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Brummana Presents Robotics Project to the Chinese Embassy

By Richard Bampfylde
Brummana Presents Robotics Project to the Chinese Embassy

The Chinese Embassy visits Brummana High School in Lebanon. (Photo source: Richard Bampfylde)

After two and a half years of communications and activities with the Embassy of China in Lebanon (including celebrating Chinese New Year and the 50th anniversary of China’s diplomatic mission in the country), on June 10, 2022, Brummana High School witnessed something truly remarkable, a showcase of student work for the Chinese Embassy. 

The planning began in September 2021, with teaching and learning for this project starting after Easter in 2022. Nado Chelala’s Grade 9 Robotics class developed a group project to create a Brummana High School (BHS) “vessel” to celebrate the Chinese Dragon Boat Festival (Duanwu). The finished projects were showcased to visiting Chinese Ambassador Qian Minjian and Cultural Attaché Kunsong Yin, amongst other Chinese Embassy dignitaries, including Mr. Ma Tianchong, visiting us on campus. 

The Chinese dignitaries were welcomed on campus at the Main Gate by Richard Bampfylde, Marketing Manager, and guided through the Art Exhibition at the side of the Meeting House by Maya Bechara, Head of Arts and Crafts, and Roger N. Indeed, Grade 11 student. Roger was even able to present one of his paintings as a gift to Ambassador Qian, which was framed and well-received. Mr. Yin was also gifted a student artwork project by Joanne C.

Ms. Nado and her nine Grade 9 Robotics students greeted the Ambassador, who was very much looking forward to the dragon boat races and seeing how technology had been connected with Chinese culture. The Ambassador, Cultural Attaché, Principal, and Marketing Manager used a rubric to judge the presentations on skills, content, knowledge, and art. All presentations were impressive and showcased how students had learned how to implement the design process: planning, researching, designing, building, testing, and evaluation. Afterwards, it was time for the race. All three vehicles were lined up in the mini-gym next door and then set off, racing (slowly) to cross the finish line. 

The school would like to thank Ambassador Qian and Chinese Embassy staff for their visit and for the very special gifts they brought to campus for the students and other BHS members they met with.

Here’s to the next Chinese festival celebrated by Brummana High School in 2022-2023!


Richard is the Marketing Manager at BHS, leading partnerships as well as online and offline promotional activities, including digital fundraising during Lebanon’s economic challenges. He also facilitates the Sustainable Development Goals committee as a major proponent of education for sustainable development. 


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