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M’KIS Hosts Asperger’s Expert Tony Attwood

By Anita Brady
M’KIS Hosts Asperger’s Expert Tony Attwood

For the second year in a row, Mont’Kiara International School liaised with Hils Learning to bring a world-renowned expert to M’KIS. Professor Tony Attwood shared his expertise with regard to Asperger’s Syndrome with over 100 attendees from Kuala Lumpur, Thailand, Indonesia, The Maldives, and beyond. Thirteen members of our M’KIS faculty attended alongside other educators, parents, behavior therapists, doctors, psychologists, and psychiatrists. All were spellbound during the two-day workshop as Professor Attwood shared his research. Professor Attwood, a clinical psychologist, is one of those rare people. He describes himself as a conduit between those experiencing Aspergers and those described as neurotypical. His fluency in “Aspergese” allows him to translate between the two cultures. He is a strong proponent of defining those with Asperger’s by their strengths and not by their limitations. It was a great privilege to hear him share his insight and experience with respect to the role of cognitive behavior therapy to manage feelings such as anxiety, sadness, and anger; the adolescent issues for teenagers with Asperger’s; strategies to reduce being bullied and teased; and the profile of abilities in girls and women with Asperger’s Syndrome. Attendees shared the following: “Tony’s insight, commitment, and real-life examples, and application were inspiring and thought-provoking. One of the many ‘take-homes’ for all participants in his workshop was not only a meaningful and practical approach to strategies, but also a more heightened awareness and understanding of Asperger’s, both in the educational and ‘outside’ world.” “His extensive knowledge, empathy, and practical approach towards achievable strategies for working with children with Asperger’s inspired me.” “Tony Attwood’s presentation was both informative and filled with compassion. He provided us with helpful facts to help us better understand how people with Asperger’s view the world around them. He also provided us with suggestions and practical strategies to help ‘Aspies’ navigate the many social situations which they find frightening and confusing. Poignant examples of situations involving the bullying and teasing of students with Asperger’s were shared with the group, along with some tools for us to use in helping to hopefully lessen the instances and possibly the impact of these cruel acts. The tone of the workshop left participants feeling hopeful and empowered. It certainly was a weekend well spent!”

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