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Thursday, 3 December 2020

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By Gordon Eldridge, TIE Columnist
As we make decisions about the kind of global citizens we hope our schools will produce, it is important to examine some of the beliefs and assumptions which underpin differing conceptions of what it means to be a global citizen. ..more
By Darnell Fine and Dana Watts
The Diversity Collaborative was born in 2017 to address the lack of diversity in international school leadership. Over the past three years, more than 600 educators from across the globe have signed on, committed to advancing the work of diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice. ..more
By By Anna Clara Fontoura Fernandes Reynolds & Xoài David
The Organisation to Decolonise International Schools held a webinar that brought together two alumni groups, Out For Solidarity (OFS) and #DoBetterDover from the Overseas Family School Singapore and the UWCSEA Dover Campus respectively. ..more
By Naima Thompson
After teaching drama and theater for more than 30 years in the international arena, Naima Thompson believes that all educators need to be asking themselves what deep-seated beliefs impact the way in which they engage with students and whether they are truly clear on where they stand in relation to such issues as anti-blackness and white fragility. ..more
By Jon Nordmeyer, TIE columnist
Two things worth rethinking in international schools are how we refer to multilingual learners and how we serve them. Terminology matters, and how we refer to students and programs can impact both identity and learning. ..more
Bobbi McDaniel became Director of the American International School of Monrovia in Liberia at the start of the 2020 school year. Briefly setting aside the many demands on her attention, she answered a few of our questions about stepping into this role in this era of uncertainty. ..more
By Ben Fishman
As global educators, we want our students to be open-minded, culturally aware, and to appreciate and celebrate diversity. But racism, discrimination, and various forms of bias impact us all. How can we prepare our students for positive encounters in a culturally diverse world? ..more
By Danau Tanu
When a child’s strongest language is different from that of her family, it can create a sense of cultural disconnection even into adulthood. Anthropologist Danau Tanu pursues her investigation of the racist structures at work within international schools. ..more
+ 2020
By Anne Keeling, ISC Research
A new report published by ISC Research and Next Frontier Inclusion describes inclusion practices and trends within the world’s international schools market. A total of 207 international schools from 69 countries were surveyed; students with learning needs are present in most. ..more
By Xoài David and Anna Clara Fontoura Fernandes Reynolds
The Organisation to Decolonise International Schools (ODIS) was launched in the summer of 2020 to address the ways in which global education systems were founded on colonial values, Western dominance and, inevitably, White Supremacy and racism—specifically anti-Blackness. ..more
By Daniel Wickner
Like other BIPOC individuals, Daniel Wickner feels as though he has earned a Ph.D. in Race and Culture, decades in the making. He uses that extensive knowledge and experience to support his students as they explore and construct their complex racial and cultural identities. ..more
By Jen Hardie
Reinforcement of the gender binary is present across the spectrum of school life, often hiding both in plain sight and in places we don’t always think to look. As educators, it is important that we learn to see how this binary can affect our students. ..more
By Heidi Dyck Hilty
Racism in international schools sounds like a misquote. There can’t be racism in international schools; it goes against everything we’re supposed to believe in, against everything we say we promote. And yet... ..more
By Douglas Unger
Teaching literature-in-translation, especially by contemporary writers, is one way to approach expanding diversity in both what and how students learn. This is one of the primary missions of Words Without Borders Campus. ..more
By Joel Jr Llaban
We have to name racism, call it out, and own up to our privilege and power. We have an opportunity here to structurally dismantle racism and shape the present and future of international education so that it is equitable, just, diverse, inclusive, and anti-racist. ..more
By Susana Thomas
It was incredible to work alongside people of color and to be seen for what we are and what we have to offer... It was magical while it lasted. I feared that penning such a candid account would result in my exclusion from the consideration of future employers. But we must. ..more
By Dr. Ashley Hazelwood, AIELOC Fellow & Kevin Simpson, AIELOC Founder
AIELOC calls on every stakeholder in international education to commit to action and to making our community more socially just. Now is the time for us to move beyond contrived statements and to assert action to solidify our collective identity. ..more
By Alysa Perreras
As educators, if we seek to be true accomplices in the work of dismantling injustice, our commitment must be intentional, urgent, and unapologetic. In the case of dismantling antiblackness within our schools, curriculums and classrooms, there is no time to waste. ..more
By Jennifer J. Beckwith, Ph. D.
If classes were currently in session in international classrooms, I can only imagine the compassion and awe-inspiring debate fueled by outrage over tyranny, by racial conflict, by diverse beliefs, and by a commitment to human equality that would send sparks flying. ..more
By Francis T Chapuredima
From an international educator point of view, I am very fortunate to have a chance to shape, educate, and challenge young minds. To help them realize that we are all human, and that hate and racism are taught! ..more
By Yvette Cuenco
I’ve thought deeply about the rage, sadness, and fear felt by my colleagues, friends, students, and loved ones who identify as Black People of Color. As a Filipino American, I've experienced racism and prejudice, but I can still enjoy everyday things without fearing for my own safety. ..more
By Edwina Leonard
As an educator, I pull from a deep reserve to soothe my students' shattered emotions and try to restore their perceptions of the hate being displayed in my country. But this black woman, this wife, this mother, this school counselor is deeply saddened. ..more
By Seda Kocharyan
A reflection from Seda Kocharyan on the mysterious criteria that seem to inform certain hiring practices in the international education sector, both at schools and among recruiting agencies. Can we pierce this mystery? ..more
By Bettina L. Love, University of Georgia
Asking educators to understand how racism functions in their classrooms and to fight for social justice when they have so many issues to tackle every day may sound counterproductive, but many of their students’ traumas are a direct result of oppressive systems and ideologies. ..more
Resources and Tools for Education in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. We invite all educators to add suggestions and we will update this list periodically. ..more

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