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Dubai Students Join Functional Movement Revolution

Fairgreen International School First to Introduce Groundbreaking Functional Movement Initiative Used by Premier League Football & NBA Athletes
By Jill Alali
Dubai Students Join Functional Movement Revolution

Students at PE at Fairgreen International School, Dubai, UAE. (published with permission)

Fairgreen International School is the first school in Dubai to introduce a revolutionary, data-driven Functional Movement Physical Education Programme, a system of movement screening and remediation to promote optimal physical wellbeing for its students. Fairgreen is launching this in Dubai for September 2021 through a newly minted partnership with Functional Movement Systems UK (FMS UK), leaders in providing neurodevelopmental sequencing to perfect functional movement in elite athletes such as the Premier League Football and the NBA, military personnel, and students. 

Built specifically for schools to enable Physical Education teachers to screen students for movement efficiency to ensure they have a good foundation of movement quality, the Movement Patterns program is a tool used to identify and mitigate poorly developed or maintained movement patterns among all PE students, which potentially make gross motor skills or specific sports skills difficult. Using cutting-edge software, the program provides specific remediation plans to help these students retrain the body, and importantly the brain, to improve movement efficiency and to re-establish sound movement patterns.

Fairgreen will pilot the Movement Patterns program among students in Grades 3-5, eventually rolling it out to all students in Grades 3-12. The program will provide these students with a personalized development pathway that supports balance, mobility and postural control. 

“By developing correct movement habits in their formative years, students will have a more positive association with physical activity, which improves self-confidence and ultimately sets them on a more active path for the rest of their lives,” shares Daniel Walker, Fairgreen Athletic Director. “At Fairgreen, student wellbeing is at the heart of everything we do. By working with the FMS UK team and their fantastic screening program, we will be better able to support our students' physical wellbeing and prepare them to move more regularly with confidence. Our students will develop a legacy of physical wellbeing that will have a long-term positive impact on their lives.”

Peter Bowler, CEO, FMS UK, comments: “Fairgreen International School is progressive and forward thinking, hence a perfect partner for FMS UK. By signing on as the first school in Dubai to incorporate functional movement technology to support their students, Fairgreen shows sincere investment in the FMS UK mission to support children to develop good movement habits that will benefit them for life.”

To learn more about Fairgreen International School, visit 

To learn more about FMS UK, visit

Jill Alali is the Marketing and Community Affairs Manager at Fairgreens International School. Fairgreen International School, founded by Esol Education, was the first sustainability-focused school in Dubai, incorporating sustainability as an integral part of its educational program. With a purpose-built campus that utilizes solar power for all of its energy needs, recycles all of its water for agricultural use and implements waste separation, the school exemplifies Esol Education’s 40-year tradition of establishing exceptional schools worldwide, with certified, professional and caring educators, experienced leadership and world-class facilities.

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