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Summer Reading

Margriet Ruurs offers a selection of books that educators at international schools might enjoy for personal summer reading.
By Margriet Ruurs
Summer Reading

Little Princes by Conor Grennan. This touching, heart wrenching, book is the true story of how children from remote regions in Nepal were taken by child traffickers. Used to get money or slave labor via the children, these very young kids were separated from families who thought they were actually being educated in Kathmandu. A young American man discovered children in deplorable conditions and managed to rescue many of them, working in, and later starting a new, home for children as well as an NGO. If you like travel and children, this is an eye-opening book to read. Diplomatic Baggage by Brigid Keenan. I loved this book because the author takes the reader on an interesting journey into the life of an expat. She and her diplomat husband have lived in many countries. Originally from England, they spent several years each in countries like India, Syria, and Kazakhstan. With a great sense of humor, Keenan describes daily life, learning to deal with cooks and servants who don’t speak English, making friends time and time again, and discovering the idiosyncrasies of many different cultures. Finding Lien by Bruce Logan is a fictional story about child sex trade in Vietnam and Cambodia. The fast-paced action reads like a John Grisham novel and is very realistic, since the story is based on the author’s work with NGOs combating the sex trade in Asia. Two Old Fools on a Camel by Victoria Twead. This British former teacher worked with her husband in a school in the Middle East. Living in Spain, they have hilarious adventures as described in about five different ‘Old Fools’ titles. All books are available in print as well as e-books. Highly recommended as a fun, light summer read and a taste of travel. Two Old Fools on a Camel deals with the year they spent teaching in Bahrain and all of their (mis)adventures there. Gertrude Bell: Queen of the Desert, Shaper of Nations by Georgina Howell is an intriguing tale of an adventurous life of great historical import. Born in 1868, Gertrude Bell was at one time the most powerful woman in the British Empire: a nation builder, she was the driving force behind the creation of modern-day Iraq. Bell became an archaeologist, a spy, an Arabist, a linguist, an author, a photographer, and a legendary mountaineer. A fascinating book that was made into a movie.

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