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It Is Never too Late—or too Early

By Amy Wesley

In December 2013, Asier Calbet, a Grade 11 student at Internationale Schule Frankfurt-Rhein-Main (ISF) in Frankfurt, Germany, achieved a milestone that many only dream of—he published his first book.
Asier joined ISF, a member of the SABIS® School Network, in Grade 1 and later developed an interest in creative writing. “Making up stories has always been one of my passions,” he remarked. “The English classes offered at school allowed me, from a very young age, to express myself through creative writing and strengthen my writing skills.”
It took Asier nearly two years to gather the best content he had written for the published book titled Thoughts of a Writer. The book, which is available online on, is 138 pages long and contains 21 short stories and poems of varying length.
Asier has already begun working on his next book, Mud Ball, a story about soccer. This book will be a long story dealing with a soccer team and their character development. He hopes to have it published before he graduates from ISF next year.
ISF, like all schools in the SABIS® School Network, is distinguished by its implementation of the SABIS® Educational System, a comprehensive system of education that offers a rigorous, internationally-oriented, college-preparatory curriculum emphasizing the core subjects of English, mathematics, and world languages.

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