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#1 Tip: Confidential Letters of Recommendation

#1 Tip: Confidential Letters of Recommendation

As we enter into the heavy recruiting season we want to make sure you are being seen as a valued candidate. Confidential letters of recommendation are among the top criteria, if not THE top criterion, school heads use when reviewing a candidate's resume.
If you have not added confidential letters of recommendation to your TIE resume, schools may not be clicking on your resume as often! Making sure your resume is complete with at least two of these can make all the difference when it comes to being seen and considered.
Here are simple, easy-to-follow instructions on how to make sure you will not be overlooked:
1. Logon to your TIE account -- you will be on your WELCOME PAGE.
2. Scroll-down to the MY INFORMATION section.
3. Click the RESUME tab.
4. Next to "Confidential Letter of Recommendation" click: ADD.
5. Enter the NAMES & EMAILS ADDRESSES of your referees. Our system will email them an online form to fill out.
6. You can MONITOR THE STATUS of your references on your "Resume" tab. Each will be flagged as: Pending, Completed or Declined. Once completed, these will be attached to your TIE resume and visible only to potential employers.
That's it! Schools will now be able to identify you as a candidate who has a more complete resume. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or need further assistance.

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01/10/2015 - LLP
I am just signing in to your service and have not posted my resume or any information yet. After reading this post, I'm concerned over this method of acquiring references in order to be considered.
I have collected a number of excellent references over the past few years. They are in writing and on official school letterhead. These reference letters have the signatures, email addresses and cell phone numbers of said references
I don't feel comfortable reaching out to people whom I haven't worked with in over 4 years to ask for additional references.
Is there a place to upload my written references? It seems that schools should be asking for references during interviews instead of ahead of time. Isn't that standard protocol?
Thank You.