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Friday, 7 May 2021

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Shekou International School Turns 25!

By Liz Jheeta


Shekou International School Turns 25!
The SIS community, celebrating into the night (photo: SIS).

Shekou International School (SIS) is celebrating its 25th year anniversary. As the first international school in Shenzhen, SIS invited the community to commemorate the event and hundreds of SIS families and community members joined in an afternoon celebration that included a picnic, a live band performance, food vendors, and a movie.

“SIS has been a fixture in the Shenzhen community for the past 25 years. We were proud to see so many folks from the community join the celebration. It is a great school that has a rich mixture of different cultures and an integrated curriculum based on best practices” said Dr. Dale Cox, director of SIS. “I feel lucky to be a part of SIS. The key to SIS’s success has been its excellent faculty members.”

Founded in 1988 with 12 expatriate students whose parents worked for foreign oil companies, SIS now has 800 students from over 40 countries. Starting from a small storefront in Shekou, SIS today offers a rigorous education in a caring community for children from nursery through high school.

SIS is leading the region in the use of technology to support classroom learning. “Beginning in Grade 4, SIS students benefit from the use of a 1:1 device, either an iPad or MacBook. eLearning is about providing personalized learning opportunities through the use of digital content and specialized teaching practice” noted Dr. Cox.

Daisy Van Stevenick, a middle school student from the UK, said during the celebration that she is one of the supporters of elearning and appreciates what the school offers. “Besides the iPads we have in class, we also have great teachers and I believe with my work and their help I will be qualified for admission to top universities in the USA and other countries,” Miss Van Stevenick noted.

The SIS program provides a high standard of education that not only prepares students to perform well at high quality universities but also to contribute to the world as it changes; 100 percent of SIS seniors matriculate to university and most find that they are well prepared due to their participation in the IB program.

In fact, SIS is celebrating not only its 25th year anniversary but the outstanding IB results of its most recent graduating class. The class of 2013 consistently exceeded International Baccalaureate world averages in all major areas. The diploma pass rate was 86 percent compared to a world average of 78, and the average grade per subject was 5.22—well above the worldwide average of 4.6. SIS excelled at an average of 32 diploma points compared to 29.5 for the world average.

Dr. Cox optimistically looks forward to the future and noted that one of his goals as a Mandarin speaker himself is to partner with Chinese sister schools to provide more Mandarin language opportunities for students.

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