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Climate Action Begins With Getting Outside To Play

Tomorrow’s Green Leaders Podcast
By Ian Paynton
Climate Action Begins With Getting Outside To Play

Tomorrow’s Green Leaders is a podcast showcasing the amazing innovations happening in schools right now by talking with educators, entrepreneurs, and students about what they are doing to grow the sustainable environment around campus.

In this episode, we’re talking to author, educator, adventurer, and all-around advocate of getting young people outdoors, Kenny Peavy. Kenny works as a math, science, and art teacher in one of the most sustainable schools: Green School Bali. He is on a mission to help young people and educators discover a love for the beauty and mystery of the natural world as a way to enhance learning and inspire climate action. This philosophy underpins everything he does at Green School Bali. He also helps other educators all around the world get their students outside with free educational resources on social media, so be sure to follow him on LinkedIn. Today, Kenny talks about how educators in cities can get students excited about nature and sustainability, the difference between outdoor education and education outdoors, and what sustainability and his dream job look like at Green School Bali.



Kenny Peavy is a teacher at Green School Bali in Indonesia.

LinkedIn: Kenny Peavy

Ian Paynton is the host of Tomorrow’s Green Leaders. He helps global brands build authentic audiences in Vietnam with his content agency We Create Content and helps schools track and evaluate their sustainability metrics with a new sustainability tracking dashboard and monthly rating at

LinkedIn: Ian Paynton

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