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Thursday, 6 May 2021

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Aiming High in Amman

By Amy Wesley


Aiming High in Amman
Louay Shomaly (center) and friends proudly display the SABIS flag at the top of Mount Kilimanjaro (photo: ISC Amman).

Louay Shomaly, an administrator at the International School of Choueifat - Amman (ISC-Amman), began an adventure that would impact his life and touch the lives of many others. Mr. Shomaly and 20 other people set out on a 10-day trekking trip. The goals: make it to the top of Africa’s highest point, Mount Kilimanjaro, and raise US$1 million for the expansion of The King Hussein Cancer Foundation in Amman, Jordan.

When the students at ISC-Amman learned about Mr. Shomaly’s plan, they rallied the entire school community to raise funds for the cause. Zeina Gammoush, a Grade 11 student, designed and printed over 700 calendars in honor of the event.

The school launched the “Change for a Change” campaign, a fundraising project in which students purchased a “mini bank” for an initial fee of seven Jordanian Dinars (approximately US$10) and then took their mini banks to collect funds for the cause.
The school also organized a number of bake sales and sponsored walks. In total, the ISC-Amman community raised over US$30,000.

Mr. Shoumaly, who made it to the top of Kilimanjaro, was humbled by his accomplishment and the enthusiastic support that the ISC-Amman community provided: “I feel honored to have participated in the ‘Climb for Cancer’ initiative. The King Hussein Cancer Foundation is a beacon of hope for so many children suffering from cancer, and is a source of inspiration to me personally. By participating in ‘Climb for Cancer,’ I know I have played a direct role in saving the life of a child.”
He went on to say, “I share my success with my school. We worked as a team toward this noble cause.”

At the top of Mount Kilimanjaro, Mr. Shomaly proudly held the SABIS® flag in order to share his achievement with the SABIS® school community and ISC-Amman staff, parents, and students who helped make his dream a reality.

Congratulations to Mr. Shomaly.

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01/18/2020 - Saleh Shibel
Good evening I am an old friend of Sayyed Basil Shomaly
I would like to have his email address so I could contact him
Saleh Shibel

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