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Foreign Administrators and Retirees Tournament of Sport XXIV Survives Low Turnout and a Day of Rain

By Gail D. Schoppert
Foreign Administrators and Retirees Tournament of Sport XXIV Survives Low Turnout and a Day of Rain

The Foreign Administrators and Retirees Tournament of Sport XXIV (FARTS) features golfers who headed up or taught in over 50 international schools. Players from left to right are: Doug Osbo, John Heard, Joe Ferrisi, Paul DeMinico, Gail Schoppert, Joe Harned, J Meere, Alan Conley, John Johnson, Michael Fokal and Jeff Schoppert. __________________________________________________________________________ June 28/29, 2018. Sutton, NH. -- A combination of a poor choice of dates and some health issues with our aging golfers resulted in a low turnout at the Country Club of New Hampshire, with only 12 players turning up. To complicate matters further it rained all day on Thursday the 28th of June, so only those who were staying at the course motel and the two Schopperts who were renting nearby braved the weather and played that first day. It was a companionable “First FARTS Fivesome of John Johnson, Alan Conkey, John Heard, Jeff Schoppert, and Gail Schoppert (The Fartmeister) who struggled around the wet course. Conkey won the round with an 84, Johnson won long drive, Heard scored long putt and the senior Schoppert was closest to the pin on the chosen par 3. The second day was beautiful, and so was the fun enjoyed by the dozen starters. The golf was great for some, less so for others. Long-time participants Michael Foxall and Joe Ferrissi took top honors with a 77 in the two man scramble, a first for both of them. This was all the more remarkable, since Foxall had played just one round, early in the week, since last year’s tournament. Shoulder surgery had worked, even if it had caused the long layoff. Johnson and Heard finished second with an 82, and Conkey and newcomer Doug Osbo tied for third with Paul DeMinico and David Buck, who actually had to retire after the front nine with a painful hip. Jeff Schoppert and Joe Harned managed to avoid avoid the cellar by edging Gail Schoppert and J Meere. Foxall hit the longest drive and putt, while Ferrissi had closest to pin over the water on the par 3 11th hole. The FARTS tournament features golfers who headed up or taught in over 50 international schools, and generally come in from around the world. This year the longest trip in was by John Heard from Naples, FL. Support for the tournament was graciously provided by TIE, a long time sponsor, and by Consilium Education of Ireland, courtesy of Andy Homden, a veteran Director of British International Schools. The support enabled FARTS to enjoy excellent prizes, good food, enjoyable golf and to still donate $850 to The Children of Haiti Project. Next year’s 25th Annual tournament will be held at least a week after the July 4 holidays, pending a survey of members, and it is hoped that we will be back over 20 golfers. It is sure to be a special event. All on our mailing list will be surveyed about the dates, but newcomers are always welcome, and should contact the Fartmeister at [email protected].

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