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Drawing from an Empty Well

By Edwina Leonard
Drawing from an Empty Well

As a Black American Counselor living and working in the Middle East, I have become overwhelmed with the images that I see on American television. I am expected to explain and conjure order to those around me when I don't understand the chaotic visions myself.

As an educator, I pull from a deep reserve to soothe my students' shattered emotions and try to restore their perceptions of the hate being displayed in my country. On the back of a worldwide pandemic that diminishes my chances to see my family this year and from the emotional roller coaster of witnessing an "apparent" act that cost a man—a father, a human being—his life, this black woman, this wife, this mother, this school counselor is deeply saddened.

Sad because of hate. Sad because of seeing the death and destruction of communities and the livelihood of many. Sad because I can't do much to make anything right.

I can and will eventually draw on my faith and pray for peace. I will eventually look to my friends and family to embrace me in love. I will eventually rely on my professional training in counseling that equips me with a plethora of coping skills to help me maintain. However, before I can heal others, I have to heal myself. My cup is full and my well is empty.

Edwina Leonard is a school counselor at English Modern School Al Khor in Doha, Qatar. She is also a family coach at Infinity Family Coaching.

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06/11/2020 - Francis
Thank you for being so honest. Glad to know there are enough of us in Al Khor to get this discussion going.
06/05/2020 - Mother Patton
Thanks Edwina, very well spoken. Please keep the comments coming. I am praying for your peace.
Ruth Patton
06/05/2020 - JM
Your article is brilliant, sincere and honest. I am sure many people will relate to your words and draw strength that they are not alone. Take care of yourself first and then help others through this difficult time. 
06/04/2020 - Sherri
You expressed yourself perfectly. I'm sure you will do the same for your students. I love you, you're in my prayers. You said your well is empty; go to the well anyway so that the Lord can give you living water. He will give you the words, the strength, and the resolve. ??
06/04/2020 - Mom
I am so proud of you; the realization of life, the issues that overwhelm us all, you know to draw on Faith. Mom loves you and I know God will take ALL pain(s) away.