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DoDEA Schools Begin School Year 2018-2019

By Elaine Kanellis

ALEXANDRIA, VA — More than 73,000 students are beginning the 2018-2019 School Year in Department of the Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA) schools around the world. DoDEA schools educate children of our Nation’s Servicemembers and the civilians who support them in twelve nations, seven states and two territories. DoDEA operates 164 schools in the United States, Europe and the Pacific through a worldwide network of 8 school districts and approximately 11,000 full-time employees. The DoDEA Virtual High School (DVHS) serves DoDEA-eligible students, whether they are enrolled full-time at DVHS or are supplementing their other DoDEA coursework. Through the Educational Partnership and Resources Division, DoDEA provides support to students of military families who attend over 600 public school districts throughout the United States and to approximately 3,800 military connected students in over 130 international locations where DoDEA does not operate schools. All DoDEA schools are accredited by AdvancED®. DoDEA in the United States: DoDEA-Americas is composed of 2 districts, with 51 schools in the United States, Puerto Rico, and Cuba. DoDEA in Europe: DoDEA-Europe is composed of three districts and operates 65 schools in Germany, Italy, Spain, Belgium, the Netherlands, Turkey, Bahrain and the United Kingdom. DoDEA in the Pacific: DoDEA-Pacific headquartered in Okinawa, Japan, operates 47 schools in Japan, South Korea and Guam. Current enrollment for each school, district, and area can be found at: School Leadership DoDEA Director: Mr. Thomas M. Brady is the Director of the Department of Defense Education Activity. He has oversight of all DoDEA schools, in the U.S. and overseas, to include the DVHS. Mr. Brady’s bio can be found at: Principal Deputy Director and Associate Director for Academics: Dr. Linda L. Curtis is DoDEA’s Principal Deputy Director and Associate Director for Academics. Dr. Curtis directs DoDEA’s instructional and educational programs worldwide. Dr. Curtis’ bio can be found at: Associate Director for Performance and Accountability and DoDEA Americas Director for Student Excellence Dr. Judith A. Minor is DoDEA’s Associate Director for Performance and Accountability and DoDEA Americas Director for Student Excellence. As the Associate Director for Performance and Accountability, Dr. Minor leads the efforts to build, execute, and monitor a system-wide educational accountability system, which includes oversight of district and school accountability processes; development of short- and long-term performance metrics and development and delivery of reports on school and system performance. As the Director of Student Excellence for DoDEA Americas, Dr. Minor is responsible for educational oversight of the 51 schools, 2 districts, and 21,000+ students in the Americas footprint. This includes the planning, formulation, and development of policies and programs in all areas of educational administration and support for DoDEA Americas. Dr. Minor’s bio can be found at: Associate Director for Financial and Business Operations (FBO): Mr. Robert M. Brady is DoDEA’s Associate Director for Financial and Business Operations. He is responsible for DoDEA’s financial management and a multi-billion dollar Military Construction budget for a number of new schools over the next several years. He also oversees the Human Resource Management, Resource Management, Procurement, Logistics and Information Management Technology Divisions. Mr. Brady’s bio can be found at: DoDEA Europe Director for Student Excellence: Dr. Dell W. McMullen is the DoDEA Europe Director for Student Excellence. Dr. McMullen is responsible for educational oversight of the 65 schools and 26,000+ students in DoDEA Europe. Dr. McMullen’s bio can be found at: DoDEA Pacific Director for Student Excellence: Ms. Lois J. Rapp is the DoDEA Pacific Director for Student Excellence. Ms. Rapp is responsible for educational oversight of the 47 schools and 22,000+ students in DoDEA Pacific. Ms. Rapp’s bio can be found at: School Year 2018-2019 Calendars DoDEA schools begin School Year 2018-2019 on different dates in each area. School breaks vary in each area as well. School calendars can be viewed at: DoDEA Schools and Facilities Changes for School Year 2018-2019 Several changes are on the horizon for DoDEA Schools during the upcoming school year. At the end of School Year 2017-2018, Wilson Elementary School at Fort Benning, Ga., and Seoul Middle School in Yongsan, Korea closed. Newly constructed schools replacing older school buildings will open at Marine Corps Air Station New River, N.C.; Fort Campbell, Ky.; Fort Benning, Ga.; Wiesbaden, Germany; Kaiserslautern, Germany; Camp Foster, Japan, and Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort, S.C. College and Career Readiness The DoDEA vision of Excellence in Education for Every Student, Every Day, Everywhere, continues to be possible through the on-going implementation of the College and Career Ready Standards (CCRS) in most subject areas, as well as the development of the DoDEA Comprehensive Assessment System (DoDEA-CAS). During the 2018-19 school year, DoDEA will advance its implementation of CCRS for Literacy into grades PreK-5 and CCRS for Social Studies and History in grades 6-12. Implementation of CCRS in Mathematics K-12, Literacy 6-12, Science K-5, Fine Arts K-12, Career and Technical Education (CTE) 9-12, and world languages continues. DoDEA offers numerous updated and new curriculum resources for instruction and high-quality professional learning for educators across these content areas to support student-centered learning and achievement. Every classroom, every content area, and most of all every student, will be engaged with rigorous standards for student learning. • This school year DoDEA will continue to implement the new CCR Literacy Standards by procuring new curriculum resources for Pre-K - Grade 5 students. • Professional Learning for CCRS Literacy will continue for teachers in grades 6 – 12 and DoDEA is pleased to add our elementary team (PreK- grade 5) to the training plan, for a systemic approach to implementing the standards across all DoDEA classrooms. • Middle and high school social studies and history standards are to be fully implemented beginning this September and throughout this school year to help students learn about the past, and how that knowledge can help to effectively build our future as well as engage appropriate civic life. • DoDEA has fully implemented mathematics in grades PreK- grade 5 and are in our third year of implementation for grades 6 – 12, which will complete the implementation cycle for mathematics at the end of this school year. • DoDEA transitioned to standards-based assessments with the administration of the College and Career Ready Standards (CCRS) Summative Assessments in Literacy and Mathematics. These new assessments, aligned with the rigorous College and Career Ready Standards were administered online for the first time in Spring 2018 in Mathematics (Grades 3-6), Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, and in Literacy for Grades 6-8 and Grade 10. The baseline results are being analyzed and will be shared with parents during the first part of the 2018-2019 school year. For more information about College and Career Readiness in DoDEA, visit: DoDEA Office of the Registrar DoDEA is introducing a new Office of the Registrar, combining the Student Information System team and Transcripts/Diploma services, to assist with transcripts and eligibility questions and issues. Additionally DoDEA has established a new online registration system for students and families to streamline the registration process. The new system will be available to families this month. Eventually, the new system will be used predominantly during the 2019 Spring Registration and Summer 2019 Permanent Change of Station (PCS) seasons. Choices360 DoDEA’s Choices360 is a systemic career and academic online planning tool that will enable students in grades 7-12 have access to high quality learning experiences around exploring, planning, and preparing for life after high school. Choices360 is a one-stop shop for college and career resources that will allow students to Make A Plan - Own Their Future. Through lessons and activities, student will learn how to transform their interests and goals into plans for life after high school. This program is a comprehensive career and academic online planning tool that will help students prepare for life after high school. DoDEA school counselors will implement Choices360 to help students in grades 7-12 to engage in rigorous course planning, understand the college application process, explore college and career options that best fit their interests and goals, apply for college, and find and apply for scholarships. Career and Technical Education (CTE): Business Management Career Pathway DoDEA’s CTE Branch is implementing a new Business Management Career Pathway. The Career Pathway offers courses in management, business law, business & personal finance, marketing & entrepreneurship and spreadsheets & databases. Students enrolled in the Culinary Arts pathway will have the opportunity to earn 3 industry recognized credentials new to DoDEA: The National Restaurant Association's ServSafe Food Handler, Food Manager and Food Allergen Certifications. Career Tech will be releasing Career Explorer: The Education and Career Planning Guide for DoDEA Students to complement the Choices 360 Career Advisement Program. For more information about DoDEA Schools, please visit the DoDEA website at:

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