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Musical Extravaganza by Orchestre de Chambre de Luxembourg & International School of Luxembourg

By Linda Egan
Musical Extravaganza by Orchestre de Chambre de Luxembourg & International School of Luxembourg

Photo by Kaupo Kikkas. For the first time ever, professional musicians from the Orchestre de Chambre de Luxembourg (OCL) and music students from the International School of Luxembourg (ISL) will perform together. On 31 January and 1 February, members of the OCL and twelve high-school (IGCSE and IB) students from ISL will be performing a children’s musical fable called ‘The Magicians Shoes’ by American composer and pianist, Richard Lane. The piece will be conducted by the renowned German conductor, Kiril Stankow. The Magicians Shoes is a story about the grass not always being ‘greener on the other side’ with the main character (a pair of shoes!) learning to appreciate what he has. It’s entertaining for adults and children alike. During the captivating show, there will also be puppetry, theatre, and dance. This collaborative interdisciplinary project began because teachers at ISL and musicians at OCL wanted to create an educational partnership that would enable students to have an authentic learning experience. There will also be musical performances by other students from ISL and St George’s International School, including pieces for piano, flute, voice, clarinet and a rock band as well as two student-composed world-premieres! The performance is free to attend and open to anyone in Luxembourg. Performances will take place at the ISL Upper School Auditorium, on Wednesday 31 January and Thursday 1 February from 19:00 to 20:00. Free tickets are available at: A few useful websites: The orchestra The composer The Magicians Shoes author and composer

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