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British School Muscat Presented With Coaching Culture Award

By Karen Smith
British School Muscat Presented With Coaching Culture Award

(From left to right) Kai Vacher, principal of British School Muscat with Nicholas McKie, director of Persyou. (Photo source: Persyou)

In May, Kai Vacher, principal of British School Muscat, was presented with the very first Persyou Fundamental Coaching Culture Award by Persyou director Nicholas McKie.

The school is the first globally to attain the award, which combines strategy sessions and International Coaching Federation-accredited coaching training with staff actively engaging with model-based and non-directive coaching. Personalized coaching feedback ignites reflections on the knowledge and appropriate skills for effective coaching, with the school also presenting reflections of their coaching development to an experienced coaching panel.

“Thank you to Nicholas for working with us in such an engaging, informative and supportive manner and training us with such wisdom, generosity and kindness,” said Kai Vacher. “I am grateful for all the time, energy and enthusiasm that my colleagues have given to support our transition to create a coaching culture where trust and dialogue support professional growth. We are looking forward to the next stage of our coaching journey.”

Nicholas McKie commented, “The CCAs are a unique suite of progressive awards designed to create a practical pathway for schools to develop a coaching culture among their community, for the benefit of the staff, students and parents. Kai and his wonderful team have embraced the coaching training, both in person and using our online hub to complement their sessions and learning. We’re looking forward to moving on to the next level of coaching, the Systemic Award, with the School to further and embed those skills in the service of their colleagues and the young people in their care.”

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Karen Smith is a partnerships and communications executive at Persyou.  

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