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Friday, 7 August 2020

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How to Submit an Article to TIE

By Meadow Hilley, TIE Editor


How to Submit an Article to TIE
Thank you for considering a submission to The International Educator (TIE). We encourage heads, teachers, counselors, students, and other staff to propose stories on any topic relevant to the international education community.

Send us your school news—write-ups about your big events, your achievements, your vision—along with topical articles, research results, and opinion pieces on curriculum and instructional strategies, professional development, counseling, community involvement initiatives, and exciting student projects.

Format: Articles should come in under 800 words and must include:
1. a title
2. a byline (attributing credit to one or multiple authors)
3. a one-sentence bio about the author
Texts should be sent as Microsoft Word files in attachment to or

Images: We are always on the lookout for high-quality, attractive photos from around the world. Send your JPEGs of 300+ dpi as attachments and list corresponding captions in a Word document.

Deadlines: TIE is published four times a year. Submissions are accepted on a rolling basis. To be considered for publication in the upcoming issue, send your piece by August 15 for TIE’s October issue, by October 15 for TIE’s December issue, by December 15 for TIE’s February issue, and by February 15 for TIE’s April issue.

Your submission implies acceptance of our editorial policies:

- Submission to TIE is not a guarantee of publication. We receive a large volume of material from individuals and schools around the world and have limited space in each issue.

- If published, your contribution will very likely also be edited, shortened, or otherwise amended, as per the space limitations of any given issue.

- Your contribution, if selected for publication, will likely be featured on, and/or in our social media outlets (, @teach_overseas on Twitter, etc.).

Thank you for your interest in The International Educator. We are grateful for your support and contributions.

Please fill out the form below if you would like to post a comment on this article:

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11/13/2019 - Skye
Hello Mehak, Chirag, and Jahnavi,

Please submit your articles to our editor Meadow Dibble, at
11/07/2019 - Khushi
How to submit poem
11/02/2019 - Arushi Thakur
Respected sir/mam
With due respect I want to say that I am very much interested in posting my views on Tribune. I have written a self made poem. I want to spread awareness among people from my writings. So, kindly help me in spreading awareness. I will be greatfully thankful you.
10/14/2019 - Tanuja
I want to publishe my poem in the newspaper. How can I post my poem. Plz help me.
09/25/2019 - Anmol
Tell me how can I post my article on newspaper
09/05/2019 - Mehak
Hey! I want to publish my self written poem in student tribune newspaper. Plz help me to do the same. I will be really thankful
09/02/2019 - Chirag
Sir or ma'am who select content ,. I want to give an article in your newspaper which really help most the students according to me as I not ...
So now I am very interested to share my own views and want to tell something new to everyone , most probably which is useful for all ...
So pls help me to increase my ability to write and for all others which may learn something from me , help me and pls guide me how to submit my content ?..

08/28/2019 - Jahnavi
I want to publish my poem in the newspaper.... Please help me to do the same.
How can I post my poem?

08/21/2019 - Rajinder kumar
I am very excited to post my well-written article
06/23/2019 - Jalal khan
I am much excited to post something and want your collaboration that i may do it well.
05/22/2019 - Meadow
Hey, Samantha! Thanks for your interest in contributing to TIE.

You can send submissions as Word documents attached to an email that includes your full name and a brief bio to: or

I look forward to reading you!

05/22/2019 - Samantha
I want to send a poem . How shall post it ?
08/09/2017 - Terry, educational psychologist and person with disabilities
Its time to find out what's happening new in technology for students in the international school system with Learning Disabilities.... The way I discovered reading was through the technology of my time... today students with disabilities can use the most modern technology and the same content as their peers who are able bodied...... I believe their should be more articles for parents, teachers, administrators who read TIE Online about the topics of inclusion not exclusion and how to best cope and teach students with exceptional needs

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