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NAC Believes in Peace One Day

By Pupjana Kole
NAC Believes in Peace One Day

Peace One Day, a non-profit organization, was founded 1999 by Jeremy Gilley. The objective of the organization is to make Peace Day 21 September an annual day of global unity and a day of intercultural cooperation. In 2001, Peace One Day’s efforts were rewarded when the United Nations designated 21 September as International Day of Peace.
Over the years, the Peace One Day organization succeeded in bringing the message of Peace Day around the word. Narmer American College (NAC) in New Cairo, Egypt was introduced to Peace One Day when it joined Generation Global, an educational program sponsored by the Tony Blair Faith Foundation.
Since planting the seeds of peace has always been part of NAC’s vision, our school has become a voice echoing this global message. Indeed, it has become a tradition that students and teachers, inspired by the legacy of Noble Peace Prize winners throughout the course of history, step forward and actively advocating peace for their community.
Last year, NAC was proud to have been shortlisted and awarded second place in the global competition, which included 86 Generation Global schools in 13 countries. For two years, the Generation Global program has taught students to discover and express their desire in a civilized way for a peaceful and united Egypt.
This year, NAC organized a Peace One Day event on October 16, 2016. The campaign involved 1,200 students from the elementary, middle, and high schools, both British and American sections, celebrating a new era of peace for our nation. Throughout the week of the campaign, students pledged their messages for peace on peace trees, leaving aside any hostilities and differences toward one other. Moreover, the Art Department created displays of the students’ work at all grade levels. The World Language Department is also an active participant in this campaign, ensuring that students communicate the peace message through many languages. They put on unique performances in French, Spanish, and German that include poems, songs, and mini skits accompanied by art and music.
The Social Studies and English Departments did a superb job incorporating students’ artistic and spoken skills with historical facts and information, linking the past with the present. The Physical Education Department took this message outdoors to the football court where students sat and formed a human peace symbol while singing and celebrating this day. In addition, the Music Department played an integral role in bringing the campaign to life.
Students from various music classes performed joyous tones and appealing melodies.
Smiling, forgiving, accepting, and loving one another were at the heart of this campaign. By celebrating Peace One Day, our school hopes to plant more seeds of peace for a better and more united future for our world.

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