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A Portrait of Global Perspectives

Student Artwork, Bavarian International School
A Portrait of Global Perspectives

"Embrace" by Katya Averkieva, Grade 10 student, Bavarian International School

Artist Intent: My goal was to help the audience see themselves in the painting and relate to their own relationships with people whether they are romantic or platonic. My piece speaks of comfort and protection that could also be seen as loss and grief. Looking at the painting, one may see someone they know or miss. The painting speaks differently to each of us, but in general, looking at the painting one might simply realize, just as I did, that an embrace is the purest thing that we can experience.


Building blocks, playdough, crayons, and stickers-as soon as a child develops motor skills, we ask them to communicate through art. 

Art provides a unique insight into student voice, allowing us to reflect on the human condition by seeing the world through the lens of the student. Art asks both the creator and the viewer to be vulnerable and open to empathy, new experiences, ideas, and viewpoints. It encourages analytical, as well as creative thinking, and inspires conversations about the world around us, our perceptions, reflections, change, and beauty. 

By showcasing student artwork from around the world, we have the opportunity to connect our international school community through a portrait of global perspectives. We invite students of all ages and experiences to participate in this visual network by sharing their voice through art. 

To contribute student artwork to A Portrait of Global Perspectives, please contact [email protected].

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