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Stories From Around the World

Conversations With an International Teacher of Colour Podcast
By Dominique Dalais
Stories From Around the World

This is the second in a series of podcasts where I have reached out to educators in international schools who want to share their stories of discrimination and racism during their international school journeys.

In this story, the educator had recently qualified as a teacher in an international school after working as a teacher assistant. As soon as they were elevated to a role equal to their white peers, they felt shunned and not helped in the same way as before. The treatment they received after a particular incident by a white educator seemed unjust and unfair, leading to them feeling the need to resign. How do we support international teachers of color in a system that is often dominated by privilege?


Dominique Dalais has been teaching for 26 years, most of which have been in the international school sphere. He has recently been a head of physical and health education at two international schools in England and South Korea. Dominique coordinated diversity, equity, and inclusion as the lead in his previous international school and is an experienced racial equity facilitator.

He is currently an organizing committee member for the Educational Collaborative for International Schools physical education special interest group, an advocacy committee member of the International School Services Diversity Collaborative, and a facilitator of the Self Care group for the Association of International Educators and Leaders of Color.


Facebook Groups: PHE in the MYP, International Teachers of Colour 

Twitter: @Dalais44, @ibmypphe, @Int_T_of_Colour


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