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A Conversation on Race and Privilege

Virtual Learning Loft
By International School of Luxembourg (ISL)
A Conversation on Race and Privilege

(Left to right) Sam Nati and Piper Yarborough, students at the International School of Luxembourg (ISL), along with Victor Antonyuk (not pictured) lead discussions on the ISL Virtual Learning Loft.

In June 2020, the ISL webinar on racism and racial diversity provided a platform for teachers to share their stories which were not only moving but impactful. These conversations ignited a conversation on race. Due to social media platforms being flooded with posts and the daily news highlighting society's current challenges with racial diversity, members of our community are asking more questions. Students realize that racism and racial discrimination is still very much alive and wish to engage in a frank and open discussion on race relations.

A Conversation on Race and Privilege took place on 8 October 2020. ISL students Sam Nati, Piper Yarborough, and Victor Antonyuk interviewed Matthew Dwyer, English B & TOK Teacher, James Penn, IB History Teacher, and Nicholas Alchin, Head of Campus, UWCSEA East.

The webinar addressed the following questions: 

  • How do we understand White Privilege without feeling guilty and how can we as students use this privilege in the best way possible to become allies?
  • In what ways has history contributed to systemic racism and how does it continue to contribute? How much history do we (as young people) need to understand in order to become better allies?
  • What is the role of education and what should educators do as allies?
  • How do we reach those who don’t quite understand the impact of discrimination on someone’s life? What strategies can we use?

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