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A Year Like No Other

Videos for Change
By an international school student, USA
A Year Like No Other

Videos for Change is a worldwide community of young people creating original, short-form video content on issues that matter most to them. They are global citizens championing diverse viewpoints that animate our collective future. One idea. One Video. One minute at a time. The TIE gallery showcases videos produced by participating international school students.


Student Motivation:

I wanted to shed light on two major events of 2020: the Covid pandemic and the Black Lives Matter movement because both of these events have really affected my life and, of course, millions of others as well. The pandemic has impacted many families and lifestyles across the nation and the world, and the Black Lives Matter movement has called people to protest and fight against racism in our society, so I wanted to showcase both of these events in my video.

I hope after watching my video people are called to do the right thing, which is to wear a mask, socially distance, and get vaccinated to help stop the spread. As well as becoming educated and racially literate and learn how to be an ally to all groups of people.


Created by an international school student in the United States of America. 

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04/09/2024 - Emily Meadows
What a powerful video packed into just 60 seconds!