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Heal Yourself

By Azzah Abrar Dar, Age 10
Heal Yourself

As my normal routine, I picked up my bag to go to school,
It was when my mom reminded me of the golden rule.
“Stay home, stay safe,” for your own good self,
Staying indoors is the only way to protect yourself.
My face drooped down as I thought it would be boring,
But then I moved around the house and started exploring.
I peeped in the kitchen and saw my mom cooking,
I cleaned few plates, washed all fruits and finally helped in baking.
She was overwhelmed to see me offering a helping hand,
her thanking smile was much more precious than a garland.
Even my father had enough time to play with me, a game of chess,
I learnt playing and gradually mastered it, which was earlier a mess.
Me and my brother had time to share our experiences with each other,
I realized that there are so many things that can keep us together.
It didn’t stop me from learning new things from the school classroom,
As our lovely teachers are teaching us through Microsoft and Zoom.
This time pause has the power to teach me new things every day,
Utilize every moment positively, keeping your gadgets at bay.
Watching a movie together and these endless family chats,
have the power to mellow down, even the nasty spoiled brats.
Work on positive things and drift away from the negative feeling,
Even our Mother Earth has finally got some time for its self-healing.

Azzah Abrar Dar is a 10-year-old student at Delhi Private School, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates.

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