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Brummana Students Participate at Yale MUN Despite All the Odds

By Rachel, Year 11
Brummana Students Participate at Yale MUN Despite All the Odds

The Brummana High School’s Model United Nation (BHSMUN) delegates' participation in Yale University's Model United Nations (YMUN) virtual conference was an incredible start to the year. We are very proud of the students who had to push through a lot of challenges and setbacks.

Unfortunately, due to the current situation in Lebanon, our delegates had to face numerous obstacles. To begin with, considering the time zone difference, our devoted delegates had to adopt a variety of measures, such as drinking lots of coffee or even napping at odd hours, to attend the conference committee session after midnight which would last until 6 a.m. Then there's the internet and electricity. Unlike other international delegates, our committed MUNers would have to pause in the middle of heated debates to await the return of these two. Throughout this online conference, mobile data and electric lamps became fundamental elements.

Despite all of these setbacks, there were a lot of wonderful moments. Our delegates demonstrated the Quaker Values in their work and perseverance, in maintaining the school's motto "I Serve." Each competing participant's Individuality needed to be demonstrated over the four days. Service, Equality, and Respect were represented in their work, attitudes, and encounters with other delegates, whether through debates, discussions, or even beyond the conference. Not to mention that they could not practice Peace without these key values, which our trainers and executive committee ensure that our delegates attain at any conference, not just YMUN, because after all, MUN is about the total experience and new environments, not prizes.

All of these values were unique and kept our attendees motivated to complete the four-day conference. We are extremely impressed by these delegates; their participation in the difficult MUN conference demonstrated remarkable courage and perseverance. Not to forget our delegates, Karl, Naya, and Rachel, who were all awarded honorable delegates.

Also, a big thank you and shoutout to our BHSMUN trainers, who remained up all night to aid these students. We were blown away by this fantastic start to the year and can't wait to see our delegates shine even brighter in the future.

Rachel is the Director of Media and Outreach for the BHSMUN Club. She is currently in grade 11 and studying for the Lebanese Baccalaureate.

Instagram: @brummanahighschoolofficial & @bhsmun2022

Facebook: @brummanahighschool

LinkedIn: @brummana high school

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