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Wednesday, 17 July 2024
AI Enabled Educational Software: Limiting the Human Connection

AI Enabled Educational Software: Limiting the Human Connection
By Deron Marvin
Jun 2024
Scrutinize the use of these AI-enabled components to ensure the human connections between teachers and students are not compromised…

Shaping the Future of Education With AI

Shaping the Future of Education With AI
By Jessica Schultz
Jun 2024
How one school is using effective strategies to support educators in incorporating AI into their classrooms to enhance learning and creativity…

Applying Game Theory to AI in Education

Applying Game Theory to AI in Education
By Dale Plotzki
May 2024
When we game out the potential scenarios for schools in the age of AI, the choice seems clear on how to proceed…

The Future of Classroom Digitalization

The Future of Classroom Digitalization
By Dr. Matt Glanville and Yoon Byun
Jun 2024
A conversation on the future of digitization in the classroom including benefits, limitations, and challenges…

+ 2024
By Jérémie Rostan
Schools developing innovative alternative diplomas face a challenge aligning them with college applications. AI integration offers promising solutions… ..more
By Duncan Crawford
Exploring the implications that thinking and learning machines pose for students, teachers, and society as a whole with Khan Academy founder, Sal Khan… ..more
By Aberra B. Belayneh
Future discussions and decision-making around AI and education must include the fate of the unconnected/less connected… ..more
By Nigel Winnard
Schools and parents need to get on the same page when it comes to teaching about ethics and moral choices, as well as supervision, around online access… ..more
By Peter Merrick
We can reframe the challenge by simply removing the ethical question from the equation… ..more
+ 2023
By Jérémie Rostan and Beth Stark
AI integration will not be truly effective and impactful in education unless it helps us to augment and amplify excellent pedagogical practice... ..more
By Dan Worth
In this episode, Daniel Jones discusses how Globeducate is managing the rapid rise of generative artificial intelligence… ..more
By Dr. Richard Granger
The arrival of Generative AI and its impact on the study of writing compares to the arrival of the calculator and its impact on the study of mathematics… ..more
By John Mikton
As AI becomes an integral part of our daily lives and its impact on education becomes more significant, we must stay up to date with resources and support... ..more
By Adam Duckworth and Dr. Yujiro Fujiwara
It is vital that we examine the use of AI, reflect on its implications on educational practices, and provide guidelines for creating policies in schools… ..more
By Raquel Parra and Dr. Yujiro Fujiwara
Incorporating social media into language instruction has been found to have several benefits for language learners… ..more
By Jessica Schultz
By embracing AI with confidence, we can inspire hope and guide student towards a future with endless possibilities and a zest for lifelong learning… ..more
By Nickolas Hironao Harris
We must take into consideration the various advantages and disadvantages of technology’s educational transformation… ..more
By Sal Khan
Artificial intelligence could spark the greatest positive transformation education has ever seen… ..more
By Yosef Karasik
FutureTech is a new course designed to meet the needs of our rapidly evolving, technology-driven world… ..more
By Conrad Hughes
Using technology and not trying to ban it is not only a preference but also a necessity… ..more
By Margareta (Margo) Tripsa
Practical ideas to leverage the potential of artificial intelligence… ..more
By Conrad Hughes
Victorian-styled tasks built on regurgitating memory should be replaced by those requiring more distinctly human traits of intelligence... ..more

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