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African Peace Makers: Forging Stability and Harmony

Peace You Have My Word
By Kekeli Agbozo, Grade 10
African Peace Makers: Forging Stability and Harmony

On September 21, the whole world celebrates the international day for Peace. This past year the United Nation’s designed theme was “Action for Peace: our ambition for the global goals.” There is something transformative about taking a moment to think about what Peace is, what it feels like, and how it impacts the world. Through “Peace You Have My Word,” a writing competition organized by Africa Learning International (ALI), students from international schools in Africa and Europe have put pen to paper to celebrate Peace, Africa, and Antiracism. Each piece of student work shows evidence that education for Peace is a powerful tool to develop self-awareness, poetic appreciation, and critical thinking. It is inspiring to see African and European students countering afro-pessimism as one. Enjoy the enchanting words and the provocative ideas!

-Estelle Baroung Hughes, Founder of Peace You Have My Word competition


African Peace Makers: Forging Stability and Harmony

Africa has witnessed the emergence of exceptional peace makers, dedicated to bringing stability and harmony to their nations. This essay explores the invaluable contributions of African peace makers in promoting peace, resolving conflicts, and inspiring future generations.

Nelson Mandela, the iconic South African leader, fought against apartheid and dedicated his life to reconciliation and forgiveness. His unwavering commitment transformed South Africa, showcasing the power of forgiveness and inclusivity in building a united nation.

Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Liberia's first female president and Nobel Peace laureate, brought stability to her country after the civil war. She promoted democracy, human rights, and economic development, highlighting the crucial role of women in peacebuilding.

Kofi Annan, former UN Secretary-General and Nobel Peace laureate, played a vital role in resolving conflicts across Africa. His mediation efforts during the 2008 Kenyan post-election violence and peace agreements in Sierra Leone and Liberia demonstrated his dedication to sustainable peace.

The African Union (AU) and the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) have been instrumental in conflict resolution and peacekeeping. The AU deployed peacekeeping missions in Sudan and Somalia, while ECOWAS intervened successfully in conflicts in Sierra Leone, Liberia, and Côte d'Ivoire. These regional bodies exemplify African nations' commitment to resolving conflicts internally and maintaining peace.

African peace makers have proven their resilience, wisdom, and commitment to building a harmonious future. Their contributions in promoting peace, resolving conflicts, and inspiring future generations serve as beacons of hope for a brighter Africa. It is essential to celebrate and emulate their efforts to ensure lasting peace and stability for all Africans.

Kekeli Agbozo is a 16-year-old, Grade 10 student at SOS Herman Gmeiner in Ghana.

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