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Sunday, 7 March 2021

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Fairgreen Partners with Swiss Sustainability Management School to Launch IB Careers Programme

By Jill Alali


Fairgreen International School is excited to announce a partnership with the Sustainability Management School (SUMAS) of Switzerland (SUMAS) in the development and implementation of its International Baccalaureate® Career-related programme (IBCP).

The program will commence in the 2021-2022 academic year, in tandem with the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) after the expected IB authorization in June 2021.

UMAS Career-related Studies® (CrS) programme is based on coursework and practical sustainability-focussed projects guided by industry professionals and SUMAS professors, delivered via live streaming and with the use of interactive online platforms.

Fairgreen students will be able to embrace an international network of experts in sustainability by choosing tracks in: Nature Conservation, Sustainable Hospitality (Switzerland), or Sustainable Fashion (Milan, Italy) and more. In addition, the SUMAS Eco-Club provides a wider connection via a network of IBCP students across the world to share experiences and support to create, develop and implement projects that increase sustainability at Fairgreen and beyond in the broader community.

“Our partnership with Fairgreen is a natural fit, as we share the same mission and vision to develop students who understand, embrace and champion sustainability. By making connections and joining forces with organizations and industry leaders who share the same aims, we help further sustainability practices. This new relationship between our institutions will most certainly serve to enhance the sustainability movement by providing an exciting IBCP pathway for young people in the region to grow and develop into the much-needed responsible leaders and change-makers of the future,” Ivana Modena, Founder & President of SUMAS.

Fairgreen students entering their last two years of high school will be able to select IBDP or IBCP as a pathway to complete their secondary education. The small class sizes and synergy between these programmes will offer students the unique opportunity to learn, experience and grow together through shared service-oriented opportunities and coursework with mentors and organizations specializing in sustainability-focused fields. 

Heading into their fourth operational year this August 2021, Fairgreen offers the IB Continuum curriculum with the added focus of sustainability education, which is woven into the fabric of the school, teaching students to examine the environmental, social and economic impact of their collective actions. Many future careers will be in fields connected to sustainability.

Fairgreen’s new IBDP and IBCP are remarkable in that both will offer a phenomenal education but with a constant emphasis on care for oneself, care for others, and care for the planet - the essence of sustainability. 

Located in The Sustainable City of Dubai, Fairgreen has access to the city’s bio-domes, eco-focused businesses and organizations, and an Innovation Centre opening in October 2021, which will be dedicated to sustainability-related research and post-secondary education. Fairgreen’s IBDP and IBCP will be academically rigorous and run alongside each other to include practical experiences working with professionals in The Sustainable City, SUMAS, and beyond who focus in sustainability-related fields. 

What differentiates each programme? The IBCP integrates academia with hands-on, real-world learning for students with an interest in or passion for sustainability, hence students on this track will have a more career-focused experience complemented with challenging coursework.

The IBDP is more academic in focus, designed to help students attain an excellent breadth and depth of knowledge in a broader variety of subject areas. IBDP students will take all coursework with highly qualified, IB-trained specialists at Fairgreen.

Students who choose IBCP will take some coursework online with SUMAS and some alongside their peers in the IBDP. Both tracks will provide a holistic, well-rounded approach to learning that includes service projects and an emphasis on wellbeing and sustainability in all its forms. 

“By the time our students eventually graduate from college, many will be applying for positions that currently don’t exist or at least look very different,” shared Fairgreen International School Director Mr. Graeme Scott.

“Automation, the gig economy, climate change and emerging technologies have already begun to alter our work reality. Today’s workers must be able to keep up with technology and manage it appropriately, whilst adapting to change rapidly. Employers, now more than ever, place enormous value on creativity and adaptability in their employees. Our children must be prepared to be pioneers in entirely new careers with imaginative titles, such as: Augmented Reality Journey Builder, Wind Energy Worker, Cyber City Analyst, Bio-Printing Engineer, Personal Data Broker, Virtual Store Sherpa, Genomic Portfolio Director and Agroecological Farmer. These are just a few of the new jobs that exist now or analysts predict will exist in the future.”

Providing a platform of learning designed to inspire creativity, innovation and healthy risk taking, the International Baccalaureate offers schools a blueprint to create a curriculum that gives young people the skills they will need to be adaptable for our rapidly-changing world.

Fairgreen’s IB curriculum emphasizes international mindedness, civic responsibility and global citizenship, especially with respect to promoting sustainable solutions to the myriad of challenges facing humanity.   

To learn more about Fairgreen International School, visit 

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