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TIE’s Editorial Committee Welcomes Two New members

TIE’s Editorial Committee Welcomes Two New members

Doline Ndorimana and Joel Jr Llaban join The International Educator’s editorial committee.

On the first of July, The International Educator (TIE) formally welcomed two new members to its editorial committee. International educators Doline Ndorimana and Joel Jr Llaban joined Bambi Betts of the Principals’ Training Center, Kristen MacConnell of the Teachers’ Training Center, Brittany Betts, and interim editor Courtney Primus, both of The International Educator, to form a long-awaited expanded editorial committee.

Born and raised in Burundi, Doline Ndorimana is a Grade Advisory Leader and a French teacher at the International School of Luxembourg. She has been working as a MYP/DP teacher and university lecturer for fifteen years in Sweden and The Netherlands. She is also a Language Acquisition MYP consultant, a DEI workshop facilitator, an ECIS MLIE (Multilingual Learning in International Education) committee member, a CIS accreditation evaluator, is part of the WomenEdLux steering committee, and a member of AIELOC and ISS Diversity Collaborative. Apart from her passion for language learning, she is a great advocate of students’ voices and works at amplifying them by helping to create a culture of imperfection and vulnerability in schools.

Joel Jr Llaban is a Learning Specialist / Instructional Coach in Teaching and Learning at the International School of Kuala Lumpur. Previously, he worked at the International School of Brussels, International School of Beijing, and Cebu International School. He has been working in education for eighteen years as a classroom teacher and teacher leader with concurrent leadership in curriculum, assessment, professional development, futures and strategic planning. He also served as a department coordinator and an accreditation coordinator. He is trained in international accreditation as a team evaluator and has been involved in accreditation visits to different international schools representing NEASC and CIS. Joel served in the CIS board committee on Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Anti Racism. Joel holds a Master of Education in International Education Administration and a Certificate of International School Leadership from The Principals Training Center. He is a proud member of AIELOC and ISS Diversity Collaborative.

Doline and Joel were among the first to step forward ready to work with TIE over a year ago to gather diverse voices and ideas. We are honored to have these exceptional educators join TIE's editorial team with the intent to reach even wider into our diverse community for more universal participation and voice as well as to offer deeper perspective and expertise in the many fields of discussion within education.

Our goal continues to be to offer a platform for educators to share the wealth of knowledge, expertise, and experiences that exist within our community. TIE is also committed to amplifying stories that serve as provocations for action-taking and ideas that make us curious, wonder, reflect, and learn. In welcoming our newest members, the editorial committee seeks to take the next step towards creating structures and systems to better serve its readers while continuing to reflect, learn, and grow.

Our role in the editorial committee is grounded on partnership, shared learning, and collaboration. Our editorial committee are your learning coaches, committed to supporting you at any stage in your creative process. You can reach out to anyone in the team to support you in brainstorming, ideation and revision of ideas, or courage-building with news, stories, or insights you would like to share and for our international community to learn about.

Joel is on Twitter @JoelJrLLABAN

Doline is on Twitter @DolineNdorimana


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