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After Typhoon Haiyan

By David Toze

Here is an update on what we have been doing to relieve the damage and devastation caused by the typhoon that hit the Central Philippines last November.
Much of the money that we raised we diverted to UNICEF, to help out with the emergency relief that was so necessary in the immediate aftermath.
Separately, we selected a project that fit in with our own service learning program: the rebuilding of an elementary school that caters to 3,000 children in Iloilo (Western Visayas).
Thanks to the generosity of friends in international schools around the world and to our own community, we have raised US$70,000 and our intention is to turn this building into a great learning environment and, as well, a place of refuge in the event of another storm.
We are being helped in our work by the Ayala Foundation, the charity offshoot of one of the major corporations here in The Philippines who have expert architects, engineers and builders on call to design and manage a project of this size.
Their work is provided free by the corporation; our money helps cover the cost of materials and local labor. Every dollar that we generate goes 100 percent into making this school a place we can all be proud of.
Many thanks for all your help!
Dr. Toze is Superintendent of the International School of Manila.

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