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University of the People and IB Partner up for Tuition-free Master’s of Education Program

By Freddie Oomkens

To increase the amount of highly skilled teachers around the world, the University of the People (UoPeople) and the International Baccalaureate (IB) have launched a tuition-free, online Master’s of Education (M.Ed.) program. The program was developed to address the shortage of qualified educators around the world, especially in underrepresented areas, and to enable teachers and educational administrators to advance their knowledge and careers regardless of where they live or how much they can afford. Starting today, UoPeople will begin accepting applicants to commence their M.Ed. studies as early as January 2019. Applicants do not have to be associated with the IB or plan to be IB teachers. The M.Ed. program can be completed in seven to eight terms (each term is nine weeks long) and as it is online, students can start in any given term, from anywhere in the world. There are no tuition or textbook fees, however there are minimal assessment fees. Increasing access to affordable education The new program offers teachers and schools around the world a cost-effective opportunity to receive a Master’s of Education degree. “We are extremely excited to be collaborating with the IB to launch this program, based on our compatible missions and values, which include a commitment to increase access to quality education”, said UoPeople President Shai Reshef. The demand for teachers with a master’s in education is high, according to President Reshef, and other degree holders who don’t have a bachelor’s in education also need the qualification if they wish to become teachers. Unfortunately, many teachers who are qualified to achieve the M.Ed. cannot afford it. The UoPeople and the IB hope to fix this problem. President Reshef continued: “Launching the world’s most cost-effective M.Ed. was a natural progression for UoPeople, and we couldn’t be prouder about collaborating with the IB to make it happen. We see this as a great milestone—both for teachers around the world and the university to mark its 10th anniversary”. The curriculum reflects the IB’s approaches to teaching and learning so the program will also meet the needs of IB World Schools who are looking to recruit teachers familiar with IB pedagogy. The M.Ed. program will produce a new generation of globally-minded educators with an in-depth knowledge of curriculum, pedagogy, and assessment to support student-directed inquiry, interdisciplinary learning, intercultural competence, and critical thinking. The launch of the M.Ed. program coincides with the IB’s 50th anniversary. More information is available at:"

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01/27/2019 - Dave
Sir, I am interested in your new programme and would like to enrol for the M.Ed degree. I hold B.Ed and have taught junior and senior high students for the past nine years now. The IB connection is also great for me because I hope to start teaching abroad in a university after my masters and doctorate. Please can i start registration immediately?