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Raise Her Up Scholarship For Sidecar Summit 2022

By Kimberly Cullen
Raise Her Up Scholarship For Sidecar Summit 2022

The Sidecar Summit is an in-real-life summer gathering for adventurous women leaders where we support one another’s individual leadership aspirations and brainstorm ways we can, individually and collectively, “womanize” the school leadership landscape.

The Sidecar Counsel recognizes that leading an international school is an adventure unlike any other, one that involves uniting a vibrant mix of cultures behind a common mission and leading this community forward through uncharted territory. This endeavor calls for adventurous leaders driven by passion and purpose, curious by nature, eager to forge new paths in order to advance the school’s mission, and wise enough to surround themselves with fellow adventurers who possess skills and experience that they don’t have.

The adventure has additional dimensions for women leaders. This path has been largely shaped by men, and the scope of the leadership roles reflect that, as do societal norms about what leadership “looks like.” Women taking on leadership positions can ably fill these roles, and also have the opportunity to shape them in ways that reflect their innate strengths and realities, create new norms around leadership, and lead to even greater success for all members of these school communities (hint: men benefit too!).  Coach Bridget McNamer serves women leaders as coach, sounding board, question-asker, pathfinder, amateur mechanic, travel buddy, morale-booster, perspective provider and success-celebrator, and she does so in a variety of ways, including the Sidecar Summit. 

Two summits will be held in the summer of 2022: in Europe (Friesland, The Netherlands, July 1-4) and in the U.S. (Red Lodge, Montana, July 18-21). Click here for an overview of the Summit.  

This year, the Raise Her Up Scholarship will fund the registration fee for the 2022 Sidecar Summit for two women (one in Europe and one in the US) who are doing important work in education leadership and who will both contribute to and benefit from the Sidecar Community, but for whom attendance would be a challenge due to financial constraints. Transportation and accommodation will be the responsibility of the attendees (maybe one day - when RHU becomes a foundation! - we can support an all-expenses paid scholarship).

Raise Her Up, a network founded by Kimberly Cullen and Debra Lane, is committed to giving voice to the experiences of women along their leadership journeys.  We believe we gain strength from sharing our stories, understanding that we are not alone, and that change is possible. Through presentations, publications, and meaningful conversations with decision-makers about the need for gender equity in leadership, we can begin to close the gender gap.

As we share our challenges and celebrations with others, real themes emerge.  While the stories are different, both emerging and veteran women leaders interact with issues of vulnerability, authenticity, self-awareness, boundaries, self-care, persistence, resilience, relationships, imposter syndrome, and courage... to name a few. The Raise Her Up community offers ways to share, grow and learn from one another.  The scholarships will be awarded to participants who have demonstrated a commitment to raising other women up through their words and actions.

Participants are invited to apply no later than February 28, 2022.


Kimberly Cullen is an international educator of 24 years. Kim spent the vast majority of her professional life in the same international school where she held a variety of roles in education including Head of Development, Guidance and College Counselor, Dean of Students, and High School Principal. Kim has an M.A. in Education from the University of Hertfordshire in the UK, and an M.S. from Capella University in Human Services/Counseling. She graduated from Hamilton College with a B.A. in Religious Studies. Kim received the International School Leader credential from the Principals’ Training Center (PTC), and she completed her coaching training with Coach U.

Kim co-authored Raise Her Up:  Stories and Lessons from Women in International Education (Pre-order the book from Solution Tree or Amazon) and co-founded the Raise Her Up network -

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