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Period Poverty Part Two: Uganda

Empathy to Impact Podcast
By Scott Jamieson and Nantume
Period Poverty Part Two: Uganda

Hosted by Scott Jamieson, this transformative podcast with nearly 50 episodes provides listeners with direct access to student changemakers around the world. Enjoy the perspective of these young leaders on sustainable development, well-being, community partnerships, and the compassion, connection, courage, and understanding needed to find joy and meaning in shaping a better self and world.

Following up from our last episode on period poverty, I reconnect with Nantume in Uganda to talk about her Middle Years Programme personal project where she addresses this important issue as well as other issues related to the wellbeing of girls in her community. If you are interested in Sustainable Development Goal 5, achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls, and want to find out more about what that looks like in action from a student perspective, this is an episode you don’t want to miss. One last note, Nantume recorded this episode sitting outside on a beautiful day in her village. Listen carefully and you can hear the nature sounds in the background.

What Is Empathy to Impact? 

Dive into the voices and stories of students who own their learning and impact their communities. Brought to you by Inspire Citizens.



Despite living in rural Uganda, Nantume attends school virtually at Xi’an Liangjiatan International School (XLIS) in Xi’an, China. You can learn more about the school here.

Scott Jamieson has spent 17 years as a teacher and administrator in international schools primarily in the Middle East and China. He holds master’s degrees in Education, Educational Leadership, and Special Education. He is a math nerd who is passionate about sustainable development, social justice, and impact-driven education. This led him to join Inspire Citizens in December 2020. Inspire Citizens is an independent educational organization working with diverse partners to reimagine schools as thriving community centers of transformative learning. With Inspire Citizens, Scott works with schools, teachers, and students to view learning through the lens of Empathy to Impact and allow students to leverage transformative learning to have an impact in their local and global communities.

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