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TIE Publishes Wildlife Photography Book

By Cynthia Nagrath
TIE Publishes Wildlife Photography Book

A female cheetah and her two cubs, out for a stroll (photo: K. Bartlett).
The International Educator (TIE), in conjunction with Kevin Bartlett, Director of the International School of Brussels, announces the publication of Nature for Nurture, a wildlife photography book in support of the Children of Haiti Project (COHP).
TIE CEO and COHP founder Forrest Broman said the idea came out of seeing the stunning array of wildlife photographs Mr. Bartlett has taken over the years. "I realized these pictures were too beautiful not to be shared, and that is when the idea came to me about making them into a book that could be used to raise funds for the Children of Haiti Project," Mr. Broman said.
The Children of Haiti Project, or COHP for short, is a school that was created in 2010 in response to the devastating earthquake that hit Haiti earlier that year. Since May 2010, COHP has supported over 80 children from a tent camp in Port-au-Prince with an educational program, two meals daily and regular healthcare. The project is supported by international schools, organizations and concerned individual international educators around the world.
In addition to being the Director of the International School of Brussels (ISB), Kevin Bartlett is also an amateur nature photographer. As soon as he heard of the proposal to turn his collection of photographs into a book for COHP, Mr. Bartlett immediately recognized the importance of the project and set out to sort through hundreds of photos taken over the course of his travels. "In compiling these images I had an overwhelming sense of good fortune, of being lucky enough to have been in unspoiled places with these beautiful, wild creatures," he said.
The stunning photographs showcase Mr. Bartlett’s ability to capture, up-close, some extraordinary moments in nature: the birth of an elephant, a pair of lions just before mating, and a jaguar stalking its prey in the Brazilian rainforest. Impressive shots like these are among the many spectacular images worthy of National Geographic.
Mr. Bartlett’s photography skills have been honed over the course of more than 30 years, using traditional film and more recently, digital photography. "When I turned 60, I was five years out from cancer and still going strong, so my wife Marta and I decided to celebrate survival. I bought some digital camera gear and we went back to Africa, our first return since leaving Namibia in 2001." (Mr. Bartlett was the head of an international school in Namibia prior to joining the International School of Brussels.)
"The Children of Haiti Project (COHP) greatly appreciates Kevin's decision to donate the proceeds from this book to support COHP and its services," said Mr. Broman.
As for Mr. Bartlett, he would rather give thanks to the team in Haiti who is running the little school: "Huge thanks and respect to the team that went into Haiti, and is working against the odds to give these children half a chance. Making a book to help them make a difference was a pleasure and a privilege, from start to finish."
Visit the Children of Haiti Project at; to purchase a copy of Nature for Nurture, go to
Visit the International School of Brussels (ISB) at

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