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Abdullah Shamsi, CAC Senior, Speaks at UN IDP Observance

By Diana Shanaa
Abdullah Shamsi, CAC Senior, Speaks at UN IDP Observance

Abdullah Shamsi delivering the speech at the UN Observance.

Every year the United Nations commemorates the International Day of Peace and this year is no different. Cairo American College (CAC) Senior, Abdullah Shamsi has been chosen by the United Nations Department of Global Communications to be one of eight youth speakers at the UN International Day of Peace. In light of the Covid-19 global pandemic, the conference was held virtually, where the Secretary-General of the UN, Antonio Gueterres, was present along with several UN officers and peace messengers from around the world. This year’s theme for the International Day of Peace was Shaping Peace Together

The observation, which was held on September 17th, featured 8 youth speakers from around the world who were encouraged to share their own perspective around the subject of peace.

At 17 years of age, CAC senior Abdullah Shamsi, had already been a part of CACMUN for 6 years and MUN Impact for 6 months. Because of MUN Impact’s partnership with the United Nations Department of Global Communications, Shamsi was nominated to speak at the event. He was thrilled to have the chance to take part in something that can potentially have a great lasting impact on the peace process globally. Shamsi delivered a 3-minute statement that centered around the importance of stability in the Middle East and the ability of youth and this generation to enact meaningful change and ensure a more peaceful environment. 

"I chose to talk about the Middle East specifically because I wanted to highlight some of the measures that young entrepreneurs and problem solvers are taking to make a difference in their communities and how the rest of us can take inspiration to contribute our part. Change must start on a local level. Then when like-minded people come together global change is made,” Shamsi explained, when asked why he chose this specific topic. “It felt like a huge accomplishment to be given this opportunity after being involved in MUN for many years,” he added. 

His speech not only creates a pathway for a real impact on peace around the world, but also serves to remind us that when someone puts hard work and effort into a cause they believe in, it will always yield tangible results, sooner or later. 

To watch the 3-minute video clip of Abdullah Shamsi click here. 

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