arabian Peninsula in particular, according to the MEMRI Jihad and Terrorism Threat Monitor. ..more
by Meadow Hilley
In response to the Ebola epidemic in West Africa, the Association of International Schools in Africa (AISA) has developed a number of preparedness documents, which it has shared within its member network and beyond. “You can only get Ebola from touching bodily fluids of a person who is sick with or has died from Ebola, or from exposure to contaminated objects, such as needles.” - CDC ..more
By Michael Barrs
The American School of Vietnam (TAS) in Ho Chi Minh City teamed up with local businesses and charities in a one-week fundraiser to save the lives of five children in desperate need of heart surgery. ..more
By Emma Goligher
Bangkok Patana School is the first school in Thailand to have been awarded The Design Mark in recognition of its excellence in teaching design and so joins an elite group of 51 schools worldwide—just two of which are outside of the UK—delivering the very best design education to their students. ..more
Selected sources
A roundup of news from the field we believe will be of interest to our international educators. Vocational ed, Arne Duncan, Internet in NZ schools, China teaches UK teachers. ..more
By Jaya Java
Grade 10 students at Educational Services Overseas Ltd.’s (ESOL’s) Universal American School (UAS) presented their views on current issues faced by the coming generation last May in a panel discussion hosted by acclaimed journalist Riz Khan. ..more
By Meadow Hilley
In mid-September, close to 80 staff at the Bavarian International School (BIS) in Haimhausen, Germany held a warning strike in a dispute over wages as the school pursues major expansion projects. ..more
By Mark Newmark
I have been asking people about excellence in their domains. What makes a good art program? A good mathematics program? Some of the most revealing answers have come from Tom and Barbara Stief, who have been making music together for 25 years. ..more
By Meadow Hilley
When Mark Elshout joined Osaka International School, he was prepared to integrate iPad technology into his music classroom, but wasn't thrilled by his choices. So he set about designing custom apps. ..more
By Joy Jameson
Joy Jameson offers a meditation on the common practice of conducting candidate interviews in hotel rooms at international school job fairs. What could possibly explain this curious phenomenon? ..more
By Kate Ferrier
A new Strategic Initiatives Action Grant propels ISB’s staff and students into the very future they are envisioning. ..more
By Forrest Broman
The Children of Haiti Project (COHP) is now in its fifth year providing schooling, nutritious meals, and health care to 76 Haitian children living in grinding poverty. ..more
By Nina Markham
Writing in from Rotterdam, one teacher lists the upsides of belonging to a smaller, tight-knit learning community, from the family atmosphere to global-mindedness. ..more
By Anne Keeling
The Malaysian government has offered new initiatives for the development of international schools, including significant tax incentives for organizations that establish new institutions in the country. ..more
By Margriet Ruurs
Margriet Ruurs, author of 30 books for children, reviews five extraordinary titles for young readers that touch on today's global realities: Pay it Forward Kids | Why Do We Fight? | Not Your Typical Book About the Environment | You Are Stardust | A Camera, Two Kids and a Camel. ..more
By Natasha Broman, TIE Staff Writer
In his recent book Brainstorm, psychiatry professor Dan Siegel challenges our understanding of the adolescent brain. ..more
By John Chandler
For over 50 years, The American School of Kinshasa in the Democratic Rep. of Congo has offered an American-based curriculum to a group of talented K-12 students from all over the world. ..more
By Lee Fertig and Sue Easton
Does our school articulate clear and unambiguous statements of purpose and direction? Do we adhere to a set of learning principles that reflect our community’s values? Educational leaders must navigate these and many other questions to be successful in their practice. ..more
By Tiffani Razavi, TIE Staff Writer
In environments where computers and machines calculate and monitor, it is the uniquely human skills that are most needed. At the top of the list of what Google looks for in prospective employees is what Laszlo Bock calls general cognitive ability. “It is not IQ,” he says, “it is learning ability. It is the ability to process on the fly." ..more
By Cynthia Nagrath
Nature for Nurture, a wildlife photography book by Kevin Bartlett, will help to raise funds for the Children of Haiti Project (COHP). ..more
By Keith Boniface
Because we design a broad view of what it means to be well educated, high school is often referred to as an exercise in collecting credits rather than a quest for knowledge. ..more
by Michael Bachelard
Michael Bachelard explains how two teachers from Jakarta International School have been arrested over alleged rapes and detained without charge for a further month. ..more
By Aland Russell
We still pay attention to the tech standards, but I am coming to believe that the standards can become a hindrance to true integration because they place the focus on the tool instead of the learning. ..more
By Bonnie Billak
Looking after those English language learners is not your responsibility, right? Wrong. The optimal situation really does involve you, argues one ESL specialist. ..more
By Michael Johnson
How can we best address recently identified issues with regard to on- and off-campus child protection? A child protection team, and balanced teams of vetted chaperones, are a good start. ..more
By Alex Lancia
Africa beckons! Join the International Community School of Addis Ababa for a learning safari in Ethiopia. ..more
By Bambi Betts
AISH Executive Director Bambi Betts and a coalition of international education leaders spearhead a renewed focus on child protection in international schools. ..more
By Paul Poore
Sometimes our colleagues are not who we think they are; in the wake of sexual misconduct by fellow staff members, we realize we may have unintentionally failed to protect our students. So what are international schools to do? ..more
By Simon Gauci
In his geography unit, one social studies teacher consented to his students' use of MineCraft... And in the wake of an "outstanding" project outcome, some reconsiderations were arguably in order. ..more
By Tamatha Bibbo and Roberto d’Erizans
Does training, or for that matter, most of the professional development (PD) we as educators participate in each year, have any effect on student learning? Is PD really worth the time we dedicate to it? ..more
By Peter Carlson
Every year, KIS International School in Bangkok, Thailand offers a scholarship to a deserving young refugee. And as KIS teacher Peter Carlson observes, there are numerous benefits to supporting genuine socioeconomic diversity. ..more
By Nigel Winnard
The open recommendation was, is, and always will be an untrustworthy whitewash. Far from securing a best fit for candidates and recruiters, it served only to muddy the waters. ..more
By William Powell & Ochan Kusuma-Powell
The edge of possibility is that international schools take a new challenge of inclusion, namely the education of children who learn differently. ..more
By Sloane Starke
No definition of diversity can last forever, and the American School Foundation in Mexico City realized its own needed tweaking. The ensuing spotlight landed on a new set of standouts. ..more
By Maria Savva & Sarah Washburne
The American International School in Cyprus argues that real life is about getting, and giving, chances - including second ones. A cursory look at adult life suggests they may be on to something. ..more
By Tiffani Razavi, TIE Staff Writer
Few teachers may be aware that as of mid-2012, restrictions on teachers from Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and the USA were lifted, giving teachers from these countries the same working rights in the UK as those from the European Union. ..more
By Richard Pacheco
Endicott College to open new center in Bangkok this summer, following the establishment of international graduate study centers in Spain, Switzerland, and the Czech Republic. ..more
48th Annual AAIE Conference, Boston, USA
Hundreds of international school heads, associations, and partners gathered in Boston for the 48th annual AAIE conference. ..more
By Daniel Lincoln
Expanded series of country reports to feature demographic studies and market intelligence, given a market that will "double in the next ten years." ..more
+ 2013
By Kate Ferrier
One international school's success story of delegation and, ultimately, empowerment. ..more
By Tiffani Razavi, TIE Staff Writer
Cambridge International Examinations launches a ground-breaking, three-year partnership with Florida’s Miami-Dade school district, the fourth-largest school district in the United States. ..more


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