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Coding Summit

By Irem Noyaner
Coding Summit

Hisar Schools continue to bring students from all around Turkey together in training activities in line with the "Open Source" approach. Students interested in coding will meet the coding world thanks to free and open to the public trainings and workshops carried out as part of the "Hisar Coding Summit" between April 1-3, 2022. Hisar Schools will also host a project presentation session where participants will be able to present their projects and receive feedback on the eighth anniversary of the summit. The most important feature of the trainings is that they are given by Hisar Schools students led by their teachers to improve peer support. This year, leading experts in their fields from Turkey and around the world will meet the, and the participants will have the opportunity to present their projects and receive feedback. 

Coding, one of the most prominent professions that shape the future, affects all business lines in today's global world. Today, the software industry creates qualified and high-income employment chances in Turkey with its unique global dynamics and structure that allow remote working. Software development became a supported field with a bright future in Turkey in line with the increasing need for software developers in the digital world. Learning software development at a young age and gaining experience in this field is essential to achieve a better life and working conditions. Hisar Schools, conscious of the need to raise young people who are competent in software development, brings high school students together in accordance with this aim for eight years through the "Hisar Coding Summit."

Rich content, speeches from experts in their fields, and project presentations will take place in the online organization. This year, students' analytical thinking skills will flourish with the summit's 16 trainings, nine speakers, and one project fair. Thanks to the trainings the summit offers, students will gain proficiency in a large field from web design, mobile app game development, and music coding to artificial intelligence. Experts of virtual reality, metaverse, artificial intelligence, technology, and human interaction will address the students at the "Hisar Coding Summit" event. As part of the event, speeches in Turkish will be held in the daytime, while speeches in English will be held in the evening. Hisar Schools students invite their peers to register the event for free with the motto "From students, for all who wants to learn."



Hakan Ürey

Virtual Reality Human Computer Interaction

Joel Zylberberg

Teaching computers to think about images the way people do

Baris Özcan


Esra Özkan

Post-Human Experience in the Post-Digital Age

Ali Karabey

Entrepreneurship and Technology

Kelly Kochanski

Climate Change and Artificial Intelligence

Delaney Rua

Defining A New Usership: Applying Design Thinking to Your Al Projects.

Bhargavi Ganesh

Responsibly Deploying Al for Public Service: Examples and Considerations


  • Programming 101 with Scratch
  • Machine Learning for Kids
  • Mobile Application Prototyping with Figma
  • Entrepreneurship: Idea to Market
  • Website Design with HTML and CSS
  • Fast Prototyping with Fusion360
  • Programming 101 with Java
  • Podcast Production 101
  • Cyber Security
  • Data Mining with Python
  • Artificial Intelligence 101 with Python (AI 101)
  • Advanced Artificial Intelligence Training with Python (AI 102)
  • React Native
  • Game Software with Unity
  • Computer Vision with OpenCV
  • Quantum Informatics

Register for the summit for free at

Irem is the Head of Institutional Development at Hisar School, Turkey. 

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