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Identity and the Whole Child in International Schools

Igniting Conversations Podcast
By Fandy Diney and Daniel Wickner
Identity and the Whole Child in International Schools

In this podcast, Fandy shares a conversation between herself and Daniel from the beginning of the pandemic that shows the start of their exchange of ideas and the alignment between Daniel’s work in identity centered learning and Fandy’s holistic approach to international education and placing the whole child at the center of that. 


Fandy is a proactive international educator with 18 years of work experience facilitating linguistic and intercultural competence around the world. She is the initiator of iEducate Global and holds a Certificate in School Management and Leadership. She is also an International Baccalaureate Affiliate and a Workshop Leader for the IB Educators Network. She has worked in Korea, Italy, Uganda, and China, supporting pupils and teachers of multiple nationalities, diverse social identities, and cultural backgrounds. As a founding member of the DEIJ committee of the Association of Educators and Leaders of Color, she is currently working on AEILOC’s iDEIJ Continuum for International Schools. 

Daniel is an Upper Primary classroom teacher at Hong Kong International School and has taught internationally for many years. Being multiracial, multicultural, and multilingual, he strongly identifies with the complex cultural intersectionality of international school communities and is passionate about supporting students’ healthy identity development.

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