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Monday, 19 April 2021

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15 April 2021 | What have we learned?
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17 February 2021 | Revealing the Hidden Curriculum
3 February 2021 | Bring on the Mistakes
20 January 2021 | Teaching in Turbulent Times

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Community Engagement


By Ahaan Chakrabarty
For his Grade 10 IB Middle Years Programme Personal Project, Ahaan Chakrabarty decided to build a solar power bank that his fellow students would use at school to charge their phones. In the era of COVID-19, staying charged up and connected is all the more critical. ..more
By Kelly Owens
Service learning, according to Kelly Owens, is problematic in that it reinforces the “savior” mentality among students at international schools. A different approach, community-based engagement, shows them the importance of working together for the betterment of all. ..more
+ 2020
By Kimberly Kingry
The start of this new academic year meant opening our doors exclusively to faculty and staff. There is obvious disappointment in the lack of face-to-face engagement with our community. Still, we're determined to make this our Year of Recovery. ..more
By Margriet Ruurs
I recently toured five countries in Europe with my book Stepping Stones. Every book that gets published is exciting for a writer, but some have more surprises in store than others. Nord Anglia International Schools around the world are currently using the book as basis for their annual Global Writing Competition. ..more
By Hovig Demirjian
Lebanon's economic and financial crisis brought thousands of young citizens and school-aged children into the streets to voice their anger and frustration. After much thought, I personally followed a group of my students, walking behind them as they chanted for justice, fairness, and economic equality. ..more
By Robert van der Eyken
In this reflective piece, Robert van der Eyken invites the international education community to engage in more critical self-examination about how much our words for sustainability align with our actions. His message takes on new meaning in light of the global health crisis. ..more
By Tom Ulmet, ACAMIS
Executive Director of the Association of China and Mongolia International Schools (ACAMIS) Tom Ulmet recounts the emergence of what has now become a pandemic and recaps important research on the spread of COVID-19. ..more
By Forrest Broman
The founder of TIE and Director of Children of Haiti and Refugee Projects (COHRP) shares 14 lessons learned during his many years as a school head in at Walworth Barbour American International School in Israel and Escuela Campo Alegre in Venezuela. ..more
By AAIE Board of Trustees
Andy Page-Smith has been named AAIE’s 2020 Superintendent of the Year. After ten years as School Director of the American International School of Johannesburg, in July 2020 he will take up a new position as CEO – Executive Director of AISH. ..more
By Brittany Betts, TIE CEO
Rhythmic drumming and singing filled the halls of the Cape Town Convention Center on 21 November 2019 as more than 500 attendees flooded into the opening session to kick off the 50th anniversary conference of the Association of International Schools in Africa (AISA). ..more
+ 2019
By Tabitha Davis and Caitlin Tegenfeldt
Every August we welcome a new group of students into our classrooms. At the same time, we tend to assume that returning students will not need social support in transitioning to our grade level. Unfortunately, these assumptions can be incorrect. ..more
By Andrew Ranson
International schools everywhere are seeking ways to help their students live the core values of the mission statements that define school communities. Five years ago, in our work as coaches of the high school girls’ volleyball team, my colleague and I began an experiment. ..more
By Global (Ayechan, Haein, Hayman, Phaebe, and Stuti)
Members of International School Yangon’s Eco Schools Team led a protest on 20 September 2019, highlighting their main concerns about the school’s contribution to climate change and advocating for the elimination of single-use plastics on campus. ..more
By Matt Wilce
The American School in Japan (ASIJ) has received a gift of ¥100,000,000 (nearly US$950,000) to its endowment from the ASIJ Parent Teacher Association (PTA). “Building our endowment is one of ASIJ’s most important strategic objectives over the next few years." ..more
Kerry Anne Langton passed away peacefully on June 14, 2019 at her home on Vashon Island, Washington. For thirty years, she lived and traveled abroad with her husband and family, serving on the board of international schools in Kenya, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, the Philippines, Nepal, and India. ..more
By Margaret Shibuya
International administrators take into consideration racism and sexism in their school environments and hiring practices as they make their decisions to retain or hire employees. But what about ageism? This form of discrimination has yet to be addressed. ..more
By Helen Kelly
In the Asian context, bringing teachers around to the need for change in working toward future-ready learning is only one piece of the puzzle. It is just as important that parents support the direction in which a school intends to move. ..more
By Matt Harris, TIE Columnist
At many schools, parents are expected to monitor around five channels of communication for important school information. School staff have to deal with even more. Students eyeballs-deep in academic responsibilities are asked to keep track of multiple communication systems. ..more
By Anne Keeling
Today, according to data from ISC Research, 5.6 million children between the ages of 3 and 18 are attending English-medium international schools around the world. Nearly two decades ago, in the year 2000, there were just 969,000 children learning in these schools. ..more
By Sara Segar
Traveling as a teenager with purpose, accompanied by trusted advisors and peers, is an invaluable learning experience. A school travel program gives students the resources, support, and guidance to make educational travel a reality. ..more
+ 2018
By Lesley Tait
In September 2012, the American Cooperative School of Tunis (ACST) was confronted with a monumental challenge when protests erupted and attention moved from the U.S. embassy to the school. Over the past six years, the ACST community has sought to rebuild better. ..more
By Sara Griffith
In January 1944, Mrs. Liliana Segre was deported from Binario 21 of Milan’s Central Station to Auschwitz, along with more than 775 Italian children under the age of 14. Only 25 of those 775 children survived. Mrs. Segre was one of them. ..more
By Michael Johnston
Parents of PK–12 students are consistently subjected to edubabble, which creates a disconnect when the conversation about learning gets picked up at home. At Colegio Maya, creating a common way to organize learning and having a consistent definition of what it means has been a game changer for teachers, students, parents, and all stakeholders. ..more

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