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TIE Welcomes New Director

TIE Welcomes New Director

The International Educator (TIE) is excited to announce the appointment of Stacy Stephens to the new position of Director of TIE.

Brittany Betts who has been serving as TIE’s CEO since 2016 will be stepping down 31 December 2023 as Stacy takes lead of the team 1 January 2024. We are excited for Brittany as she leaves TIE to start a new role with the High Resolves Group in 2024, but happy she will stay connected as she continues to work on product development across TIE and the Principals’ Training Center (PTC).

Stacy joins TIE in its 37th year as we intensify efforts to refine and provide even more products and services dedicated to advancing quality teaching and leading across international schools. Her appointment marks an important milestone in the gradual restructuring of the company towards this vision.  Brittany Betts remarks, “TIE’s deep commitment to services that have a direct impact on student learning - from job seeking and hiring through to appraisal - needed to be reflected in its management. Having Stacy on board keeps that vision and expertise at the core of everything that we do.”

Stacy is an experienced educator with a rich background spanning over two decades across diverse international schools. With an international career starting in 2001, she has held teaching and leadership roles in Kuwait, Argentina, India, China, and Malaysia. For the past 10 years, Stacy has served as a Director of Teaching and Learning at the American School of New Delhi, the International School of Beijing, and the International School of Kuala Lumpur. She has a master's degree in Educational Leadership and has both extensive training and dedication to facilitative decision-making and effective leadership methodologies. Alongside her new work with TIE, Stacy will continue to offer consulting services.

She is in a unique position to lead the next stage of TIE’s contribution to shaping the future of the world of international education. Her unwavering dedication to fostering instructional excellence reflects, in her own words, her “profound commitment to enhancing student learning experiences,” which is the ultimate goal for all of us.

The TIE team could not be more proud to welcome Stacy on board!

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12/28/2023 - Janet Moore
TIE is fortunate to have Stacy joining their team. She's a highly capable leader. We have sweet memories of working with Stacy at the American Embassy School in New Delhi.
Best wishes,
Dick and Janet Moore
12/16/2023 - Laura
I don't know Stacey but I would say that she is perfect for the role just based on that smile alone. What a great smile! Congratulations!
12/06/2023 - Mary Noble
Stacy is the perfect person for this role! She has a breadth of experience and expertise that truly wows. All the best to Brittany as she moves on from TIE.
12/06/2023 - Jim
What great news! Stacy is a sage and savvy international school leader. She is a pro at finding ways to connect people and share ideas. She has incredible
experience with many schools across very diverse regions. This is a great step forward for TIE. Best of luck to Brittany and welcome aboard to Stacy.



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